How to Hand Sew a Binding for a Card or Booklet

There are many ways to join together pages for a card or booklet. Hand sewing your binding is a creative way to add a personal touch while providing a sturdy join for your pages. Hand sewing a binding is easier than you think and only requires a few basic materials.


Stenciling on Paper: Basics

Stenciling on paper is a technique that will yield amazing results. With just a few tools you can create an unlimited amount of stenciled projects. Learn the basics of stenciling on paper.


Craft Ink Tips And Techniques

Have you ever wondered how to get started with craft inks? Learn about the different types of inks, how to use them, how to get more mileage from your ink pads, and some new ideas and techniques that will get your creative juices flowing.


4 Easy DIY Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids to Make

Unleash your creativity by making your own Mother’s Day art. These DIY tutorials are fun, fast, and inexpensive. Create these homemade paper crafts with your children and allow them to give them away this holiday. Handmade gifts show the personal touch that every parent loves.


Have Fun Making Your Own Bookmarks

When reading a book, you want to take care of it and use a bookmark to mark your place. Never fold down the corner of the page no matter how tempting it might be. Sometimes you don’t want to spend money on a bookmark. Maybe you are just creative...


Simple and Easy Party Lanterns

Have a little soiree planed? Want something cool and unusual for the children to create to keep them busy? These little lawn lanterns are perfect and easy. You can make dozens fairly inexpensively.


How to Make a Gift Box Out of Cardstock

Follow this easy tutorial to make a simple gift box from cardstock. Once you get the process down, you can easily make many of these in a short time. Use them for gift-giving or to package your crafts to sell at markets and fairs.