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How to Create a Great Zendoodle or Zentangle Art Pattern

I enjoy Zendoodling and inspiring others to Zendoodle some Zentangles!

Curious about Zendoodles and Zentangles? Look no further.

Curious about Zendoodles and Zentangles? Look no further.

What Are Zendoodles and Zentangles?

Zendoodling is the art of drawing designs using structured patterns (or, "Zentangles").

When you draw a Zendoodle, you’re creating a work of art, but you’re also deliberately creating a mood, focus, and state of mind.

Concentrate on drawing small blocks of patterns at a time; going with the flow lets your mind get into a calming zen state. This allows you to follow through on impulsive thoughts, so your doodle won’t be restricted by expectations, giving you an unexpected final design and a glimpse into your subconscious!

Example Zendoodles

Example Zendoodles

Creating a Zendoodle Step-by-Step (With Pictures)

You don’t have to be Michaelangelo to create a great Zendoodle. Because they’re based around following a series of steps focused on a set of patterns, it’s easy for beginners to get started.

Zendoodles aren’t doodles in the same sense as the star or squiggly stick man you drew while you were on the phone; they’re intricate designs built up by completing small areas of patterns at a time.

Once you get the hang of it and have a few basic Zentangles under your belt, let your mind wander and be as creative as possible! Invent your own patterns and see what your imagination comes up with.

Try not to have a preconceived idea of what it should look like; let your imagination move your hand, settle into a meditative state of mind, and you’ll be surprised with what you can do when you’re not focusing on the big picture.

What You’ll Need

  • Pencil
  • Felt-tip pen
  • Paper
  • A few basic patterns to reference

Step 1

Outline the shape of your Zentangle

Outline the shape of your Zentangle

Step 1: Outline the Shape

Draw a square border outlining the shape of your Zentangle, usually about three inches wide.

Next, divide your shape into several sections.

Next, divide your shape into several sections.

Step 2: Draw Strings

Use a pen or pencil to draw strings. Strings are the lines that divide the shape into individual sections.

Fill in each section with a pattern.

Fill in each section with a pattern.

Step 3: Fill in a Section With a Repetitive Pattern

Choose a section to start with and fill it with a repetitive pattern. Don’t spend time planning a pattern; just draw.

Repeat step three until your Zentangle is complete. Here is a Zentangle with every section filled.

Repeat step three until your Zentangle is complete. Here is a Zentangle with every section filled.

Step 4: Complete Step 3 Until the Zentangle Is Complete

Repeat step three for each section. Change the patterns, and get creative!

Color or shade if you choose.

Color or shade if you choose.

Step 5: Color or Shade Your Zendoodle (Optional)

Add color or shade the areas you’d like to define.

Benefits of Zendoodling

  • It is intuitive.
  • It is fun.
  • It is relaxing.
  • It leads to inspiration.
  • It teaches patience.
  • It inspires creativity.


  • Don’t resort to an eraser. There are no mistakes in Zendoodling. Something that you thought was a mistake might be the foundation for a new pattern or take your doodle in an exciting new direction.
  • Remember that with Zentangle art, you can’t fail. There is no right and wrong because there is no pre-determined solution to what you’re creating.
  • Check out Zentangle for inspiration.

Once you’re a Zendoodle master, move on to more elaborate patterns and designs. Challenge yourself to get as intricate and detailed as possible, and play with different pen thicknesses, shading styles, and color combinations.

There are no limits to your imagination!


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