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60+ Amazing Crafts for Teenage Girls

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.

In this article you'll find over 60 awesome craft ideas perfect for teenage girls!

In this article you'll find over 60 awesome craft ideas perfect for teenage girls!

Craft Ideas for Teenage Girls

Teen girls have made some of the nicest crafts that I've seen. Not only do they make items for themselves, they also make gifts for their friends. Teenage girls like to make items that are a bit more difficult, and they like to be able to use the things they make, either to wear or to use in their room.

You'll find ideas for wearable and decorative crafts for teenage girls. I hope you enjoy these crafts and get inspired to tackle a few of them!

1. DIY Painted Shoes


2. Anthro-Inspired T-shirt

This unbelievably fashionable top is made using an inexpensive shirt and a flour sack towel. Find out how easily you can make an Anthro-inspired shirt by going to Tatertots & Jello.


3. Knuckle Rings

Be the first of your friends to make and wear these beautiful midi rings. Follow the instructions at Irresistible Icing to make rings like these for yourself and to give away as gifts.


4. Rag Bag

You'll see how easy it is to make a fashionable bag with an old bag, imagination, and fabric strips. Consider using fabric glue to attach knotted fabric strips to a bag that isn't made of mesh.


5. Washer Pendant Necklaces & Keychains

I really like these washer pendants. I hope you try making some for yourself!


6. Funky Tie-Dyed Socks

Be sure to check out this super easy way to tie-dye socks using Sharpie markers and alcohol. They're simple to make, but oh so stylish!


7. Ruffled Cuffs and Collar

This Chanel-inspired fashion is yours if you follow the tutorial by Ruffles & Stuff!


8. Perler Bead Bowls

Imagine all the things you could use these pretty bowls for, especially as small storage bins for the dresser or desk. Find the tutorial for making these perler bead bowls at Yesterday on TUESDAY.


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9. Fingerless Gloves

These fingerless gloves are made using socks. The tutorial for making these gloves is found at Dollar Store.


10. Wire-Wrapped Marble Pendant

Make these beautiful wire-wrapped pendant necklaces! They're not as complicated to make as you'd think.


11. T-shirt Rag Rug

You've got to check out the method used to weave this rag rug. It looks like it would be easy and fun to make. Go to A Piece of Rainbow to find an outstanding pictured tutorial.


12. Ear Cuffs

Be sure you visit Panda Hall Learning Center to see how the ear cuffs are made. It looks like the wire goes through the ear, but....


13. Chic Beach Wrap

With only one yard of fabric, you can easily make a beach wrap with BRIT + CO. When you find out how easy it really is to make this wrap, you'll want to make one in different colors.


14. Magnetic Bulletin Board

By using fabric that coordinates with your room, this magnetic bulletin board will be useful as well as decorative. For the directions to make this project, go to CountryLiving.


15. Lace Belt

Give your jeans a shabby chic look with this attractive lace belt.


16. Polka Dots Flower Hairpin

These are so very easy to make that you can have colored flowers for every outfit that you wear. Go to 365 Days of Crafts or the instructions.


17. Fashionable Foot Jewelry

Make your own fashionable foot jewelry by following the pictured tutorial at How to Make Foot Jewelry. An easy and fast craft that will allow you to make foot jewelry for a simple or elegant outfit.


18. Fabulous Flip Flops

Dress up a pair of plain flip flops by adding attractive fabric. You'll find out how to do this by going to Southern Sky Craft Studio for the tutorial. Easy!!


19. Zipper Rings

These rings certainly don't look like they are made using zippers, but they are. You'll find the instructions on how to make them at That’s SO CUEGLY.


20. Removable Fur Lined High Tops

We might as we give in and admit that this is becoming a very long winter, with all the snow experiences. So, since the fur top for these shoes is removable, you can make a pair to wear now, and then remove the fur tops and wear the shoes when the weather warms up. Go to see kate sew to see how very easy this project is.


21. Washi Tape Pencils and Desk Cup

This is a nice and inexpensive way to organize desk space. Find the instructions for making these cups at Happiness is Homemade.


22. Lighted Raffia Garland

You'll love this lighted raffia garland draped over the bed or across a mirror or picture. Cover the mini lights with red tissue hearts as shown with the tutorial at How to Make a Lighted Raffia Valentine Garland, or make flower blossom with tissue or lace doilies.


23. Ruffly Scarf

You'll be amazed at how easy this scarf is made using yarn and sewing machine. Find the tutorial at Little Treasures.


24. Flower Corsage

Not only can this be used for a corsage, it could also be glued to a hair pin or barrette. Go to write. click. Scrapbook. for instructions.


25. Fabric-Covered Books

Cover your journal or diary or any other reference books with fabric to coordinate with the décor in your room. Go to CountryLiving for the instructions.


26. Bandana Table Runner

Make this as a thoughtful gift for Mom or Grandma Or use square scarves and put your runner on your dresser. To make this table runner, get the instructions at Country Living.


27. Fleece Scarf With Pockets

There are times, especially in the early Spring and early Fall, when this scarf with pockets would be a welcome accessory. Find the directions at DIYYOUR WAY.


28. Denim Pocket Organizer

For the directions for making this project, go to Sisters of the Wild West.


29. Friends Picture Frame

Display photos of your friends and yourself in frames that you have made yourself. You'll get instructions to make the frame at


30. Anthro-Knockoff Headbands

Make a headband of every color to match any outfit you have. Find the directions for making these headbands at The Gunny Sack.


