40 Best Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts

Updated on February 26, 2020
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Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.

Let's face it: Thanksgiving is like the middle child of holidays. Although it is a celebrated holiday, it seems to lose importance because it's between Halloween and Christmas.

When you want to decorate for the holiday, it is sometimes difficult to find supplies for those Thanksgiving and turkey projects. At times we just have to make do with the supplies we can find. In this article I'll show some nice projects, include a picture of the project, and give a link to the directions for it.

Go to Kids & Glitter for the directions and patterns for the We Give Thanks wreath shown above.

1. Paper Bag Pumpkin

Wouldn't this be a terrific idea for table decorations for a large banquet where a lot of items are needed? The supplies are inexpensive and the pumpkins are easy to make. Check out the tutorial at A Crafty Mom’s Life to make these paper bag pumpkins.

2. Thanksgiving Banner

This is a beautiful Thanksgiving banner that you will use year after year. Go to Holiday Crafts for the instructions.

3. Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial

Find a great fabric pumpkin tutorial by going to the COTTAGE HOME. Elegant and easy!!

4. Turkey Button Art

This is actually a Thanksgiving card project, but I think it is so appropriate for using the idea for an art project. If you don't have enough buttons consider using sequins, dotting paint, or thumbprints instead of the buttons. Find the instructions for making this button card art at A COUPLE OF CRAFT ADDICTS.

5. Indian Corn Magnet

Chenille strips and beads makes this a colorful and easy craft to make, even for the very little kids. Go to the Parents site to find the instructions for making these Indian corn magnets. Useful and unique.

6. Turkey Party Hat

The kids especially will enjoy making and wearing these turkey party hats. A great Thanksgiving tradition started.

7. Turkey Napkin Rings

I love the colorful feathers on these clothespin turkey napkin rings. The kids will love making these napkin rings for your Thanksgiving table. The instructions are found at UNCOMMON designs.

8. Cereal Box Turkeys

Start saving you cereal boxes so you'll have plenty of the cardboard to make these cute little turkeys. A nice inexpensive Thanksgiving craft for all ages. The instructions for making these turkeys is found at plum pudding.

9. Zentangle Pumpkin Art

The kids are going to love making this zentangle art, and they'll be so pleased with how beautiful their pumpkin art will turn out. Check the Angela Anderson blog to see how to make zentangle pumpkins.

10. Folk Art Thankful Art

This art project includes using oil pastels, so you know it'll be loads of fun. Go to Handmade Market. Fearless for the directions and then make your own folk art thankful art.

11. Spatter Leaf Art

The photo shown here doesn't do this project credit at all. Be sure you go to the MNPTECEH site to see the step by step pictures showing how this is done. The blog is written in a foreign language, but the pictures show how to proceed. You'll have to scroll down a ways to find this project on the page.

12. Leaf Luminaries

It's fun to decorate for Thanksgiving when you have cute items such as these leaf luminaries to decorate with.

13. Pilgrim Silhouettes

Use the downloadable Pilgrim silhouettes from Box to make Thanksgiving pictures like these. Or, make embroidery hoop pictures like the ones, with instructions included, at Atta Girl Says.

14. Thanksgiving Place Cards

These Thanksgiving place cards are made by using the small terra cotta flower pots. Very cute and very easy to make. Find the tutorial for making these place cards at Better Homes and Gardens.

15. Scarecrow Magnet

Use these scarecrow magnets to help you display all the kids' Thanksgiving art project on your frig. Find the tutorial for making the scarecrow magnets at THIS GIRL’S LIFE BLOG.

16. Be Thankful Utensil Holders

There are printables included in this project by the IDEA ROOMo help you make these utensil holders in no time flat. A beautiful way to include a word of thankfulness at the table.

17. Gratitude Board

Imagine how much easier it would be to teach the little ones, and the bigger ones, gratitude if you had a Give Thanks board reminder. It may take a little time to make this, but it will be well worth the time. You'll find the tutorial for this craft at Jellybean Junkyard.

