41 Outstanding Moss Craft Ideas

Updated on January 25, 2017
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Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and kid-friendly craft tutorials.

For this article, I searched the internet for all moss craft projects. If you are like me, you've already noticed the beautiful decorating accessories that feature different mosses in their make-up. Not only are the moss accessories attractive, they also can be displayed year round.

Many of the moss covered crafts which I have come across, are ones that can be easily duplicated. Whether the type of moss is sphagnum, Spanish, reindeer or excelsior, the crafts made are basically the same for each type, and can be used interchangeably.

All of the ideas, for using moss in crafts, that are included in this article include a nice picture of the craft project, plus the name of the site where you'll find the instructions or tutorial for the project. Just click on the site name and you'll be taken directly to the project directions.

To make the beautiful moss covered boxes centerpiece shown above, go to Kendall Boggs Fine Arts and Crafts for the tutorial.

1. Moss Covered Letter

One of the most popular moss covered craft projects is the moss covered letter. You can choose to spend about $80. each to purchase the letters, or you can choose to make your own by following the tutorial at Thrifty Dcor Chick. Super easy to make and no one will ever guess you made it yourself.

2. Topiary Trees

You won't believe how inexpensive these outstanding topiary trees are to make, until you notice that the cones are shaped using poster board. The instructions for making these topiary trees is found at THE creativity EXCHANGE.

3. Moss Covered Sphere

The French Blue Cottage tutorial shows us how to use wadded up newspaper to make a sphere, if the store is out of Styrofoam balls. I like this idea anyway because the very large Styrofoam balls can be quite spendy.

4. Moss Covered Vases

I like ideas like this one, especially if I need to make a number of decorations for a party or shower. Moss covered vases can be made really inexpensively. Find the instructions for this craft at CRAFTS-FOR-ALL-SEASONS.

5. Baby Jesus Ornaments

Aren't these just the cutest ever little ornaments? The Crafty Sisters share their tutorial for making these Baby Jesus ornaments on their site.

6. Easter Cross

You can make this extraordinary moss covered cross by following the instructions found on the Amanda jane Brown site. A beautiful Easter decoration.

7. Moss Covered Easter Basket

This moss covered Easter basket is an example of how easily a box or basket can be transformed into a beautiful piece of décor, just by adding moss. Find the tutorial for making this Easter basket at Good Housekeeping.

8. Moss Balls

Whether these moss balls are placed in a basket, a bowl, or just placed on a surface, they are a beautiful accent to any room. Find the tutorial for making these moss balls at two twenty one.

9. Herb Filled Gift Basket

What a terrific gift basket idea. If you make one of these gift baskets, by following the instructions at THE activity EXCHANGE, you'll want to make more of them. Imagine the pleased look on the face of the person receivingthis gift.

10. Easter Egg Topiary

It won't be hard to find a place to display this decorative Easter egg topiary. I certainly can imagine it placed on a mantel or as a centerpiece. Go to Love LAUGHTER DCOR for the easy to follow directions.

11. Winter Garden

Just like the name of the site, ENJOYING THE SMALL THINGS, where you'll find the tutorial for making this craft implies, this simple little winter garden reminds us that projects don't have to be large to be enjoyed.

12. Halloween Spider Wreath

This Halloween spider wreath will be as much fun as it will be to display. Have the kids help make a wreath like this by following the instructions shown on Crafts & Sutch.

13. Spring Centerpiece

After displaying this centerpiece with Easter eggs for the Easter season, why not change the eggs for flower blossoms or some other Spring themed objects. You'll find the instructions for making this beautiful Spring centerpiece at HamptonRoads.com.

14. Kokedama String Garden

This kokedama string garden is something new for me. I think it'd be a great project, especially if the little garden could be hung where the wind wouldn't dry it out too fast. See how to make this kokedama string garden by going to Makezine for the instructions.

15. Moss Covered Reindeer

The instructions at tatertots & jello don't include a reindeer template or pattern, but never fear. It's very easy to find a perfect shape to make a pattern from by searching: (Google “reindeer head shapes” and hit images.)

16. Moss Coasters

You might be wondering when you would want to use moss covered coasters, and the answer is that moss themed showers and weddings are a popular thing. Also any spring or outdoor party would be times to use your moss coasters. The instructions for this craft are found at SINCERELY, KINSEY.

