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58 Cute Turkey Craft Ideas

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.


I love making Thanksgiving turkey crafts when fall comes around. These seasonal crafts are perfect for every age group, offering fun projects for both kids and adults. You'll find ideas here for turkey crafts made with all sort of different materials, including clay, paper, wood, fabric, and more.

I did some research and found a number of really nice projects. All of these crafts have images corresponding to easy-to-follow instructions.

To make the cute pumpkin turkey shown above, visit the website Growing Up Bilingual.

Let's get started!


1. Handprint Turkey Hat

This looks like such a fun Thanksgiving project to do with the kids. You'll find the tutorial for making the handprint turkey hat at Crafty Morning.


2. Turkey Wobbler

Cute! Cute! Cute! That's all I can say about this little turkey wobbler. Go to FaveCrafts for the instructions. Decorate the kitchen with this cute turkey, or use it as a table centerpiece to achieve a holiday feel.


3. Turkey Pin

This easy-to-make pin is a nice way to add a bit of Thanksgiving to your outfit. You could make turkey pins for your coworkers as a simple gift to let them know you are thankful for friendship. Find the tutorial for making this pin at the Angela Anderson website.


4. Hair Clip or Napkin Holder Turkey

The tutorial for this project can be found at Rae Gun Ramblings. The methods suggested on the site are for hair clips and napkin holders, but I can imagine this turkey as a lapel pin, gift package adornment, or centerpiece in a wreath.


5. Felt Leaf Turkey Wreath

Visit the Everyday Dishes site for the tutorial on how to make this felt leaf wreath. This craft could be a very nice and colorful addition to your Thanksgiving decorations.

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6. Paper Loop Turkey

This is a super easy turkey craft for the kids to make. Find the instructions at Free Kids Crafts and watch how much fun they have making this craft. It is a great Thanksgiving art project for the kids to take home to mom and dad.


7. Wood Block Turkey

This cute two by four block of wood turkey will be a treasured Thanksgiving decoration for years to come. It could also make a great gift. Go to Ucreate for the instructions. This idea could be changed to a kid's project by using cardboard or small empty boxes instead of wood.


8. Paper Twist Turkey

You'll smile when you see this little turkey with his, "Got Pie?" message. This is definitely a Thanksgiving project that will put you in the mood to celebrate with food. Find the instructions for this project at Little Miss Celebration.


9. Turkey Place Mats

Your Thanksgiving guests will be dazzled by your table settings with the addition of these place mats. You'll find the tutorial for making these at Daisy Mae Belle.


10. Turkey Treat Bag

In small amount of time, you can make lots of these treat bags. Use them as thank you gifts or favors at the Thanksgiving table. Find the instructions for making these cute turkey bags at Clean & Scentsible.


11. I'm Not a Turkey

Help a turkey disguise itself this Thanksgiving season. You'll be surprised what the kids will come up with for this project. For the downloadable template and the instructions, visit Kids & Glitter.


12. Kid's Thankful Turkey Book

When the kids are making their thankful turkey book they are learning about gratefulness.


13. Tissue Turkey

The little kids will love glueing pieces of tissue paper to this turkey's tail to give it lots of color. The instructions for this project for little kids can be found at Crayon Box Chronicles.


14. Thanksgiving Spoon Turkey

This craft is simple and great for the kids. Find the instructions at Live Outside the Box.


15. Polymer Clay Turkey

This craft looks a bit more involved than it is. The directions can be found at Crafts For All Seasons.


16. Handprint Turkey

This little turkey could probably be made using gardening gloves. You'll find all the directions for this craft at Bella Dia.

17. How To Make a Colorful Turkey


18. Flower Turkeys

You'll find so many uses for these cute flower turkeys. The tutorial can be found at Our Best Bites.These can be used as pins, hair accessories, and more. Let your imagination run free.


19. Gratitude Turkey

Thanksgiving and gratitude go together. This is a great project to help kids think about all the things they have to be thankful for. You can find the instructions for this project at Happiness is Homemade.


20. Coffee Filter Turkey

Look at the cute legs on this coffee filter turkey! I love everything about it, from its colorful autumn body to its wide spread of feathers. Find the instructions for this art project at A Faithful Attempt.


21. Mason Jar Turkey

Not only is this mason jar turkey as cute as a button, it's also useful. Use this turkey as a favor holder for each place setting at the Thanksgiving table. The directions for making these little turkeys can be found at About Family Crafts.


22. Clear Cup Turkeys

Help the kids remember which glass is theirs. Find out how to make these little turkeys at Diva of DIY.


23. Turkey Plant Poke

This is a very attractive plant poke. Dress up your plants for Thanksgiving by checking out the directions for this craft at Craftideas.


24. Pumpkin Turkey

This cute little turkey is made using a small pumpkin. To make one like it, go to Growing Up Bilingual.


25. Clay Pot Turkey

Make a family of these clay pot turkeys using different sized clay pots. Go to Dot Com Women for the instructions. This project would be great to do with kids, or even the seniors who enjoy crafting.


26. Turkey Brooch

Learn how to make a turkey brooch by going to the Artists Helping Children website. You could make these little brooches as a party favor for each of your guests to take home.


27. TP Roll Turkeys

Make these for your loved ones by going to DIY Inspired for the instructions.


28. Little Hoop Turkey

Look how easy and cute this project is. You'll find the directions at Gwenny Penny. When you're short on time (who isn't during the holidays?) and would like a holiday look, this is a great last minute decoration.