18. Pine Cone Turkey Decoration

19. Turkey Pop-up Card

Pop-up cards are so much fun to make, but sometimes it's hard to give them away. Make this cute turkey pop-up card and then give it to someone in the family.

20. I'm No Turkey

The kids love using their imaginations to dream up outfits to hide their turkey from being Thanksgiving dinner. Find a copy of the turkey, to be dressed, at Kids & Glitter.

21. Thanksgiving Turkey Mask

Imagine the fun that the kids will have making and wearing a turkey mask. You'll find the instructions that you'll need to make this mask at Designs With Heart.

23. Hand Print Turkey Keepsake

You'll be aware of how much the little ones have grown from one year to the next by making keepsakes like this. Find the instructions at Share & Remember.

24. Glove Turkey

A great way to use that orphan glove you've not wanted to throw away. Make this cute little turkey by finding the directions at the Readers Digest site.

25. Giving Thanks Tree

A great way for the family to reflect on all the things that they are thankful for. Give everyone a chance to add their thoughts to this Giving Thanks tree shown on THE JUMPSTART BLOG. Also find the instructions for the project there.

26. Stand Up Turkey

You'll find the directions for this cute stand up turkey at Designs With Heart.

27. Chenille Strip Thanksgiving Finger Puppets

28. Acorn Napkin Rings

Thanksgiving and the beautiful things in nature go hand in hand. A great example is this acorn napkin ring by Hello Little Home.

29. Crocheted Turkey Wreath

This is a very nice looking Thanksgiving wreath that will be used for many years during the fall holidays. Go to favecrafts for all the instructions.

30. Leaf Window Clings

I've never tried to make window clings, but these leaf window clings look like something fun to make.

31. Indian Corn Thanksgiving Favors

32. Autumn Leaf

This is a very interesting craft because you use the flimsy type window screening to make the leaves. Find the instructions at CRAFTS-FOR-ALL-SEASONS and make some of these leaves for your Fall decorations.

33. Waxed Fall Leaves

This waxed fall leaves project looks interesting. A leaf garland made using them would be outstanding.

34. Fabulously Frugal Pumpkins

Make a quick and easy set of pumpkins by following the pictured directions at Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.

35. Placemat and Crayons

Be prepared to entertain the little ones at the Thanksgiving table by having crayons and a placemat for them to color. You'll find what you need for this project at alpha mom.

36. Thanksgiving Day "Thanks For" Turkey

I love this little "Thankful" turkey. This would be a nice centerpiece for the kitchen table or island. Find the instructions at PARENTS. Number 6 in the slideshow.

37. Felt Leaf Napkin Rings and Placecards

The perfect touch for your Thanksgiving table. Find the directions at merriment design.

38. Turkey Favor Tins

These very attractive turkey favor tins, with the tutorial for making them at Burton Avenue, will be the finishing touch for your holiday table Very nice!

39. Glitter Leaves and Acorns Thanksgiving Napkins

Make beautiful Thanksgiving napkins by following the instructions at CRAFTS BY Amanda. These will definitely put the finishing touch on your holiday table.

40. Scarecrow Centerpiece

Make an outstanding Thanksgiving centerpiece like this scarecrow by going to the Craft Klatch website for the tutorial.

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      • OhMe profile image

        Nancy Tate Hellams 

        6 years ago from Pendleton, SC

        Wow, these are some great Thanksgiving Crafts. Thanks so much for sharing and I will share, too.

      • profile image


        7 years ago

        Very creative lens. I love your versatility.

      • bgassociate profile image


        7 years ago

        great craft ideas

      • profile image


        7 years ago

        there some really cool crafts love the cd turkey

      • profile image

        Deadicated LM 

        7 years ago

        Thanks for the great craft ideas; I decorate a little bit for Thanksgiving.

      • shovonpk profile image


        7 years ago

        Arts and Crafts i like it

      • Mary Stephenson profile image

        Mary Stephenson 

        7 years ago from California

        Lot of terrific ideas here.

