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56 Amazing Paper Roll Crafts Ideas

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.

Have paper rolls to dispose of? Here are the many crafts you can create out of paper rolls.

Have paper rolls to dispose of? Here are the many crafts you can create out of paper rolls.

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Adults and Kids

Kids love crafts and learn an important lesson about the satisfaction of recycling when using tp and paper towel rolls in crafts.

In this article, you will find only projects that include a picture and directions. Just click on the site name, and you will be taken directly to the tutorial. Projects include wreaths, wall art, napkin holders, flowers and crafts for kids.

To make the beautiful wreath shown above, go to Proverbs 31 Life.

Fantastic fairy houses.

Fantastic fairy houses.

1. Fantastic Fairy Houses

Imagine all the wonderfully fantastic fairy houses you can make. You'll find the tutorial and the examples for making these little houses at Wonderful DIY.

Cat in a hat pop-ups.

Cat in a hat pop-ups.

2. Cat in a Hat Pop-ups

Every kid I know loves Dr. Seuss books and one of the all-time favorites is Cat in a Hat. So, making these pop-ups will be a fun and entertaining project for the kids. You'll find the instructions for making the Cat in a Hat pop-up at Stuff by Ash.



3. Fishes

Check the instructions at No Time for Flash Cards and then get out the paints and google eyes and have a blast with the little ones.

Turkey favors.

Turkey favors.

4. Turkey Favors

Dress up your Thanksgiving table with these cute little turkeys holding favors or as place cards. Find out how easy these turkey favors are to make by going to Diy Inspired for the instructions.

Napkin rings.

Napkin rings.

5. Napkin Rings

The tutorial for making these extremely attractive napkin rings is found at the Mod Podge Rocks! site.

Black Halloween candles.

Black Halloween candles.

6. Black Halloween Candles

I love these black Halloween candles and see that they are very easy to make. Follow the instructions at House of Dewberry. This a great idea if you need decorations for a Halloween party or to decorate the classroom.

Birdhouse ornaments.

Birdhouse ornaments.

7. Birdhouse Ornaments

Imagine how these birdhouse ornaments could be made to use for different occasions or holidays. Just add a bit of cotton or fake snow to make them for Christmas, paint them grey, purple, black and orange, add a bit of spider web and use them at Halloween. Pastel-colored ones would be cute for a bridal or baby shower. The possibilities are endless. Find the tutorial for making these birdhouse ornaments at Croissant and Lavender.



8. Olaf

Who doesn't love Olaf? This character from the Frozen movie is popular with lots of kids. Make your own little Olaf by following the directions at Crafts by Amanda.

Napkin rings.

Napkin rings.

9. Napkin Rings

These beautiful, useful napkin rings can be found here at the Rustic Crafts & Chic Decor site.

Grouchy ladybug.

Grouchy ladybug.

10. Grouchy Ladybug

Go to Tippy Toe Crafts for the directions for this grouchy ladybug.



11. Octopus

Look at this cute little paper tube octopus project. Find the instructions at Kids Activities Blog.

Glitter mirror.

Glitter mirror.

12. Glitter Mirror

You’d never believe, without seeing for yourself, that a plain round mirror could be made into something so beautiful using cardboard rolls. See this terrific project and the directions for making this mirror at Meijo’s Joy.



13. Cats

These are soo cute. I know I'll be making some like it come Halloween. The directions can be found at Easy Peasy and Fun.


14. String Lights

Although this project is written in a foreign language, the pictures pretty much tell you how this is done. Go to Kifli es Levendula. It appears to me that a slit is cut in the sides of the tubes to fit down over the string lights.


15. Modern Owls

The modern look of these outstanding owls makes them suitable for any décor. The directions for the owls can be found at Creative Jewish Mom.


16. Desk Organizer

Find the directions for this beautiful and useful desk organizer at ModPodge Rocks.


17. Mini City

Make a mini city for your little matchbook cars. Find the instructions at Today’s Parent.


18. Confetti Poppers

Find the directions for making these fun confetti poppers at The Mad House.


19. Cutout Wall Art

A project like this appears to be more intricate than most and probably is more of an adult project. Go to Inhabitant for the directions.


20. Amazing Kaleidoscope

This is a perfect project for a classroom or a group of Boy or Girl Scouts. You'll have to make one to see how really amazing the sight that you see when you turn the kaleidoscope when looking toward a light or a window. Get the directions at Kids & Glitter

21. Make Owls From Paper Rolls

Everyone loves owls! Who could resist this easy video tutorial?


22. Faux Metal Wall Art

No one will ever guess that these metal looking wall plaques are actually paper rolls. Find out how to make this terrific project by going to Suzy's Sitcom for the instructions.


23. Thanksgiving Pilgrims and Indian

Aren't these just the cutest Thanksgiving pilgrims and Indian? Very easy to make with the directions found at LDS Activity Day Ideas.


24. Paper Roll Flowers

Make beautiful flowers with the little kids following the directions at It's a Wild Life.