31. T-shirt Tote

Do you have a t-shirt that you can't part with, but it really isn't one you can wear anymore? Keep that treasured t-shirt, but make it into a useful tote. You'll find the directions for making this tote at mommypotamus


32. Charging Phone Holder

Made from a lotion bottle, this useful cell phone holder will be a welcome gift. Make it for yourself or for a friend by finding the instructions at Make It & Love It.


33. Doily Lamp

Although these are meant to be lamps, I can see them used as decorations for a prom or homecoming. Go to DOSFAMILY for the directions.


34. Duct Tape Boxes

Decorate boxes to hold items to help keep your treasures neat and safe. The instructions for this project are found at Someday CRAFTS.

35. Room Decorations


36. Bead Soup Bracelet

Choose the beads that you love to make this bead soup bracelet. Find the directions for this craft at favecrafts.


37. Mini Drawers

Use coordinating scrapbooking papers to decorate the mini drawers in this project.


38. Braided T-shirt Headband

You can use t-shirts to make this headband. You'll find the instructions at As the Bunny Hops.


39. Tissue Paper Party Tassels

Make a tissue paper tassel garland when decorating for your next party. The instructions for project is found at Catch My Party.


40. Ribbon Earring Holder

How cute is this? Keep your earring pairs together with this easy to make holder. Go to the homework site for the directions.


41. Framed Notebook Page

A great idea to have this on your desk to write quick notes. Use a dry erase marker to make a to-do list, leave a message, or if giving to someone special, write a message or poem before framing the page. Just frame a notebook page and use a dry erase marker to message. No instructions necessary.


42. Faux Porcelain Frame

This is a beautiful frame that would make a great gift for almost any occasion. Get the directions to make this project at Suzy's Sitcom.


43. Frames With Paper Flowers

The paper flowers give these feminine frames just the unique touch you're looking for.


44. Beaded Glass Framed Mirror

The glass beads added to a plain mirror turns this ho-hum mirror into a beaded glass framed decorator piece.

45. Sugar Lips Pillow


46. Stylish Bracelet

Make fabulous bracelets using cardboard rolls. Find out how to make these stylish bracelets at Molly Moo Crafts.


47. Ribbon Belts

You'll be pleasantly surprise to see how very easy it is to make these elegant looking belts. The tutorial for this project is found at Ruffles & Stuff.


48. Candle Sleeve

I'm including this candle sleeve craft in this article because I not only think this is a beautiful piece for a girls bedroom, it is also a thoughtful gift idea for a mother or teacher. You'll find the tutorial for making this candle sleeve (made with a plastic bottle) at REDO IT YOURSELF INSPIRATIONS.


49. Creative Yarn Chandelier

Keep this project in mind when you are planning your next party. An easy to make, but impressive, decoration. The tutorial is found at Hostess wtm.


50. No-Sew Fleece Pillow

Another throw pillow for your bed or to make as a gift. Use prints and colors that fit your style. Go to Director Jewels for the instructions.


51. Nail Polish Pendants

Wouldn't it be fun to invite your friends over to make this nail polish jewelry? Find out what you need to have on hand and the instructions for making these pendants at Fluid Motion.


52. Ombre Monogrammed Letter

An ombre letter is a great way to personalize your room. Catch My Party has the directions for making this monogram letter decor.


53. Scrappy Happy Scarves

I'm sure you have casual outfits that would look great with an accessory like one of these scrappy scarves. And a great thing about it, it doesn't cost a lot to make. Find the tutorial for making these scrappy, happy scarves at Jennifer Jangles.


54. Snowman Tag or Ornament

Make the gifts you give one-of-a-kind by adding a tag or ornament that you made yourself. See how to make this ornament by going to the Plushka site.


55. Needlepoint Pendant

These simple, but beautiful, pendants are made using plastic canvas. You'll find the instructions at Think Crafts. An outstanding project!


56. Vinyl Tube Bracelets

Aren't these cute little bracelets? And it looks like they would be fun to make too. Go to A Pumpkin and a Princess for the directions.


57. Nail Polish Marbled Votives

These votives are beautiful. Today you can buy nail polish in every color conceivable, so pick out any color that you love to make your votives. The instructions are at the hgtv site.


58. Yo-Yo Bracelet

This is a project that will take a little more time to finish, but it will be soooo worth the effort. The easy to understand tutorial is found at


59. Macrame Owl

Make this beautiful macrame owl for your room or to give as a gift. Imagine the unique owl you can make by choosing different combinations of colors, or by making your owl all one color. I think a white owl with brown bead eyes would be beautiful. For the instructions to make a macrame owl, go to MINIECO.CO.UK.


60. Perler Bead Bracelet

Making beaded bracelets with designs is made easy when you have a great tutorial to follow. You'll find that great tutorial at Pink Stripey Socks.


61. Fairy Pixie Elves

Little fairy pixies to make for friends or to keep. Go to Creative Breathing for the instructions.


62. Button Heart Pillow

For a Valentine's Day gift, you might want to keep the buttons in a red color, but you could definitely make the button pillow, with buttons to accent the colors in your room.To find the instructions for making this button pillow, go to may arts.


63. Flower Decor

I love this as an idea for table decorations, when you need to make a number of them. This could be used at a school function as well as for a shower or even a wedding decoration. You'll find the directions for this project at margot potter.

64. Beaded Cocktail Ring


65. Tape Resist Watercolor Art

The project uses watercolor paper for this art, but I think it turns out so pretty that it might be worth doing it on an art canvas. Find the tutorial at Gift of Curiosity.

© 2012 Loraine Brummer

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RTalloni on February 09, 2015:

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