      • FantasticBdaypa profile image


        7 years ago

        great ideas! I love the glitter wreath at the beginning of the lens!

      • nicenet profile image


        7 years ago

        I give you thumbs up! How do you get all these creative ideas?I would like to make things without copying others.The pictures were excellente.

      • anne mohanraj profile image

        anne mohanraj 

        7 years ago

        Thank you for sharing this very interesting and creative lens!

      • amandascloset0 profile image


        7 years ago

        These are really cute! My daughter is going to love them. Thanks for sharing these!

      • JackieBlock profile image

        Jackie Block 

        7 years ago from SE Michigan

        These are really cute crafts. I can't wait to give them a try. Thanks for sharing these!

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        Just gave you a squidoo like and love the page. If you could give me a squidoo like since I am trying to spread the word on the tax topic. Hoping more people will foster animals if the now they can deduct the expenses on their tax return.

      • norma-holt profile image


        8 years ago

        Wonderful and so visually appealing. Congrats on LOTD and now featured on Squidoo LOTD Lenses, hugs

      • Srena44 profile image


        8 years ago

        great lens

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        Great lens.

      • VSP profile image


        8 years ago

        Great lens! Will be featured on Fri. on my fb page Homeschool Preschool thru High School.

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        Great lens. I love the Autumn Elegance. Nice.

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        I love crafts, and you have some delightful ideas here, I'm adding a link to my Autumn LensCongrats on the Purple Star and Lens of the Day awards!

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        I love your lens. Congratulations on LOTD.

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        Wonderful Lens! Congrats on LOtD:)

      • Doglover5 profile image


        8 years ago

        Great lens with lots of good ideas and kids will love it. Congrats on your lens of the day award. Thumbs up.

      • nbrandt123 profile image


        8 years ago

        Beautiful lens! Love the way it was presented. thumbs up!

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        We always look out for the simple and cheap decorating ideas. You certainly have it on the plate. Thanks much.

      • StevenCousley profile image

        Steven Cousley 

        8 years ago from Young, NSW, Australia

        I can see you had a lot of fun making this lens. I enjoyed reading it too and those colorful turkey images dress it up nicely. Congrats on the LOTD

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        This looks like a lot of fun! Nice job on making a great lens! Gratz on LOTD!

      • ZenandChic profile image


        8 years ago

        Wonderful lens! Congrats on LOTD!

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        Looks fun! Nice crafts by the way, i feel like making one of those turkeys with my nephew just for the fun of it even if we don't celebrate Thanksgiving day in my country.

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        Thumbs uppppppppppppppp!

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful...Smile=== www.coach2011online.com ===

      • Retro Loco profile image


        8 years ago from USA

        Congratulations on LOTD! You have a great lens on Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts. I love the sock turkey and the turkey treat jar! I noticed you live in Nebraska. My earliest memories of crafts were in Omaha when I was about 4 years old. I was always making something, mostly a mess for Mom to clean up! Happy Thanksgiving, Loraine! :-)

      • SydneyH LM profile image

        SydneyH LM 

        8 years ago

        Lots of fun ideas! The leaves are my favorite.

      • mercin12 profile image


        8 years ago

        Great presentation of some wonderful crafts. Thanks!

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        I can see why it was blessed by so many angels. Well done and many great ideas you've shared. Thank you.

      • fugeecat lm profile image

        fugeecat lm 

        8 years ago

        i really like the leaves those are pretty cool and they look easy to make.

      • Joan Haines profile image

        Joan Haines 

        8 years ago

        Fun stuff. Thank you!

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        This is such a cute lens :) Loved it !

      • niceman91 lm profile image

        niceman91 lm 

        8 years ago

        I love watching this lens.keep it up.nice job! :)

      • DesignedbyLisa LM profile image

        DesignedbyLisa LM 

        8 years ago

        Nice ideas - I hope to use one or more of these with my girl scout troop

      • Lee Hansen profile image

        Lee Hansen 

        8 years ago from Vermont

        My favorites are the leaves made with paper bags and the cornucopia with paper scraps. Congrats on LOTD and have a bountiful Thanksgiving!