17. Tuffed Moss Ring Pillow

The perfect ring pillow for a wedding using a moss theme. You'll find the instructions for making this ring pillow at oncewed.

18. Succulent Wreath

The tutorial for making this wreath can be found at THE HOME DEPOT BLOG. You'll have to scroll down below the Christmas trees for the wreath instructions.

19. Moss Covered Basket

I think this is my favorite moss covered craft. The basket is made using a plastic bottle, and you'd never think that without being told. Find the tutorial for making this basket at GINATEPPER.

20. Silver and Moss Trees

These trees have a distinctively elegant look, but they are so easy to make. You can find all the information that you need to make these silver and moss tree topiaries at Crafts ‘n Coffee.

21. Fan Cover Planters

This project just goes to show us that we shouldn't throw anything away, especially old oscillating fans, because you can use the fan cover to make a planter. See how it is done by going to RANCHO REUB IDOUX.

22. Mossy Accents

This craft project, with the instructions found at the yellow cape cod, makes an outstanding decorating accent using moss balls.

23. How to Make a Fern Moss Terrarium

24. Moss Frame

I think that any vintage photo or print would look beautiful and appropriate in a moss frame. Go to Decorated Chaos to find the tutorial for making this moss frame.

25. Reindeer Moss Wreath

You would spend a lot of money if you wanted to purchase a moss wreath like the one shown above. You can make one at a fraction of the cost by following the tutorial at Home SWEET Blog.

26. Spring Banner

You'll find the tutorial for making this moss and burlap spring banner at Serendipity refined.

27. Cupcake Moss Centerpiece

Don't let this title confuse you, I also didn't know that this type of moss was called "cupcake" or "bear" moss. I think it's the same as reindeer moss. Anyway this is a nice centerpiece, no matter what you call the moss. Find the tutorial for this project at Craftynest.

28. Moss Urns

You'll find two moss urn ideas when you go to Less-Than-Perfect Life OF Bliss for the tutorials. Imagine how much money you will save by making this yourself!!

29. Spring Wreath

The bird nest and bird living on this wreath make it a truly Springtime wreath. LIVING WELL Spending Less is the name of the site where you'll find the instructions for making this wreath.

30. Porch Art

This is the perfect answer to what would make a nice artistic addition to the porch or patio. Homes.com has all the information you'll need to make this outdoor art.

31. Upcycled Mini Christmas Trees

Soooo cute! Everything you'll need to make these mini Christmas trees can be purchased inexpensively or recycled. Love this moss craft project with directions found at {Remade simple}

32. He is Risen Cross

Another outstanding Easter craft made featuring a moss covered cross. This would be a nice Lenten project for a classroom or family. The instructions for making this cross is found at Posed Perfection.

33. Moss Topiary

Very easy and simple to make, but oh, so beautiful and a great addition to your décor. The tutorial for making these moss topiaries can be found at haute apple pie.

34. Moss Bunny Garland

35. Terrarium Ornaments

I can imagine a beautifully decorated Christmas tree with lots of these terrarium ornaments on it. You'll find the instructions for making terrarium ornaments at CELEBRATIONS.

36. Clay Pot in Moss

With this project you can see that it doesn't take a lot of time or expense to make a beautiful moss covered craft. The moss covered clay pot and it's instructions can be found at a pumpkin & a princess.

37. Moss Covered Garden Balls

It always amazes me how just a simple addition to a craft item, changes how the finished project looks. The addition of the hemp twine to these moss covered garden balls gives them that special look. The tutorial for this project is found at CHIC California.

38. Faux Nest With Robin Eggs

I'm sure it'd be easy to find a place to display this very cute robin egg filled nest. Go to HGTV for the instructions on how to make this faux nest with robin eggs.

39. Grow Your Own Moss

If you go to the apartment therapy site, you'll find a tutorial on how to make your own moss. Great Idea!!

40. Hanging Moss Balls

What a beautiful hanging decoration this is to use for inside or outside your home. I think these hanging moss balls are an excellent example of using moss for home décor. Find the directions for making these hanging balls at Design Sponge.

41. Square Christmas Moss Wreath

This charming, square wreath will definitely find a place in your Christmas décor. Find the tutorial for making this beautiful wreath at HGTV.

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