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52 Outstanding Handmade Valentine Gift Ideas

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.


The very best Valentine's Day gift is one that is handmade. Everyone appreciates the time and care that goes into making a special, unique gift that expresses their love.

Boyfriends and girlfriends are often surprised, and delighted, to see that their "significant other" has created a personal gift especially for them. Children are great at making gifts to give to Mom and Dad, gifts that become family heirlooms.

The only Valentine craft ideas that I include in this article are those that share pictures and tutorials for the craft. I think the variety of Valentine crafts is outstanding and that you are sure to find some that you'll want to make.

To make the special anniversary Valentine gift shown above, visit creme de la craft for the instructions.


1. Triple Heart Valentine Wreath

You'll be proud to display this beautiful wreath on your front door to celebrate Valentine's Day. Find the tutorial for making this wreath at A Little of This, A Little of That. This wreath is made using felt circles. I wonder how tissue paper or netting would work.


2. Valentine Day Countdown

It's always fun to have a way to count down the days til a special occasion. This chocolate kiss countdown is perfect for kids or adults. The instructions for making this item is found at eighteen25.


3. Drop Heart Frame

This is not only a great Valentine gift, it is also a beautiful wall decoration for a master bedroom. You'll find the tutorial for making this drop heart frame that can be displayed on the wall or on the mantel, go to the A NIGHT OWL site. You'll have to scroll down on the page to find this project.


4. Countdown Tins

This is for anyone who likes to use countdowns for special dates. This tutorial by MAKOODLE is a fun way to count the days til Valentine's Day.


5. Valentine Wreath

Use an inexpensive wreath form, burlap, tulle and scraps of fabric to make this outstanding Valentine wreath. Find the supplies list at SO CRAFTALICIOUS and make this beautiful wreath for someone you love.


6. Heart Mobile

Imagine how much fun the kids will have making this heart mobile. And how proud they will be for you to display it. Find the instructions for making the heart mobile at learn create love.


7. Valentine Tree

I love this little Valentine tree and can imagine using it in a number of ways. Maybe I'd better make more than one. The easy to understand instructions for making this Valentine tree are found at Clever Housewife.


8. Heart Ornaments

Oh so pretty! Who wouldn't love to receive a heart ornament like this? The tutorial is found at Remodelando la Casa. Consider using potpourri or scented oil in the stuffing, so the hearts can be used as sachets for the closet or car.


9. Doily Valentine Treat Bag

Although these are perfect for Valentine's Day, imagine using them for favors at a bridal shower or wedding. Follow the tutorial at Frugal Mama to make these doily heart containers.


10. Beaded Heart Jewelry

Kids can make beaded jewelry inexpensively by using pony beads. Adults and older teens can use elegant and more expensive beads to make their gifts. Follow the instructions that you'll find at tater tots and jello to make the beaded heart jewelry shown.


11. Confetti Heart Mugs

Simple but beautiful confetti heart decorated mugs will be loved by anyone you gift them to. The tutorial for making these mugs is found at today’s creative Blog.


12. Whooooo Loves You Valentine Treat Boxes

If you've already put your little Christmas tree away, consider spray painting a small branch to hang your owl treat boxes from. Fill the treat boxes with candies or notes to your loved one. Find the tutorial for making these owl treat boxes at Clean & Scentsible.


13. LOVE Wooden Letters

With so many scrapbook papers to choose from, you can make your LOVE letters perfectly suited to where ever you want to display them. The letters wouldn't have to be covered with Valentine themed paper for them to be suitable for Valentine's Day. Find the instructions for this cute crate at Craftster.


14. Printable Valentine Candy Boxes

These printable treat boxes come with four different designs. Nothing could be easier than printing these boxes on cardstock or photo paper. You'll find these printable Valentine candy boxes at favecrafts. So easy and super cute.


15. Puffy Hearts

Imagine all the ways that you could use these paper puffy hearts. Find the tutorial at Craftideas.info. These hearts would make great decorations for a bridal shower or for extra wedding decor.

16. 52 Reasons I Love You


17. Friendship Bracelet Valentine

Young teen girls will especially enjoy making and giving friendship bracelets, for Valentine gifts, for classmates. The tutorial for making these friendship bracelets can be found on the Design Mom website.


18. Valentine Garden Flag

Decorate your walkway with a cute burlap Valentine garden flag like this one. You'll find the tutorial for making this garden flag at the V spot. Or, make a wall hanging using this idea. Very versatile.


19. Pom Pom Love Bugs

Imagine the fun a classroom of kids would have making these pom pom love bugs to give to their Mom and Dad. Or, help them make the love bugs to give to their school friends. You'll find the instructions for making these little love bugs at Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas.


20. Valentine Arrows Wall Art

This arrows wall art is definitely an example of decor that spans more than one season or holiday.


21. Paper Bag Valentine Book

Think of all the ways that you can use this paper bag book for a Valentine gift. Add little keepsakes of activities that you've shared, like movie stubs, to make this a very personal gift. Find the tutorial for making this paper bag book at Rosy Posy.


22. Monster Push Pops

Boys, especially, will love making and giving these monster push pops to their friends and classmates. You'll find the tutorial for making monster push pops at Repeat crafter Me.