      • lasertek lm profile image

        lasertek lm 

        8 years ago

        I like the turkey crafts especially the CD turkey and standing turkey.

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        P.S. Forgot to congratulate you on your LOTD, too! Way to go!

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        A glittery CD turkey - wow! Great idea to use with the grandkids. Thanks for a fabulous holiday lens!

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        Great projects love them! Congrats on being chosen LOTD :)

      • grannyann lm profile image

        Ann Scaling Tucker 

        8 years ago from Enid, OK

        You have a neat lens here. Thought I'd add a few neat sites for Thanksgiving decor. http://theholidayspot.com/thanksgiving/decorations...

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        Outstanding lens you Turkey. Very well done and I'm going to pass this on to a lot of home schooling folks I know. If you had a poll on here of which is the best I would have to pick all of them. Wonderful lens with lots of fun for the whole family. Congratulations on Lens Of The Day and putting Thanksgiving back in the light before Christmas. I'm Thankful for finding this lens and Life itself. God Bless you for a wonderful lens.

      • GonnaFly profile image


        8 years ago from Australia

        What a great collection! Well done

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        Sorry for spamming,but can people start reading my lens just so i can see what i'm doing wrong and right. Please read it just to get me going in the squidoo community.

      • Wednesday-Elf profile image


        8 years ago from Savannah, Georgia

        What a creative group of Thanksgiving-themed arts and crafts for children, whether they are learning in a classroom or needing a fun activity at home. Congrats on LotD.

      • Mickie Gee profile image

        Mickie Gee 

        8 years ago

        I know three grandkids that would love to make some of your arts and crafts projects for Thanksgiving. In fact, I bet some of the activities would be great for them to do ON Thanksgiving Day.

      • Close2Art LM profile image

        Close2Art LM 

        8 years ago

        Some very creative ideas for making turkeys, congrats on your LOTD, Blessed..:)rob

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        Super cute ideas! I haven't seen so many turkeys in one place since... umm... since I couldn't come up with a great way to finish that joke! Thanks for sharing. Congrats on the LotD and blessed by a SquidAngel!

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        I really enjoyed my visit. Cute turkey ideas. Congrats!

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        Love the no sew turkey centerpiece. Even I can do that one lol!

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        Cutest turkeys! congratulations on LOTD!

      • BunnyFabulous profile image

        Erin Hardison 

        8 years ago from Memphis, TN

        Great crafts! Congrats on LOTD!

      • delia-delia profile image


        8 years ago

        Congratulations on LOTD! nicely done lens and great ideas...

      • Bercton1 profile image


        8 years ago

        Very creative lens. Congratulations!

      • SiochainGraSonas profile image


        8 years ago

        I am happy that I found this. Great ideas!

      • Rhidawn profile image


        8 years ago

        Great lens. I love the cd turkey! Very creative!

      • lilymom24 profile image


        8 years ago

        Very nice projects for the little ones. Congratulations on your purple star and on getting LOTD! =)

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        Get all the parts for this craft for FREE!!!All you have to do is sign up here!www.rewards1.com/r_frwmpzzThen read the instructions on how!No spam!No hassle!All FREE!

      • Ann Hinds profile image

        Ann Hinds 

        8 years ago from So Cal

        What a fun assortment of Thanksgiving decorations to create. We will have to try some of them. Congrats on LOTD.

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        Great lens. I'll have to try some of your ideas.

      • SheilaSchnauzies profile image


        8 years ago from Omaha, NE

        Your Lens Of The Day caught my eye, what a pretty, bright turkey! Once I was here I loved the variety of easy, inexpensive Thanksgiving craft ideas! Now I just have to decide... do you have a lens for that? Ha ha... Blessed today by a fellow eastern Nebraska Squid Angel! Congrats again!

      • creativeinc lm profile image

        creativeinc lm 

        8 years ago

        Great lens! Love the Turkey art on paper..

