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How to Remove a Screen-Printed Label From a Glass Bottle in Under 10 Minutes

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I have a problem. I love keeping food containers, especially if they look cool. In my mind, it's a waste to toss a gem in the trash when it could find new life upcycled into something else. Such was the case for my bottle of extra virgin olive oil.

This bottle screamed out at me on the shelf, and so did the price. It was considerably cheaper than the other brands. I recently used up all the oil and I set the bottle aside because I knew I wanted to save it.

The pour top was convenient and after I washed the bottle, I had my husband help me remove it. It wasn't a simple twist, but it was easy to pop out with a pair of adjustable pliers.

Then it was time to tackle the label.

This wasn't your average sticker label. A little WD-40 would do the trick for that. Oh no. This label was screen-printed. I figured acetone would work fine, but my brother-in-law actually suggested brake cleaner.

My husband was happy to give this a try for me. He took my bottle, the brake cleaner, a plastic scraper, and a metal scraper outside and got started.

The brake cleaner certainly helped, but the magic was good old elbow grease. The metal scraper worked best to remove the back label.

I tried the acetone on the front label to see if that made a difference. Again, the trick was to use the metal scraper. Within 10 minutes, the label was gone.

A little Dawn dish soap polished the bottle up. Now it's ready for a craft! I saved the top for something else. You never know when you might need a fancy pour top like that.

To Remove the Label

  1. Spray brake cleaner or rub acetone on your glass bottle.
  2. Use a metal scraper to scrape the label off the bottle.
  3. Wash with Dawn dish soap and let dry.

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