How to Draw Zazu from The Lion King

Updated on August 3, 2013
Zazu from The Lion King. Drawn by hub author KrysDWrites. That's me! Hi, Mom!
Zazu from The Lion King. Drawn by hub author KrysDWrites. That's me! Hi, Mom!

Obligatory Introduction

It's been a long while since I've posted a drawing guide here. So, I guess it's high time I got back into the swing of things! And I have quite the fun draw for you too: Zazu! I recently re-watched this Disney masterpiece and felt inspired to draw its characters. The lions were a bit harder for me to draw, and so I settled on the much simpler Zazu (who is no less fun to recreate!).

Well, no need for further explanation (you read the hub title and summary after all, didn't you?). Let's begin, shall we?


You'll begin your sketch with one of Zazu's most prominent features: his large banana-like beak. Go ahead and draw that very shape, leaving the base of the beak flat.


Now, draw a large circle on the flat base of the beak near the bottom. This is the eye nearest to the screen. For the opposite eye, draw a half circle that rest on the upper portion of the beak near the base. You only need a half circle because the remainder of the eye is hidden from view.


On top of each eye draw a curving line as shown in the example. These make up Zazu's big bushy eyebrows.

Head A

You'll want to suggest the head area so that the eyes aren't left floating on top of the beak. Do this by drawing a wide 'v' between the eyes and a curving line on the back of the largest eye. The line should touch the base of the beak. See the example.

Head B

On the back of the head (the curved line you drew) add two small tufts of feathers as indicated by the arrows in the example.


The next portion of this drawing that you'll be tackling is the body. I've also included the wing in this step.

This step is fairly easy. The body will consist of an oval shape similar to that of an egg, only, a little more pointed. The same thing goes for the wing with the exception that it will be drawn inside of the body.


For the first thigh, draw one triangle starting from the bottom of the wing inside the body. Draw the other thigh starting directly from the bottom of the body itself. Remember to leave a little bit of space between the two thighs. They should not be touching!

Legs and Feet

Because the shapes here are so irregular, I'm not even going to try to describe them. Simply draw what you see in the example.


The tail is actually made up of three separate feathers, but, for now, you'll be drawing them as one large shape. The details will come later.

So go ahead and draw a large upward curving rectangle starting from the pointed end of the body. The shape will start out narrow at its base and gradually widen out towards the top.

Neck: Bringing things together!

Now that the body is finished, attach it to the head by drawing two lines that curve inward towards one another.

Details, Details ...

These are those little important nuances that really make a character look like a character. Simple yet so essential! Also, I decided not to divide up how to draw each individual detail in order to simplify the sketching process.

What you'll be drawing: the lids of the eyes, the pupils, the nostril on the beak, line for the mouth, chest feathers, wing feathers, the three tail feathers, thigh feathers (bottom where thigh meets legs), and the toes. Whew! Good thing you have an example to follow, right?

Clean Up

Finish up your sketch by adding in any other necessary details (hairiness of the eyebrows and the rings on the wing and tail feathers). Clean up all stray lines.

Zazu pencil sketch.

What your sketch will look like. Note the absence of the rings on the wing and tail feathers. I decided to add those during the digital inking process. Of course, you'll want to add those to your own sketch since digital inking isn't covered here.
What your sketch will look like. Note the absence of the rings on the wing and tail feathers. I decided to add those during the digital inking process. Of course, you'll want to add those to your own sketch since digital inking isn't covered here.

Obligatory Conclusion

That's all for this drawing guide. I hope you had fun drawing the uppity yet likable Zazu. As always, feel free to ask any questions or just drop a note.

See ya'!


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    • profile image

      Justin Beiber 

      2 months ago

      awesome see you! see you girls later!

    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 

      6 years ago from North Central Florida

      Please make a video of your drawing stragegy, technique. Your illustrations are great but seeing you actually create would be awesome.

      Thanks for sharing.

      Angels are on the way ps


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