Guide to Making an Awesome Bullet Journal

Updated on March 16, 2017
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I am a seeker of art and creativity, and I enjoy finding ways to be creative in day-to-day life.

Bullet Journaling

Bullet journals are a great way to maintain your organization and creativity. While you are embracing your inner artist, these journals can work to mold a relaxed mindset in an artistic form.

Why I Love Bullet Journaling

Art has always been a passion of mine, and I enjoy multitasking and being artistic and productive at the same time. My bullet journal has greatly improved my organization skills and reduced my overall stress levels. Writing in cursive and using colored pencils tend to have a calming effect on me, and, because of this, I have inspired many surrounding family and friends, ages 9 to 45, to begin their own bullet journal as well!

How My Bullet Journal Has Improved My Life

Within the first week of using my bullet journal, I began to feel a large decrease in my stress levels and an increase in my productivity. I have been using my journal to track simple, daily things such as my water intake and how often I read or get enough sleep. I have always been able to be encouraged by art and I find it is much more satisfying, when you do a chore, to be able to check it off a list. This, therefore, influences me to complete more tasks and chores.

The Supplies That I Use

1. A dotted notebook
2. Fine-tipped pens
3. Colored pencils
4. A 6-inch ruler

Supplies You Will Need

The bullet journal that I own.
The bullet journal that I own.

#1: Journal

To begin your bullet journal, you will obviously need a notebook. I would recommend purchasing a dotted notebook instead of a lined notebook because the dots are much less visible than lines, and you are able to use the dots to mark your place and easily make straight lines and shapes. The Dotted Notebook I bought has worked perfectly for me and has proven to be a great journal.

I love these pens because they are fine and don't bleed.
I love these pens because they are fine and don't bleed.

#2: Pens

In order to make your bullet journal look its finest, I suggest purchasing high-quality pens. The pens I bought were the Micro-Line Ultra Fine-Point Ink Pens which I highly recommend. These pens don't bleed through the pages and they come in an assortment of colors. These pens are also very fine-tipped making for clean, easy writing.

#3: Colored Pencils

I enjoy using colored pencils in my bullet journal because they add a light touch of color to my simplistic pages. They enhance your drawings and pieces of writing; they are also always fun to doodle with. The colored pencils I use are the Prismacolor Colored Pencils which, similar to the pens, come in an assortment of colors while maintaining a high quality.

#4: Rulers

A ruler will be your average perfectionist's best friend. While the underrated rulers are simple, they provide much help when trying to neaten your journal. Since bullet journal notebooks seem to be on the smaller side, I would suggest buying 6-inch rulers that better accommodate to the size of the notebook.

In Addition...

These are only a few of the many supplies you can use to personalize your bullet journal. Many people enjoy using stickers or print outs to make their journal to their liking. I have also seen many people using washi tape in their designs.

Bullet Journal Page Ideas

Table of Contents
Monthly Layout
Books to Read
Habit Tracker
Gratitude Log
Year at a Glance
Spending Log
Movies to Watch
Need and Want
Go-To Recipes
Page Ideas

Pages to Include in Your Bullet Journal

#1: Table of Contents

The first page you would see when you open my bullet journal is my Table of Contents. This page helps my journal stay updated and helps me stay organized. After I create a new page, I always add it to my Table of Contents so I can find it quickly and efficiently.

#2: Key

A Key is another organization tool that has proved to be very useful. The Key basically lays out all of your most-used symbols and writes the meaning beside it so you never forget which category you are making a list under.

#3: Year at a Glance

My Year at a Glance basically lays out the rest of my year on two pieces of paper. This is where I write down all the birthdays I need to remember, major events, and holidays. At the beginning of every month, this is what I refer to to make my monthly layouts.

#4: Monthly Layout

Each month I create my new monthly layout. The layout is where I write future events that I need to remember, and what I refer to when I need to check my availability on a certain day. To incorporate a little bit of creativity, I enjoy drawing little doodles that represent the month. These doodles are usually based on a special event or a fun holiday.

#5: Habit Tracker

I enjoy keeping a Habit Tracker in my journal which I record every night. I write down simple daily tasks such as drinking 64 oz water, getting 8 hours of sleep, and simply updating my journal. I then fill in the boxes as I complete them. This helps me stay on top of tasks and reflect on how well I kept up with them.

#6: Daily

A daily is what keeps me the most organized. Every evening I write out tomorrow's day and decorate it in any way that I want. On my dailies I include the weather and temperature, tasks, appointments, etc., and sometimes I write a quote at the top of the page for inspiration.

#7: Books to Read

This page is where I write down all the books I hope to read in a "bookshelf" format. I enjoy this because I tend to forget all the books people recommend to me and now I can write it down. Then, when I've read the book, I shade the book in. The goal here is to create a colorful library of the books I've read in the past year.

#8: Gratitude Log

A Gratitude Log is where I write three things that I am grateful for everyday. It tracks all the things that I am thankful for, and I look forward to being able to look back at what I was grateful in the future. At the beginning of the month, I write down the simple, immediate thing that come to my mind such as friends and family. As the month progresses I hope to write down aspects of a deeper gratitude.

#9: Spending Log

I use a Spending Log in my bullet journal to track my overall spending and how I have been spending my money. Every time I purchase something I now enter it into my log so I can review it in the future and alter my spending habits if necessary.

#10: Movies to Watch

I would highly recommend including a Movies to Watch page in your journal because it is a nice thing to keep track of and it has proved itself to be helpful in the past. I tend to forget any movie recommendation that people have given me, and now I am able to keep track of it in an organized fashion. I also write down the genre and rating so I can find certain movies to watch when I am in a specific mood.

#11: Need and Want

Throughout the year I can think of various things that I would like to have, however when gift-giving season comes around my mind goes blank. Now, using my bullet journal, I can simply write them down and cross them off if I change my mind or actually receive the gift. This list is also very helpful to friends and family trying to find the right gift for you.

#12: Go-To Recipes

Go-To Recipes are some of my favorite pages to have in my journal. I always find it difficult searching for a specific recipe in my many cookbooks, and it is very convenient having it right there in my journal. For me, this Chocolate Crinkle Cookie recipe is my favorite as well as a family favorite.

#13: Page Ideas

A page of Page Ideas is also one of my favorites to have in my journal. Whenever I see a new page idea, I write it down and fill in the box when I have completed it. I am constantly looking for inspiration and new ideas to put in this page to include in my journal later on in the future.

Overall, bullet journals are a great way to stay relaxed, productive, and organized if you love art and creativity. I hope to be able to continue creating journals in the years to come while reflecting on my journals from the past.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Such a great job you have done here, both in creating the hub and your amazing journal. The creative exercise in planning and executing your bullet journal must have been tremendous fun. Love your focus on creativity in daily life! I've been wanting to start a particular kind of journal for my grands and you have re-inspired me to get busy about moving forward on them.

    • sparkleyfinger profile image

      Lynsey Hart 

      3 years ago from Lanarkshire

      I love how you have explained your journal, right down to the last detail! I love the various quotes and fonts/ writing styles you use in your spreads. I have always been put off of bullet journals as I feel the OCD in me would mean I would have to tear out and redo pages all the time, but I may face that fear! Thanks for such an informative hub.


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