29. Turkey Place Card Holders

Make these easy turkey place card holders for your Thanksgiving table this year.


30. Toe Sock Turkeys

These are just too cute for words. I'll have to find some toe socks so I can make them. You'll find the directions for this craft at Unsolicited Advice.


31. Turkey Tins

These are very cute and easy-to-make turkey tins. Find the directions for this project at Burton Avenue.


32. Baby Food Jar Turkey

Make turkey treat jars for a Thanksgiving celebration. You can use baby food jars or other small jars for this project. Find the patterns for this project, called "Turkey Treat Jar," and other Thanksgiving ideas in the Thanksgiving projects gallery at Kids & Glitter.


33. Grand Gobbler

This is a terrific Thanksgiving decoration to make and use for many years to come. Go to Sewing for the pattern and instructions.


34. Turkey Tulle Wreath

This is a super easy craft to make. Make a turkey tulle wreath and decorate your door for Thanksgiving.


35. Cereal Box Turkeys

These attractive turkeys are made using cereal boxes. Find the directions at Blissfully Domestic.


36. Turkey Tee

This is a great tutorial for making a turkey T-shirt. Go to The Cottage Mama to find out how to do this project.


37. Turkey Favor

You can make cute Thanksgiving favors using scrapbook paper by following the directions at Pink Paper Peppermints. This is a nice craft to do with the kids.


38. Folk Art Turkey

I love the folksy look of this paper mache turkey. Find the tutorial at Nikitaland. Try this project with the kids.


39. Cardboard Turkey

Sometimes you want a simple turkey for a particular spot in the house. This turkey can easily serve that role. Go to Made by Joel for the tutorial.


40. Glove to Turkey

Crafts by Amanda has so many outstanding crafts for any and all occasions. This turkey is made using a glove and is a great example of the crafts you'll find there.


41. Football Turkey

I love the sporty look of this cute turkey. Go to Crafty Morning to find the instructions.


42. Origami Paper Turkey

This is a very easy to make project for the kids. For the directions, go to Craft Ideas For All.

43. Pine Cone Turkey for Thanksgiving


44. Wine Cork Turkey

Aren't these little fellows cute? Wine corks and cupcake liners make this a perfect preschool project. Go to Pickle Planet for the instructions.


45. Salt Clay Turkey

Take good care of this turkey so you can use it for many Thanksgivings to come. You'll find the step-by-step instructions at The Art Annex.


46. Tom, the Pom Pom Turkey Wreath

This cute wreath will be as much fun to make as it will be to display. Go to Craftaholics Anonymous for the tutorial.


47. Turkey Name Cards

Dress up your Thanksgiving table with these cute turkey name cards. Find the tutorial at The Happy Scraps.


48. Turkey Treat Holders.

These little turkey treat holders will be a welcome table decoration and a great Thanksgiving snack holder.


49. Golf Ball and Tees Turkey

Do you have a golf lover in the family? Show them some love by making this golf ball and tees turkey. You'll find the directions for this craft at Craft Klatch.


50. Turkey Leaf Lantern

The kids will love this project. Find the instructions at the Rhythms of Play website.


51. Turkey Ring

Find the tutorial for this cute and easy turkey ring at I Heart Crafty Things.


52. Wood Slice Turkey

This wood slice turkey is decorated with Washi tape feathers. So cute, you'll want to make many of these little turkeys.


53. Jar Lid Turkey

This is another great Thanksgiving project to make with a group, whether it be a classroom or a senior event. It is simple and very cute. Find the tutorial for this craft at About Family Crafts.


54. Turkey Noisemaker

This craft is made up of a cute paper cup and bright feathers. This simple project can be found on the Craftsanity website.


55. Turkey Lollipops

Aren't these little burlap turkeys just the cutest things you ever saw? You can use them for favors on your Thanksgiving table and more. The directions can be found at Yesterday on Tuesday.


56. Thankful Turkey Box

An empty tissue box is the body of this thankful turkey box. It can be easily made with items found in the house. The instructions for this craft can be found at I Heart Crafty Things.


57. Turkey Pop-up Card

Teachers, if you are looking for a cute Thanksgiving project for your class, this turkey pop-up card is just the thing.


58. Pom Pom and Foam Turkey

Pom poms and colored foam are the two main supplies used to make this cute turkey. The tutorial for this Thanksgiving project can be found at Little Miss Kate & Co.

© 2012 Loraine Brummer

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Yanglish on November 23, 2016:

Stunning ideas. Have a joyous Thanksgiving!

Cosy fire a burning bright,—

Cosy tables robed in white,—

Dainty dishes smoking hot,—

Home! And cold and snow forgot!

Erin Hardison from Memphis, TN on November 22, 2012:

We like to make pinecone turkeys with colorful feathers in their tail. About to make some paper plate turkeys this afternoon too. Great ideas for crafts!

Ashly Rain on November 21, 2012:

Some really cool and elaborate ideas here. Nice lens.

Torrs13 on November 10, 2012:

The Turkey Wobbler is super cute! Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

Rosyel Sawali from Manila Philippines on November 10, 2012:

Wow! I think you caught all the turkeys this Thanksgiving! LOL ^_^ Very nice crafts!

Mary Stephenson from California on November 09, 2012:

What a lot of super ideas! They made me smile. Might have to try some, but unfortunately not this year. Love the lens.

JoshK47 on November 09, 2012:

So much cuteness! Thanks for sharing!