How to Draw Two People Kissing Step by Step

Updated on January 5, 2018
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Unvrso is a lover of nature and technology. He has been writing for HubPages since 2009 on various topics.

What Is a Kiss?

A kiss is a simple act of love and mutual understanding. When two people kiss, they’re demonstrating affection for each other. A kiss may show how much two people love and care for each other, but it doesn’t elevate your soul to the fringes of heaven, like I once thought. Drawing two people kissing is a simple process that requires a few drawing skills and some imagination.

The best technique for drawing people kissing is to have a prototype of your drawing in mind. It can be a kiss between either young or mature people. The drawing of a kiss depends on what kind of kiss you want to draw, such as a kiss on the cheek, a kiss on the forehead or the best kiss for many, a kiss on the mouth.

For this kiss, I have drawn two teenagers kissing, which is the first image that came to my mind when I thought about a kiss. Throughout this article, I’m going to use Microsoft Paint—a simple yet powerful application.

Boy and Girl Kissing

Boy and Girl Kissing
Boy and Girl Kissing | Source

Things Needed to Draw People Kissing

  • Sketch of two people sharing a kiss
  • Pencil
  • MS Paint

Drawing With MS Paint

To start drawing two people kissing with MS Paint, you should already have drawn a sketch of two people sharing a kiss on a piece of paper like the one shown below. With the sketch on one side, you may begin drawing those two people by selecting the curve line tool on MS Paint; now, draw the outline of the girl’s nose and mouth, including the chin and neck.

Outline of Girl
Outline of Girl | Source

Over the girl’s outline, draw what’s going to be the boy’s face; on this part, you don’t have to draw the boy’s mouth, since the boy’s mouth is going to be attached to the girl’s mouth. Just draw the boy’s nose, with a curved line extending above the girl's nose and the boy's chin, with a line extending down the girl's lower lip. Now, draw the girl’s and boy’s eyes. A curved line will be perfect for both. At this stage, the drawing is already taking shape.

Boy and Girl
Boy and Girl | Source

How to Draw the Heads

At this stage, you have the main theme of this tutorial. Now, draw the outlines of the girl’s and boy’s heads. With the curve tool, draw two lines over the girl’s and boy’s faces. You might have to click and drag the lines to make the forms of the heads. In my drawing, I drew a slightly bigger head for the boy.

Now draw the ears for both, the girl and the boy; you might have to draw a broken line, extending from the front of the head to the back of the head, as in the picture below. Over the same broken line, are the eyes for both, the girl and the boy. Now, erase the broken lines as you won´t need these lines anymore.

Girl and Boy's heads
Girl and Boy's heads | Source

How to Draw the Hair

The hair style can be drawn, depending on your particular taste for hair style. I have chosen an informal short straight hair style for both of them. You may choose a curly, wavy, straight, long or short hair style, it depends on you. I also added a pony tail to the girl’s hair style to clearly differentiate her gender from that of the boy’s.

Hair | Source

Drawing Details With MS Paint?

Now it’s time to draw the final details of your drawing. The final touches will make it more adorable and enchanting. Continue using the curve tool to draw the lashes of the girl’s and boy’s eyes. Draw lines on their chins; a little more on the girl’s than the boy’s. It will make her seem more feminine.

If you’ve followed all the steps, at the end, you should have a drawing of two people kissing like the one below. Your drawing doesn’t have to be exactly the same, but this drawing should give you an idea of how to draw one from start to finish.

Two People Kissing
Two People Kissing | Source

Technology for Drawing

The basic idea behind drawing people kissing is that it's a single drawing including the girl’s and boy’s mouth. From there, you just keep adding details to both faces, making one of them look more feminine than the other. The hair style also determines the overall look of the drawing. You may choose a long spiky hair style, a curly, wavy or a short one, like the one I chose.

There are an infinite number of drawing applications, such as Smartdraw; however, MS paint is my preferred one for drawing simple sketches like this. You may try other programs that you already know about.

© 2013 Jose Juan Gutierrez


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  • unvrso profile imageAUTHOR

    Jose Juan Gutierrez 

    4 months ago from Mexico City

    Thanks for commenting

  • profile image

    Dabby Lyric 

    2 years ago

    You're welcome! I adore much fun!

  • unvrso profile imageAUTHOR

    Jose Juan Gutierrez 

    2 years ago from Mexico City

    Drawing by hand helps when learning to draw on computer programs. I enjoy drawing by hand too. There is much to learn using paper and pencil. Thanks for visiting and commenting

  • profile image

    Dabby Lyric 

    2 years ago

    Hello Jose,

    I love your drawing here! The boy and girl kissing was a great idea and they do look pretty realistic. I did find your instructions useful and I'll give it a try.

    MS Paint is my go-to application for creating art via the computer. I also draw by hand which I've done practically since birth lol. Some things that I want drawn on hand looks better in Paint ans vice versa.

    I'll have to browse your profile for more.

    Thanka for sharing.

  • unvrso profile imageAUTHOR

    Jose Juan Gutierrez 

    7 years ago from Mexico City

    Thanks for reading and leaving your comment on this hub.

  • The Unlearner profile image


    7 years ago from Isle of Wight UK

    Such a nice touch with the video, I have learnt something new today.


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