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How to Convert Digital Photos Into Black and White for Coloring

Here's an example of how cool the image can look when you are coloring on a realistic picture.

Here's an example of how cool the image can look when you are coloring on a realistic picture.

Coloring Pages Converted From Photos

You can easily convert any picture into a coloring page. By removing all saturation (which is the color) from a picture, you get a black and white photo. You can use the contrast and brightness to tweak it to allow enough white space to color. Then all you have to do if figure out how to print these pictures.

The following are examples of these realistic coloring page pictures, which include animals and butterflies. You will need to save the pictures to a document or right click to "save as" if you want to keep these and print the pictures. Depending on your printer, you may be able to right-click and print the photos directly from the page.

How to Color These Pictures

When you go to color these pictures, keep in mind that these are not simple outlines of objects. Shading and natural light are already cast on the subjects, so your job is to merely add color.

Keep in mind that you need to use lighter colors on areas that are brightest and darker colors on areas that are already dark.

Another cool idea is to only color the parts of the picture that you want to stand out. For example, in the picture here, only color the flower and leave the dark background in black and white to make the flower pop out with colorful contrast.

Notice the different shades of green used on the plant part. Try different shades of colors on the same part to shade and blend colors in a more realistic way.

Pictures of Animals

In the following animal pictures, you'll notice that it can be difficult to get the correct color for the actual animals. Don't worry too much about accuracy of color. Keep Andy Warhol's pop aesthetic in mind when you do your coloring and you can call yourself a post-modern artist.

How to Color a Butterfly

Butterflies are beautifully colored creatures in the natural world. Color these butterflies with the vivid colors you imagine. Don't underestimate the beauty of the contrast between drab colors like brown and grey with bright colors such as lime green or purple. Brightness can only be achieved if there is dullness around to show contrast. Butterflies do this naturally, so attempt this natural trick with your butterfly coloring page.

How to Make Your Own Coloring Pages

If you are interested in making your own coloring pages like these, it's a simple process. If you have any picture editing software, you simply desaturate (take the color out) the picture and increase the contrast and brightness.

The trick is finding the right balance of brightness and contrast to make sure that the major lines of details are present without including too much shading.

Make your own coloring pages with three steps.

Make your own coloring pages with three steps.

3 Steps to Make Your Coloring Pages

Edit using Windows Photo Gallery by doing these three steps.

  1. Click "Fix"
  2. Go to "adjust color" and lower the saturation
  3. Go to "adjust exposure" to raise the contrast and brightness


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