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10 April Bullet Journal Ideas: Creative Inspiration for the Month of April

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Susan is a bullet journal enthusiast and loves writing about the best bullet journaling tips and inspiration!

In this guide, we're going to take a look at the best inspiration for the month of April!

In this guide, we're going to take a look at the best inspiration for the month of April!

10 Bullet Journal Themes for Spring

Want to discover some themes or ideas for your April bullet journalling? You've come to the right place! In this guide, we're going to take a look at some of the most beautiful themes there are for the month of April!

April is the month of renewal and Easter as the coming of summer is slowly on the horizon. It's quite a beautiful month, so there are going to be many themes below inspired by these!

Let's get started!

1. Easter Theme

Since April is the month of Easter, it's a month celebrating rebirth and renewal! An Easter theme would be very fitting for this month, and that could include beautiful Easter symbolism, from hatched eggs to cute stickers of chicks and so forth. Floral wreath stickers could also be added throughout for a beautiful floral effect!

Gentle, muted themes work well with this theme overall, as well as lovely pastel colors. You could, for example, add some pastel washi tape to the corners of photos. Make use of gentle pinks, balmy yellows, and mint greens for this pastel effect! In the example image below, you'll also find some Easter illustrations to inspire you for your Easter-themed bullet journaling!

Some Easter illustrations to help inspire you!

Some Easter illustrations to help inspire you!

2. Pastel Highlights

Gentle, pastel highlights are another idea you could try out in your bullet journaling for the month of April!

In the example below, you'll see beautiful, cursive handwriting highlighted by a delicate, orange highlighter. Its pastel nature serves creates a lovely aesthetic overall.

You could try experimenting with various pastel highlighters; these can be purchased from art supplies stores, but that said, if you can't seem to find them (it happens sometimes!) then try searching for them on Amazon or Etsy and you're sure to find them! I'd recommend the Zebra Mildliners for this, though there are beautiful pastel highlighters available from Stabilo, Bic and Staedtler also!

With pastel themes, aesthetic stickers can also look super cute too, such as pastel moons, aesthetic flowers and so forth.


3. Plant Illustrations

Since April is that month where the flowers are blooming, and the end of winter has trailed away, why not celebrate by adding some beautiful plant illustrations to your bullet journal?

You could try using a gel ink pen to do so, once it has a sharp nib, you'll be able to add some lovely detailed illustrations to your bullet journal! I like to add small illustrations to the corners of my bullet journal pages, in order to add a cool overall effect!

Little additions such as berries, cross-hatch designs, and ferns can also be included as part of your illustrations. Of course, you're not just limited to drawing the outlines, you can also add some lovely watercolors also!


4. Nature Photos or Postcards

Why not celebrate nature with some beautiful postcards or nature photos? These ethereal and stunning photos will really add some magic or sparkle to your bullet journal pages!

In the example below, you'll see a truly stunning postcard featuring an ethereal twilight sky. The shades of blue really make the sky so breathtaking, and I can imagine this would be an amazing addition to your bullet journal! I've always loved adding postcards, photos and other ephemera to my bullet journals, and I've always been a fan of collecting them, so what better place to collect them in than in my bullet journals? You can also try out the same too, and grow your collection! You can find these postcards on Etsy, as well as maybe art supplies stores too.

This photo of the evening sky is nothing short of stunning!

This photo of the evening sky is nothing short of stunning!

5. Aesthetic Flowers

Why not add some delicate flower stickers to your bullet journal? April always reminds me of daisies, delicate flowers, and pastel petals, so this would be a great time to celebrate those while bullet journaling!

In combination with the calligraphy and cursive handwriting, these daisies really work beautifully well and create a delicately stunning atmosphere.

In the example below, you'll find some gorgeously aesthetic daisies, which add such a magical touch to the planner. They're calming, soothing, and completely beautiful!

The daisies add such a beautiful effect!

The daisies add such a beautiful effect!

6. Pastel Theme

Adding a pastel theme to your bullet journal would look lovely for the month of April! Try adding gentle pinks, oceanic blues and mint greens to your planner. All these colors and hues evoke a gentle aesthetic, reminiscient of that April breeze.

