How to Press and Frame Flowers

Pressing flowers is a bit old-fashioned, but it can be a fun and simple way to make a personal gift or recycle flowers that are overgrown or dying. Learn how to create your own framed pressed flower as a gift or a way to bring the outdoors inside.


DIY Log Snowman Tutorial

Here's a rustic snowman you are going to enjoy creating. No worries about any holiday meltdowns. What's not to love about that? A country style log snowman is the perfect winter and holiday decor for your home, cabin, or cottage. Why not...


56 Rustic Twig Craft Ideas

Looking for beautiful, rustic nature crafts projects? Try these twig branch arts and crafts for kids and adults. These crafts made from twigs include wreaths, garlands, stars, a coat rack, reindeer, and more.


How to Make Scented Pine Cones

This is a simple and easy tutorial on how to make cinnamon and clove scented pine cones for the holidays. I was very excited to do this because I know that pine cones are always popular around this time of year and the sweet, spicy smell lingering in the air is sure to add to the joyful atmosphere that comes with the holidays.


How to Weave Baskets From Pine Needles

In traditional basketry of the Salish First Nations people, weavers made beautiful, useful baskets from natural materials like pine needles, cedar root, sweetgrass, cherry bark, carved bone pieces, and shells. Learn the simple method here with pictures to weave your own Secwepemc style of basket from pine needles.


Make Your Own Instrument - Pan Pipes

Pan pipes are instruments that date far back into history, even figuring into the mythological story of Pan. The pipe is often used in folk music, providing a harmonica-like flute sound. The traditional panpipe has about ten pipes, but it will be...