Drawing a Leprechaun

Updated on March 20, 2017

You Can Learn to Draw This Leprechaun

Hey, welcome to my Drawing Hub for learning to draw a Leprechaun. Isn't he just the cutest thing? Sort of reminds me of my youngest brother. Anyway, before we start into the drawing tutorial, a few things you may not have known about Leprechauns:

  1. They range in size from a few inches to the height of a small child, at least those who have seen a Leprechaun say this is so.
  2. They tend to be rather mischievous and like to play tricks on humans.
  3. One of their favorite pastimes is counting their gold.
  4. They are thought to live in Ireland, usually in a hollow tree, a cave or even under a bush.
  5. They do like to travel to distant lands and are rarely seen when doing so.
  6. Generally, Leprechauns are male. It is said that when a child is born into the fairy kingdom, the females become fairies, the boys, Leprechauns.
  7. Leprechauns are known more for what they drink than what they eat. They're famous for all sorts of creative drinks but especially love a dandelion tea in the late afternoon.
  8. The only sure way to find a Leprechaun is to make sure you're not looking for one. Leprechauns sense when they are being hunted and are very good at making themselves unseen. if you're really lucky. you may see the pointy ends of a Leprechaun's shoes sticking out from under the bush where he is hiding.
  9. The only way to keep a Leprechaun is to constantly keep your eyes on him. Once you look away, he'll be gone.
  10. Leprechauns do not make Lucky Charms.

So, now that you know a little bit more about your subject, you can approach the drawing with a bit more confidence.

Step 1: Draw the Basic Shapes First

  1. All drawings are made up of some simple, basic shapes. The best way to begin a drawing is to make few basic lines and shapes first.
  2. For this drawing, let's begin by drawing two long, vertical, inwardly curving lines. You can see those in the drawing to the right.
  3. Next, draw a semi-circular shape on the top end of the two curved lines. This line will serve as the top to the Leprechaun's hat.
  4. Next, draw two triangle shapes at the bottom of the curved lines as I have done. Take a close look at the drawing to the right.
  5. Finally, draw the brim of the hat. This is the curving, semi-circular line in the middle of the two long curved lines you drew first.

Step 2: Draw Details of the Face

  1. I have enlarged my drawing to the right so you can see some of the detail that you're going to draw next.
  2. Starting from the top, draw a curved line for the buckle and strap on his hat. Don't forget to draw in the Shamrock. Don't be intimidated; it's just three heart shapes with the bottom tips coming together at the same point. Then just add a small stem.
  3. Next, draw a tuft of hair just under the brim of his hat and his eyebrows.
  4. While we're on hair, you might as well define the edges of his beard and sideburns. Note the line at the place where his mouth and beard meet. This line represents the bottom edge of his lip.
  5. Draw in the ears; they are pointed of course.
  6. The nose looks complicated, but it is just a series of simple lines. To draw the nose, simply place a small. Light circle where the tip of his nose would be. From there, draw two more lines extending slightly upward and out from the bottom of that circle (nostrils). From the outer edges of those two lines draw another line extending slightly downward from the outer edge of each line (cheeks).
  7. Next, draw a curved line originating from the right edge of the circle extending upward and curving outward and just beginning to extend over the top of the right eye 9bridge of the nose).
  8. Finally, draw two half-circles for his eyes. Fill these in with two more half circles and then a small dark black circle in the center of each eye.

Step 3: Complete the Face and Collar

  1. Study the drawing to the right and see where I have drawn the line that represents the edge of his mouth. Note that this is simply a curved line.
  2. Let me just say at this point - Drawing takes practice. Nobody gets it just right the first time. Drawing is a simple matter of repetition and training your hands to draw what your eyes are seeing. It takes time, so DON'T be too hard on yourself. You can do this - just take a breath and let's move on.
  3. So, draw the mouth and then draw the series of curved lines that make up the pipe.
  4. Next, continue to add detail to the beard, and complete the entire shape.
  5. Finally, add a simple tie underneath his collar.

Step 4: Adding the Final Details

  1. OK, of you've made it this far you're doing great. If not, then get a fresh sheet of paper and go back up to the top and start again. Remember that each drawing you don't finish is just a teacher for the next drawing. Your ability will begin to develop as you continue to practice - I guarantee this. I taught myself to draw this way as a young boy.
  2. All right, the final details are simply using your pencil to make some shading. If you're unfamiliar with shading, just remember that lighter tones require less pressure on your pencil while darker tones require more pressure.
  3. Use my drawing as an example for your shading.
  4. Remember to keep at it. Shading requires some advanced visual skills and fine dexterity in your hands. Both of these take time and improve with every minute you practice. Frustration is natural and WILL HAPPEN. The trick is to use frustration as a teacher, not an enemy.

Final Thoughts

So, how did you do? Are you satisfied with your leprechaun drawing? If the answer is "no" then just keep practicing. If you want to further your skills as an artist and you have found this tutorial to be helpful, you may want to take a look at some of my other Hubs for drawing.

The book I am recommending below is a great way to begin drawing. I have found it to be very helpful.

If you decide to continue with your drawing - best of luck to you!

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      23 months ago

      good help thanks


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