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        Why'd you have to make the turkeys so cute? How do I eat them now? :)

      • Diana Wenzel profile image

        Renaissance Woman 

        8 years ago from Colorado

        Stopping back by to congratulate you on LotD! Very nicely done. :-)

      • Heather426 profile image

        Heather Burns 

        8 years ago from Wexford, Ireland

        still awesome! congrats on LOTD!

      • MadScience profile image

        Candace Bacon 

        8 years ago from Mad Laboratories

        I love the turkey made out of the CD. I have tons of CDs sitting around. Maybe I should make a flock of turkeys for Thanksgiving. Thanks for the great ideas!

      • SquidooMBA profile image


        8 years ago

        Congrats on the much deserved Purple Star and on being Lens of the Day! Well done and keep up the great work...

      • KimGiancaterino profile image


        8 years ago

        Congratulations on LOTD!

      • AskPat profile image


        8 years ago

        A lot of great ideas. Thanks for sharing. Congrats on LOTD!

      • Scarlettohairy profile image

        Peggy Hazelwood 

        8 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

        Great ideas here to keep EVERYONE in turkeys!

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        Congrat on LOTD! Thank you for the great lens!

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        These are very cool! I will have to try some of these with my friends and family this year =D

      • agoofyidea profile image


        8 years ago

        Congratulations on LOTD! These are some cute craft ideas. Great lens.

      • fionajean profile image


        8 years ago from South Africa

        Really nice lens - the crafts are easy to do - blessed

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        Well I have bookmarked your blog and will have to go back and have a good look, congratulations for getting lens of the day. I just love crafts

      • Julia Morais profile image

        Julia Morais 

        8 years ago

        Great lens. Got a lot of ideas for recycling stuff I was planning to throw away.

      • Lisa-Marie-Mary profile image


        8 years ago

        I absolutely love the way you've set up this lens - great job!! And I love turkey crafts - you've shared some really cute ones! I think the baby food jar one is my favorite!

      • julescorriere profile image

        Jules Corriere 

        8 years ago from Jonesborough TN

        LOVE the Pilgrim Puzzle Piece wreath. All of these are great ideas. Congratulations on a well deserved lens of the Day!

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        Wow! I love all these Thanksgiving ideas! Congrats on the LOTD!

      • LiteraryMind profile image

        Ellen Gregory 

        8 years ago from Connecticut, USA

        Congratulations on LOTD! You deserve it. This lens is great.

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        Congrats on LOTD! Fabulous lenscrafting! Cudos :)

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        Congratulations on LotD!

      • kjbranch77 profile image


        8 years ago

        Congrats on LOTD!

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        Get all the parts for this craft for FREE!!!All you have to do is sign up here!www.rewards1.com/r_frwmpzzThen read the instructions on how!No spam!No hassle!All FREE!

      • aka-rms profile image

        Robin S 

        8 years ago from USA

        Congratulations, this lens was chosen LotD today and is being featured at Squidoo HQ. Take a look: http://hq.squidoo.com/lotd/thanksgiving-arts-and-c...

      • profile image


        8 years ago


      • Frugal Bride profile image

        Frugal Bride 

        8 years ago

        Awesome lens! Love the cute little turkey decorations. Congrats on Lens of the Day! You earned it!

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        Congratulations on LotD. This is so cute, and presented vet nice. Blessed!Happy Thanksgiving!

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        Great job Great lens.

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        Nice! Great work thanks for sharing this lens.

      • linfcor profile image

        Linda F Correa 

        8 years ago from Spring Hill Florida

        great lens with great ideas

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        Hi there, I love thanksgiving, even if it is not a european feast day, I like the festive atmosphere, happy thanksgivign to all my american friends

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        Nice lens!

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        Nice lens!

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        very complete, education and easy to read :)

      • ItayaLightbourne profile image

        Itaya Lightbourne 

        8 years ago from Topeka, KS

        Congrats on this wonderful article making it to Lens of the Day and getting the coveted Purple Star! Way to go!! :)


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