23. Valentine Book Mark

This is a super easy item that you can make to add to a special book gift given on Valentine's day. The directions for making this heart book mark can be found at Martha Stewart.


24. Heartbreaker Valentines

Your Valentine will have to break your heart to get at the candies inside the heart. This very cute Valentine gift idea is found on the Made Everyday site. If you are making these hearts to give to an older child or an adult, sew around the hearts.

25. Valentine's Day Candles


26. Valentine Pencils

Whether you are making these pencils for classmates or for your teachers, you know you'll get lots of compliments. Go to simply J studio for the tutorial for making these Valentine pencils.


27. Valentine Treat Bag Toppers

These treat bags would be a perfect gift for teachers to give to their students or for someone to give to their office mates. You'll find this and more printable toppers when you go to MAKOODLE for the directions to make the bag toppers.


28. L-O-V-E Letter Blocks

Although I think this is a great gift to give to a loved one for Valentine's day, I also can imagine these blocks used as decorations for a bridal shower or a wedding reception. Find the tutorial for making these letter and photo blocks at Stories by me.


29. TP Roll Valentine Owls

These are some really cute and colorful owls that I would love to hang in my home. Crafty in Crosby has the tutorial for making these Valentine owls. Imagine what a good time you'll have making these with the kids.


30. You've Got Mail

Valentine love notes don't have to be given only on Valentine's day. Consider making this little fabric envelope to send messages and little gifts all year round.


31. Mason Jar Votives

Beautiful sparkly mason jar votives are a perfect gift or decoration for Valentine's day.


32. Clothespin Love Arrows

You'll absolutely love making these love arrows, so easy and super cute. Find the tutorial for making these clothespin love arrows at igottacreate! You are only limited by your imagination for finding uses for these love arrows.


33. Heart Bath Bombs

A fun and appreciated gift for Valentine's day would be homemade heart bath bombs like the ones shown above.


34. Love Note Pillows

You'll have no problems making love note pillows if you follow the tutorial at Days of Chalk and Chocolate. You'll have a very happy Valentine if you gift him or her with a love note pillow like the one shown.


35. Little Love Bird

What is better than a love bird? Two love birds, of course. You'll easily make your love birds if you follow the tutorial that you'll find at happy hour projects. This is really a cute project.


36. Explosion Box

What starts out as a hexagon box, opens up to reveal photos, sayings and messages to your Love. Find the box templates and the instructions for making this hexagon explosion box at CRAFTS-FOR-ALL-SEASONS.


37. Paper Heart Wreath

Make this extra easy wreath using papers you've printed or scrapbooking paper. The instructions for making this simple wreath is found at hello Wonderful. Maybe use folded calendar page strips for an inexpensive wreath to make in the classroom.


38. Valentine Bingo Game

Valentine Day Bingo is just the game you'll need for the classroom Valentine party or for the party you are planning at home. You'll find the download for this game at SIMPLY FRESH DESIGNS.

39. Cute Valentine's Day Crafts


40. Lighted Valentine Garland

This beautiful lighted raffia garland includes tinfoil and red tissue hearts. Very easy to make and so very beautiful lit. Go to How to Make a Lighted Raffia Valentine Garland for the tutorial.


41. Valentine Throw Pillow

Beautiful! Making this throw pillow for your loved one will give you so much satisfaction. Find the tutorial for making this Valentine throw pillow at Design Love Fest.


42. Valentine Bunting Banner

Making decorations for a Valentine party will be made easy by following the banner tutorial found on the Sweetie Pie Bakery site. Use the words used on the site, or make up your own banner phrases.


43. Hearts Table Runner

This hearts table runner is super easy and quick to make. Make sure to check this project out.


44. Valentine Treat Bags

Washi tape makes these Valentine treat bags extra special. Fill your treat bag with trail mix or cookies for your friends or neighbors this Valentine's Day. Find the instructions for making these treat bags at Mama Miss.


45. Yarn Wrapped Love Letters

There really is a "right" way to wrap letters with yarn. You'll find out what this "right" way is by following the tutorial found at my sister’s SUITCASE.


46. Circle of Friends Wreath

Make a circle of friends wreath featuring your friends, and then make one featuring family members. This cute and appropriate Valentine craft has a tutorial on the No Time for Flash Cards site.


47. Framed Love Sign

Find out how to make this LOVE sign as a great Valentine's Day gift for someone special. Go to DIY Inspired for the information.


48. Borax Crystals Hearts

I've always found this to be an interesting craft, using borax to make crystals. You can make a beautiful crystal heart garland like the one shown above by following the tutorial given at club chica circle.


49. Valentine Drop Necklace

Isn't this a beautiful necklace? You'll find out how to make a drop necklace like this by visiting the tatertots & jello site and following the directions given.


50. Valentine's Day Bracelets

Fun foam, ribbons and embellishments are all you need to make these fun to make bracelets. Check out the easy to understand tutorial at Mom On TIMEOUT for the instructions.


51. LOVE Towel

This could be a kitchen towel, a golf towel or a bowling towel, and it would be appreciated. Make LOVE towels as gifts by following the instructions at the seasoned homemaker.


52. I Love You Picture

Taking the time to make, rather than purchase, a Valentine's day gift gives the gift a special meaning. This tile lettered I Love You picture fits the bill.

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