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How to Draw Peppa Pig

How to Draw Peppa Pig

My daughter loves Peppa Pig, so I'm sharing an easy tutorial to teach you how to draw her! The character designs are fairly simple, and that may be why they appeal to young kids. Regardless, here are the materials you'll need for this project.

What You'll Need

  • A pencil
  • A piece of paper
  • And some coloured pencils or felt tips

Now you are ready to start to draw your Peppa Pig!

1. Get a Reference Photo

Peppa Pig Drawing Tutorial

Peppa Pig Drawing Tutorial

Draw the head shape.

Draw the head shape.

2. Draw the Face and Details

Once you've drawn the rough shape of Peppas head, you can draw in the features of her face. Remember that the eyes are on the same side of the face, and some parts like her legs and ears are placed in a similar way. The eyes and the ears should be drawn in at this stage.

Draw in the eyes and ears.

Draw in the eyes and ears.

Draw in Peppas nose and mouth.

Draw in Peppas nose and mouth.

3. Add the Mouth and Nose

The mouth and nose are important features, so draw them in just like in the picture I've drawn: two round dots for the nostrils and a curved banana shape for the mouth.

Practice drawing mouths before you add one in if you want. If it doesn't look right, you can always rub it out with a good eraser later.

Draw Peppa's body.

Draw Peppa's body.

4. Draw the Body

All that is required is an arched shape, which you won't see because Peppa's head is on the top of the body. As we all know, Peppa wears a nice red dress nearly all the time. We'll add the color at the end.

Draw in the arm at the side of Peppa Pig.

Draw in the arm at the side of Peppa Pig.

5. Add Arms

Now we can draw in Peppa's arm like in the picture below. As usual, there is only one arm because the other arm is on the other side (which we do not see). Remember to draw two fingers and one thumb, which kind of resembles actual pig trotters.

I inked my Peppa Pig, but this was optional, so you don't have to.

I inked my Peppa Pig, but this was optional, so you don't have to.

6. Draw Peppa's Feet

Drawing in pigs feet is quite easy as they are small sticks with a squashed oval shape like feet since she usually wears black shoes. Oh, and don't forget the small curly pigs tail on her back (as I nearly forgot!). Now onto some color, because Peppa Pig is nothing without some color.

A nice and colorful Peppa Pig.

A nice and colorful Peppa Pig.

7. Color Peppa Pig

We all know the colors of Peppa Pig:

  • Light pink for the face
  • Slightly-darker pink for her cheeks
  • Red for her dress
  • Black for her shoes

Now we have a finished Peppa Pig. Take a bow; you've done well!

Drawing Peppa Pig

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