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How to Draw a Cartoon T-Rex

Awww! Isn't he cute?

Awww! Isn't he cute?

Dinosaurs, though extinct, are among the most popular animals on earth. We've seen them in museums, at the movies, in books, and in the toy aisles of our favorite stores. They are fascinatingly mysterious beasts that never fail to capture the imagination. However, only a few of the dinosaurs have managed to attain the high level of popularity that T-Rex has. He is the king of all dinos— an enormous lizard, a powerful carnivore ... and also the subject of this particular drawing guide!

Yep, in this tutorial you will be learning to draw T-Rex! Only, a much more friendly and cartoony version of T-Rex! (thank goodness!)

This dinosaur drawing will probably be a little more difficult than the cat and dog drawings were. Regardless, the steps are still basically the same. Just follow them, and you will do fine.

Okay, time to get this going!

Step 1

Draw a circle for the head.


Step 2

The dog and cat in the previous guides were drawn facing forward; therefore, there was no need to draw a shape for the snout. However, since our dino is going to be drawn in profile, we will need to sketch the snout. Do that by drawing a rectangle on the left side of the circle.

There are no guidelines in this tutorial; however, feel free to use them wherever you think it necessary or helpful to use them.


Step 3

We will now draw the ridges that are just above the eyes. You see them on most depictions of dinosaurs. They are kind of like eyebrows. The only difference is that they are made of flesh instead of hair.

Draw half-circle like shapes for the eye ridges.


Step 4

There are two ways in which you can draw the dinosaur's body. You can either draw two slightly overlapping circles for the upper and lower body, or you can just draw one large potato-like shape for both halves of the body (see the examples). Personally, I think it would be easier if you just drew the potato. The guide will continue on using this shape.

Example 1


Example 2


Step 5

As you already know, Rex's arms are tiny (they can't do push ups or give high fives). Therefore, you need a tiny shape. Yes, a single shape. Draw a small rectangle on the body.There's no need to draw the arm on the opposite side of the body. You can't see it anyway. The only thing visible on that side is the hand.




Step 6

Draw two small circles for the hands ...



... and two small ovals on each hand. These ovals are the fingers.

Step 7

It's time to move on to the legs. Begin with the thigh by drawing a large oval on the lower portion of the body. Keep the knee of the thigh somewhat flat. See the example below.


Step 8

Now comes the calf. Draw a rectangular shape right underneath the knee of the thigh.


Step 9

Before you get to the foot, you need to draw the ankle/heel portion of the foot. The foot will be attached to this.

Draw a circle for the heel/ankle.


Step 10

Cats, dogs, and most of the other four-legged animals (except maybe those with hooves) stand on their toes instead of their feet. From what we've learned through scientific research, this also seems to be true of some dinosaurs, including our T-Rex. This means the bottom of the foot and the heel will be elevated off the ground. Starting from just below the heel/ankle, draw a small, vertical square. This is the bottom portion of the foot. On the bottom line of this square, draw a wider horizontal square. This makes up part of the toe section of the foot.


Step 11

Before we finish up the toes, we need to draw the leg on the opposite side of the body. Do this according to what you see in the example. It is almost exactly the same as the steps you just followed for the first leg, save the thigh section.


Step 12

Now that both legs are in place, it's time to finish up the toes you began in step 10. Do this by drawing overlapping oval shapes on each foot. Draw two for the leg in back (the third toe is hidden) and three for the leg in front.

Note: The "toes" are actually the dinosaur's claws. I call the "toes" because they take up most of the toe area of the feet.


Step 13

This step is fairly simple. On the butt-end of the body, draw a long, curved triangle for the tail. Be sure to line up the lines of the tail with the lines of the body. These will flow into one another when we clean up the sketch.


Step 14

It's time to bring the head and body together! This is also a very easy step. All you need to do is draw one line on each side of the head, having them end meet the top edges of body.

You should now have a semi-completed sketch made up of shapes.

Attach the head to the body.


Semi-completed Sketch


Step 15

Go over your shapes, giving your T-Rex form. You may also draw in the features such as the nostrils, eye, and mouth.

Go over your shapes, giving your dinosaur form. Add the features (you may do this before or after cleaning up your sketch lines).


Step 16

Clean up your sketch lines and shapes, and your drawing will be complete! Good job bringing this Rex back from the past! See the second picture below for the completed pencil sketch.

Completed sketch.


Completed pencil sketch.


Those with a little more experience may choose to pretty-up their drawing in an image editing program such as Photoshop.

Photoshop edited image.


Thanks for viewing and using this guide! Please give me some feedback on what you guys think would be a good subject for my next how-to hub. It only takes a moment to vote and comment.

Also feel free to leave some constructive criticism. Just remember to keep it polite.

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