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74 Awesome Crafts for Teenage Girls

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.


Have a Fun Girl's Day With DIY Projects!

If you want to upcycle old items into fun projects that fit in with your current interests, revamp a few pairs of shoes, or get inspired with jewelry ideas, I think you'll enjoy the craft ideas I'll be sharing with you below! Invite your friends over for an outstanding afternoon of DIY projects that are sure to last. Let's get started!

Make bobby pin earrings, like those shown above, to match any or all of your outfits.


1. Marquee Lights

See your name in lights! This marquee craft takes about three hours to complete, but it costs less than ten dollars to make. You'll create the letter patterns on your computer. Find the instructions at We Lived Happily Everafter.


2. Instagram Photo Cube

I know nothing about Instagram, but I know you teen girls understand what it's all about. I've included this photo cube here in case it's something you might like.


3. Marquee Letters

You can see that I can't get enough of these marquee lights! Imagine this DIY hanging in your dorm room at college or on your bedroom wall at home. The tutorial, with step-by-step photos, is found at Love Grows Wild. According to Liz, the author, it is an easy project that only takes a few hours—including paint drying time.


4. T-shirt Pillow

Girls, you can create your own cute t-shirt pillow. It's a fun and easy project to do. If you don't sew consider using fabric glue to make your pillow.


5. Zipper Bracelet

Some of these projects are just amazing. I think this is one of them because it's hard to believe that the bracelet is made with a zipper!


6. DIY Tank Top

Before you know it, the weather will start warming up and you'll be ready to update your wardrobe. Re-design a tee shirt or two into cool tank tops.

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7. Pretty Pens

You'll love finding your own pens because they'll be the only "pretty" ones around. Make these super easy but gorgeous pens to give as gifts to friends, teachers, parents, or anyone for that matter! Everyone will wonder how you did it and appreciate the upgrade you made to the ordinary pen.


8. Fashion Sunglasses

Add color to any outfit with fashion sunglasses you can easily make. Buy inexpensive black framed sunglasses and Washi tape at the dollar store and create.


9. Studded Wrap Bracelet

When you start making these studded wrap bracelets, I think you'll want to add studs to your leather purse, belts, shoes, or anything else you can get your hands on. This project is a very attractive way to decorate plain leather.


10. iPad Stand

Not only can you make one of these iPad stands for yourself, you can also make one for everyone on your gift list. Corner Window Crafts shares how to make this outstanding and useful craft.


11. Laced Denim Shorts

My granddaughter came home from Indianapolis with a pair of denim shorts that she had trimmed with lace insets. They were so nice that when I saw the tutorial by BARE magazine, I had to share it.


12. Glitter Ombre Sneakers

This glittered sneaker project is a whole lot easier than it looks. Make these beauties to add a bedazzled touch to your outfit!