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61 Fun and Fabulous Mexican Crafts for Kids and Adults

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.


Cinco de Mayo is celebrated on May 5th and is most popular with people of Mexican heritage who live in the southern and western states of the United States, and in some areas of Mexico. It is a celebration of Mexican culture and its customs, foods, music and beverages.

Although I'm not of Mexican heritage, I love the bright colors and music associated with Cinco de Mayo celebrations. I believe all children will love learning about and making Mexican crafts.

I really didn't know what sort of crafts I'd find in a search for Cinco de Mayo crafts, but I'm really impressed with the ones that I found. I have included a picture and the site name of each craft. By clicking on the site name, you'll be taken directly to the instructions.

To make the huge, beautiful crepe paper flowers shown above, go to Honestly for the directions.


1. Mexican Pottery

I know nothing about pottery painting and firing in a kiln, but this Mexican pottery is so very beautiful that I thought it should be included for the crafters that do know about such stuff. You'll find the information that you need for painting pottery at I LOVE TO CREATE.COM.


2. Rhinestone Skull

You'll find the tutorial and tips for making your own rhinestone skull at the Mad In Crafts site. This is a really outstanding project.


3. Egg Maracas

The kids will have a blast playing with maracas that they've made themselves. The directions for making these easter egg and plastic spoon maracas is found at dana made it.


4. Paisley Chickens

I don't actually know if this is Mexican art, but the beautiful bright colors certainly give them the "look". The instructions for making these beauties, made using .gourds, are found at Suzy’s Sitcom

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5. Floral Headband

Make a Frida Kahlo inspired floral headband by going to the my poppet Makes site, for the instructions.


6. Paper Fan Garland

I love the looks of this colorful tissue paper fan garland! Not only is it perfect for decorating for Cinco de Mayo, it is also very appropriate for wedding, baby and party decorations. Find the tutorial for making this fan garland at THE HOUSE THAT LARS BUILT .


7. Stone Cactus

Imagine making a cactus from a flat stone. I know, I would never have come up with that idea, but it's a great one. The tutorial for making rock cacti is found at the WHOOT.


8. Pinata Napkin Rings

Dress up your party table with beautiful napkin rings like these pinata ones. Find the instructions for making them at Hey There Home.


9. Paper Cup Maracas and Sombrero

Both of these crafts, the paper cup maracas and the paper cup sombrero, are found together when you visit the red*rook site to find the tutorial. These could also be used as party favors, or glue them on a skewer and add them to a bouquet of flowers for a centerpiece.


10. Fiesta Skirts

When you visit the Made Everyday site you'll see a bunch of finished fiesta skirts, so you'll get lots of ideas on how to style them. A very easy and fun project.

11. Make Sugar Skull Sachets


12. Cardboard Birds

I can't wait to make these cardboard birds with my granddaughters. I love projects that you can really customize to make it your own. Check out the directions at KROKOTAK and make some big birds.


13. Pinata Party Wreath

When I first noticed this wreath I thought the fringes were made using tissue paper, but when I looked closer, I see that they are made using felt pieces. Making a pinata party wreath like this one will be easy by following the tutorial found at WHITE HOUSE BLACK SHUTTERS .


14. Worry Dolls

Muñeca Quitapenas are dolls that remove worries. Worry dolls help ease the child’s worries or can be used to make wishes. The doll is told the worry, then placed under the child’s pillow. The doll does the worrying while the child sleeps Make a worry doll for someone you love by going to creativity in motion for the tutorial.


15. Cactus Banner

This easy to make pinata looking cactus banner is a Aspen Jay project. Find the tutorial there also.


16. Mexican Pinch Pot

I would love to make these beautiful pinch pots with a group of school children. They always enjoy using bright colors and dreaming up ways to decorate a piece of art. If you would like to make a Mexican pinch pot like this one, go to firstpalette for the tutorial.


17. Paper Plate Tambourine

Looks like this would be as much fun to make as it will be to play. The directions for making the tambourine is found at Kix.


18. Day of the Dead Planters

These are so cool. Find the tutorial for making these planters at Creative Kismet .


19. Sombrero Art Project

If you are searching for a nice classroom art project that all the elementary grades could do, I think this sombrero art project is perfect. Go to DEEP SPACE SPARKLE for the instructions for making this art project.

20. Mexican Folk Art Bird


21. Nicho Box

Super easy project to do with the kids. Find the directions at Kitchen Table Classroom.

22. Make Mexican Tin Folk Art


23. Mexican Tooling Art

This is an exceptional classroom project, and it can be used so beautifully in decorating for Cinco de Mayo. Find the instructions for making this Mexican tooling art at Kinder ART .


24. Yarn Art

Making Cinco de Mayo Huichol yarn pictures is a nice classroom art project. You'll find the instructions for this project at . Beautiful and educational.


25. Paper Plate Maracas

I particularly like this paper plate maracas project because even the littlest kids can help, or make, them. Consider this for a classroom project for K-3 grades. Find the instructions for making the paper plate maracas at scattered thoughts of a CRAFTY MOM.

26. Decorating for Cinco de Mayo


27. Clay Vessels

I'm going to do this with my grandkids this summer, I think they are so cool. I can imagine the kids would love giving them as gifts to mom or dad too. Find the directions for making these clay pinch pots at Laugh, Paint, Create.