25. Tree Ornaments

Would you have guessed that these ornaments started out as tp rolls? There are so many ways to decorate these to make them appropriate for your tree decorations. Go to Creative Kismet for the directions.


26. Valentine Love Bugs

Make Valentine love bugs for all your friends and family this Valentine's Day.


27. Anytime Wreath

This wreath is beautiful as it is, but just imagine it spray painted gold or black. For the directions go to Creative Jewish Mom.


28. Roll Snowman

Make a few of these to set around your Xmas village. The kids will love to help you make them. For the directions, go to


29. Owl Family

Who wouldn't want this cute little family in their home? The possibilities are endless with prints and colors to match the décor in any room. The place to find the directions is, the Frugal Family Fun Blog.


30. Firecrackers

Find the instructions for making these cool firecrackers at Crafting a Green World.


31. TP Roll Flowers

You'd never guess these flowers were made from toilet tissue rolls, they are so beautiful. If you'd like to make some for your own home, go to Craft for the directions.


32. Butterflies

Help your little ones make beautiful butterflies by following the tutorial at The Best Ideas for Kids.


33. Christmas Trees

The little kids will love making these cute little Christmas trees. Find the instructions at Reading Confetti.


34. Hanging Lamp

Who would believe that a beautiful hanging light could be made with toilet paper rolls. Go to Instructables for the instructions.


35. Seven Dwarfs

Kids will love making these Disney characters. Maybe watch the movie first and then make these dwarfs. Find the directions on the DIY Party Mom site.


36. Black Cat

Add this little black cat to your Halloween projects for the kids. This quick and easy craft can be found at Crafty Morning.


37. Reindeer Ornaments

To make these super easy reindeer ornaments, go to the Happy Hooligans site for the instructions.


38. Washi Tape Napkin Rings

It's simple and easy to make these napkin rings decorated using Washi tape. Also inexpensive.


39. Choo Choo Train

This is really a fun craft to make. Kids will love playing with the choo choo train after constructing it using tp rolls.


40. Bird of a Feather

Make a flock of these feathered birds and hang them from the ceiling to get the feel of an early Spring. Go to for the directions.


41. Koinobori Japanese Flying Carp

In Japan a special day is celebrated, boys day. That day replicas of flying carp are displayed on a home, a carp for each boy in the family. To me, this looks like a fun art project to do at home or in a classroom. For the instructions on making koinobori flying carp, go to Squirrelly Minds.


42. Stampers

This is a great activity for the very littlest artists. The stampers are easily made using toilet tissue rolls, as you'll see by going to Mama. Papa. Bubba. for the instructions.


43. Ghosts and Pumpkin Wreath

You'll be surprised at how this Halloween wreath is put together. It's easy, it's cute and it's from DLTK. Go there for the directions.


44. Little Monsters

You'll get all sorts of unique little monsters when you have the kids painting these. You'll find the instructions for this project at Alias Burke.


45. Beaded Butterflies

CRAFTS BY Amanda has the instructions for making these cute butterflies using cardboard tubes and beads.

46. Toilet Tissue TubeBook Tutorial

Have leftover toilet tissue rolls? Follow this easy video tutorial for this simple cute craft.


47. Celebrate Spring Trees

I think these little tree are just too cute. I'm sure a mom or a teacher will be able to think up cute ways to use these spring trees in their home or at school. The directions for making these Spring trees can be found at Krokotak.


48. Art Caddy

How useful this art caddy would be in a craft room. Keep all your art supplies at your fingertips by making and using this art caddy that has instructions for making it at Instructables. This would make a nice gift to give to Mom for Mother's Day.


49. Jumping Jack Bugs

There is a great lesson to learn about what makes things move in this project. Help the kids make these jumping jack bugs by following the directions at Handmade Charlotte. This is a great project for the classroom or a scout activity.


50. Seed Starters

If you like to start your garden seeds early, make some of these seed starters to plant them in. You'll find the instructions for making these seed starters at Goods Home Design.


51. Tea Cups

You'll find that this site, Krokotak, is written in a foreign language, but the pictured tutorial makes it very easy to understand the instructions. This will be a fun activity for little girls while they plan a tea party.


52. Holiday Wreath

This is such a great idea and I think it could be made for anytime by changing the colors and greenery. Go to Create Serendipity for the instructions.


53. Princess Party Crown

This could be an activity for the little girls to do at their party. Making princess crowns and then wearing them. Such fun.


54. Paper Roll Puppy

Isn't this little fellow cute? You can find the directions for how to make him at Childmade. I think this puppy could be made to look like a bunny by making the ears a little more pointed, giving him a pink nose and a round tail. Nice project.


55. Birch Napkin Rings

Imagine making napkin rings with the modern look of birch using paper rolls. Find the instructions for this project at Homework. An outstanding, easy to do craft.


56. Valentine Animals

You'll find the instructions and patterns for the heads and legs to make these animals at ZiggityZoom. Make these as Valentine decorations, or change the hearts to little rectangles and add a name or a message.

© 2012 Loraine Brummer

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