37 Creepy Spider Craft Ideas

Updated on March 27, 2018
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Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and kid-friendly craft tutorials.

spider crafts, making spider crafts
spider crafts, making spider crafts

Spiders have always given me the creeps. So, remembering that these are Halloween spiders, and not the real thing, I set aside my goofy fears to search for great, spooky spider crafts for this article. I was surprised, and pleased, to see so many different spider projects available. In this article I've done the time consuming search for spider crafts for you.

You'll find pictures and the site name of different spider projects, plus when you click on the name of the project's site, you'll be taken directly to the instructions page for that particular spider craft.

To make the spider craft, shown above, go to Fete Gazette. for the instructions.

1. Spider Pinata

Having a Halloween party? How about making a spider pinata to entertain the kids? You'll be able to easily make this spider pinata by following the tutorial found at homelife.

2. Mason Jar Spider

These littler mason jar spiders would be perfect as favors or place card holders for a Halloween party. They are very easy to make, just follow the instructions given at MASON JAR LOVE.

3. Gel Spiders

Imagine all the places you can put these gel spiders. The surface just has to be shiny to hold the gel spiders. So use them on windows, mirrors, glass vases, etc. You'll find the easy to follow instructions for making gel spiders at EVERYDAYBEST.

4. Halloween Spider Countdown

When the kids are anxiously waiting for Halloween to come, and you're tired of explaining how many days are left til the big day, consider making this spider countdown project. Find the tutorial for the web and spiders at Cutesy Crafts.

5. Spooky Spiders

Not only do I love the looks of these spiders, with their big feet, but I also like the idea of decorating with purple, green and yellow balloons. Find the instructions for making these spooky spiders at Better Homes and Gardens .

6. I Dare You: Listen to This

7. Spider Suckers

There is also a video in this article that shows how to make these spider suckers, but maybe you'd rather just read the instructions. You'll find the tutorial at the iheartnaptime site.

8. Spider Pocket Candy Holder

Paper plates are a great craft supply when you want to make decorations, or a candy holder, like the one shown here. Find the instructions at The Ramblings of a Crazy Woman and then help the kids make their own paper plate pocket candy holder.

9. Balloon Spider Decoration

Can you imagine this huge spider hanging at your ceiling? Tape a black balloon with crepe paper streamer legs to your ceiling. Or for a paper mache spider, find the instructions at The Spruce.

10. Incy Wincy Spider

Looks like this little incy wincy spider will actually climb. This will be an exciting craft project to do with the little ones. They will so love this spider! If you go to the My Little 3 and Me site, you find the instructions for making the Incy Wincy Spider.

11. Pine Cone Spider

I have to admit that this is the first time I've seen a spider made using a pine cone. Pretty darn cute too. When you visit the Fireflies + Mudpies you'll also find the directions for making a pine cone spider. Look at all those google eyes!!

12. Creepy Halloween Coasters

To make some really creepy looking Halloween coasters, just go to the CRAFT KLATCH site to find the tutorial. These are very attractive looking coasters, and so very useful also.

13. Egg Carton Spider

This is a "toddler friendly" version of the classic egg carton Halloween craft for kids. Find the directions at the Craft Elf site.

14. Paper Cup Spiders

These little guys are hardly scary at all, but they are exceptionally cute. For the instructions, go to craftown.com.

15. Pom Pom Spider

For a creepy crawly spider decoration that is fun and easy to make using yarn and pipe cleaners, go to Craft Elf.

16. Spider Lollipop Treat

17. Jar Lid Spiders

Making jar lid spiders is another very imaginative use for old jar lids. Go to the 30 minute crafts for the instructions. These are so inexpensive to make, so they are perfect for decorating.

18. Spider Pumpkin

Be sure to stock up on the foam pumpkins after the Halloween season this year so you'll have lots of them to craft with. To make the cute spider pumpkin shown here, go to HERE COMES THE girls for the tutorial.

19. Spider Framed

Sometimes I run across a craft idea that surprises me with it's simplicity and attractiveness. To make a spider picture like this one, go to EAST COAST MOMMY to find the instructions.

20. Black Spider

This MARTHA STEWART black spider is huge and also a bit more involved labor-wise than most spider crafts, but look how great it is.

21. Spider Wreath

Try this fun, family Halloween craft in the classroom or at a Halloween party. For directions on how to do this spider craft, go to Mama in the Now.

22. Jingle Bells Spider

This beautiful, classy Halloween decoration gives an elegant look to the spider. Go to CRAFTS-FOR-ALL-SEASONS for the instructions.


23. Paper Plate Spider

Even the littlest goblin can make this cheerful spider. You'll find the project at Activity village.

24. Easter Egg Spider

The kids will love making unique faces on their egg spiders. Then you can stand them or hang them for Halloween. Go to Chica and Jo for the directions.

25. Chenille Strips Spider

Make a spooky spider just using chenille strips and google eyes. You can find the instructions for this craft at KIDS CRAFTS MADE EASY.

26. Tabletop Tree Spider

This is a beautiful ornament that could be used not only for Halloween, but also on the Christmas tree. Go to MARTHA STEWART for the directions.

27. Spider Garland

Make this super cute spider garland by going to Oh My Creative for the tutorial.

28. Spider Ring

CRAFTS BY Amanda has the instructions for making this cute little spider ring.

29. Styrofoam Bowl Spider

A styrofoam bowl is the body of this cute spider. This craft is brought to you by Crafty Morning.

30. Spider Finger Puppet

Make this itsy bitsy spider hand and finger puppet by following the directions at LalyMom.

31. Scary Spider

This Halloween make your own spider decorations. Or use them for a Spiderman party! Go to Games Crafts Coloring for the directions.

32. Silly Spider

Make a bunch of these spiders for your Halloween party or to decorate the classroom. Find out how to make them by finding the instructions at LIFESTYLE HOW STUFF WORKS.

33. Fuzzy Friendly Halloween Spider

This spider will make you smile, not shriek, this Halloween. A cute decoration for the Halloween party that you can find the instructions for at Better Homes and Gardens.

34. Furry Halloween Spider

You'll enjoy making this little spider with black fun fur yarn. Find the directions at the Sugar Bee crafts site.

35. Spider Webs

36. Cardboard Spiders

This is a perfect Halloween project to do with the kids, or with a group of senior folks. Inexpensive and so many ways to customize for variety. Go to Krokotak.com for the pictured tutorial.

37. Spider Luminary

You'll find the directions for making this super cute spider luminary at the Shabby Creek cottage.

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