I've also provided some examples of cute photos you could add to your journal planner; these images are all directly from Unsplash and so they're free to use! Always use images that you are free to use and print out, so Unsplash can be a great resource for finding images to print out! Or you could print out stickers also and include them in your bullet journal! If you're looking for some printables to add to your journal, I'd also recommend this resource which includes lots of aesthetic sticker printables for you to print out and include in your journal layouts!

You could also buy some pastel washi tape from Etsy; there are several sets out there with pastel colors (and I adore!) that you can purchase and make use of! I found this resource on cute washi tapes which might help you with choosing aesthetic washi tapes to incorporate into your journal! When adding photos or postcards to your bullet journal, you could always add some pastel washi tape to the corners of the photo for an a cute effect.


7. Pink Stripes Theme

Another theme which you could try out is a fuschia pink theme, incorporating stripes and other pink patterns. I'm a huge fan of anything pink in general, and so it really inspires me to create themes using this color in my bullet journaling!

In the example below, you'll find an amazing example of this theme, featuring pink stripes down along the edges of the journal, as well as horizontal washi tape strips added to the journal also.

You can also make use of pastel pink highlighter, pink gel pens, and other aesthetic imagery to enhance this theme.


8. Mint Theme

Since April feels like a form of renewal, especially since the last remnants of the cold winter are starting to fade, and summer is slowly on the way, nature seems to be embracing the coming summer in full force! You could try adding a mint theme in order to accentuate the power of nature, and add some leafy green illustrations too.

This mint theme is incredibly refreshing, and you can recreate it with some green markers, highlighters or gel pens, as well as pastel green highlighters too. Photos of nature also work well alongside this theme, plus cute stickers of plants and trees.


9. Vintage Ephemera

Why not try out a vintage theme this month and add some vintage ephemera to your journal? Ephemera is another word for "scraps of paper" essentially, where these scraps are usually found from magazines, leaflets and books. You can create collages using these scraps, for a magical and vintage effect!

You can find these scraps in magazines, and try cutting them out. Even random paragraphs would make cool additions to your bullet journal, as the vintage, serif font will add a lovely touch overall. Or, you could hunt for cool photos to add from magazines too.

If you're looking to add a more vintage theme to your bullet journaling, you could instead purchase vintage ephemera from Etsy stores instead. These are relatively affordable, since many might wrongfully think that vintage items are much more expensive than regular ephemera. This is not the case, I've found collections of vintage ephemera (containing 40 or more pieces) for only a few dollars in some shops, so it's quite affordable!

There are plenty of vintage stickers which could be added to your journal also! I've found a resource which showcases some cool vintage moon stickers in the list too, which I think would look great in a vintage theme!


10. Color Swatches

Another cool theme you could try out during the month of April is that of a color swatch theme. Basically, this features color swatches added beside photos or illustrations.

All you need to do is pick out key colors from a photo, sticker, or illustration, and add four squares beside it. Fill each square with one of the colors from the photo, and you have your very own color swatch! These color swatches form cool square patterns, and they look incredibly cool beside photos I must say!

In the example below, you'll find a color swatch (consisting of the four squares) above the amazing illustration of the flower.

Of course, these color swatches can also inspire you in the future for new themes and color palettes! You could take one of the swatches you've made and create a completely new theme inspired by it! For example, if one color swatch in my bullet journal featured oceanic blues, marine greens, and sandy beige, then I would be inspired to work on a vintage sea theme for my next bullet journal session!


Thanks So Much for Reading!

Hopefully you've found some inspiration and themes for the month of April! I really loved writing this article, and hopefully you've liked reading it, and found some inspiration to help you get started! If you're looking for May themes and ideas, check out my article on May bullet journal ideas.

April is such a beautiful month, symbolising rebirth and renewal, and so these themes should definitely be found within any April bullet journal pages. It's the month of Easter, of rebirth and of renewal!

If you have any comments or suggestions, make sure to let me know in the comments section below and I'll be delighted to read them! What other themes do you think work well for April? Make sure to let me know in the comments section too, as I'd love to learn more about what your inspirations and favourite April themes are!

Thanks again for reading, and wishing you all the best with your April bullet journaling journey!

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