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50 Amazing Snowman Craft Ideas

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.

You can make this and other fun snowman crafts by visiting the websites below!

You can make this and other fun snowman crafts by visiting the websites below!

Decorate Your Home for Winter With These Fun Snowman Crafts

Making snowman crafts is one of the best ways to prepare for winter decorating and gift-giving. I believe these snowmen crafts are so popular because they have such a long display period: Start displaying your snowmen right after Halloween and leave them up until the end of January!

Crafty Morning shares how to make the beautiful snowman wineglass decoration above.


1. Olaf Finger Puppet

Imagine how the kids will love reading an Olaf story or watching the Disney movie, Frozen, with their own little Olaf finger puppet!


2. Olaf Sock Snowman

Isn't this sock version of Olaf cute? I imagine you could make a whole family of snowmen by using different-sized socks. Infant socks for tiny ones and larger sizes for bigger snowmen.


3. PVC Candle Cover

You know how we have these electric (or battery-operated) candles at Christmas time? Usually, we'd set them in a window or on the mantel, but they aren't as unique as they could be. Little Miss Celebration comes to the rescue with an attractive snowman cover you can create for the candles!


4. Clothespin Snowmen

This is a great Christmas preparation activity to do with the kids. The clothespin snowmen are simple to make, and a bonus is that the supplies are inexpensive.


5. Salt Dough Snowmen

Salt dough is a great inexpensive clay to use for making snowmen, especially if the kids are the ones putting them together.


6. Olaf Headband

You get two great Olaf projects when you go to EAST COAST MOMMY for this headband project. Find the button for a template download at the end of the article. They also share an Olaf costume project!


7. Olaf Printables

Imagine all the fun that you and the kids will have making different Olaf snowmen. Find the printable Olaf snowman sheet at The PURPLE PUMPKIN. I think it would be even more fun to print it onto clear cling film and then create fun winter scenes with Olaf featured on your window or glass door.


8. Snowman Sentinel

Who better to watch over you while you prepare for Christmas than a group of watchful snowmen?


9. Yarn Snowman

You'll use three sizes of Styrofoam circles for this yarn snowman. Alternatively, you can cut three circles from a sheet of Styrofoam instead of buying the pre-cut circles to create a custom snowman. The larger the circles, the larger your snowman.


10. Pillow Case Snowman

Make a quick and easy snowman pillow to set on the floor near the Christmas tree. You could also place it on a corner of the sofa or use it as a Christmas decoration on your bed. It'll be sure to make you smile whenever you see it!


11. CD Snowman

Make and Takes shares this attractive snowman project you can do to upcycle items you have around the house. I love all of the glitter, as it makes it look more festive.


12. Quick Luminaries

If you want to make quick luminaries or need a paper project for kids to make, this snowman is the answer.


13. Paper Snowman

I love the mittens and boots on this paper snowman. Let the kids decorate the mittens to make their version of the snowman.


14. Build a Snowman

This is just the cutest idea ever. Now, the little kids can build (and take apart) a snowman many times a day. The pieces are made using large craft foam sheets, and the kids simply need to brush water on the pieces to make them stick to the window or bathroom walls.


15. Yarn Balls Snowman

Make the yarn balls as shown at CRAFT goodies. Then, make the wire arms and hat to complete the snowman. The guide will tell you how to make everything.


16. Jar Lid Snowman

So easy and simple to make, but also very attractive ornaments. Make these jar lid snowmen by going to Craft Create Cook for the instructions.


17. Snowman Swag

Take a long athletic tube sock with a few craft supplies, and you'll get a really cute snowman swag! These look adorable and would be great in the home.


18. Twig Arms Snowman

I love these little twig-armed snowmen. The twig arms give them a rustic folk art look that I'm drawn to. I hope you try them out!


19. Snowman Candle Glow

A cheerful glow will be added to any room with this glowing snowman candle. It's perfect for the winter season.

20. Raggedy Recycled Snowman


21. Snowflakes and Snowman

This is such a cute snowman project. Help decorate the classroom with this cute snowflake garland that's strung under a cheerful snowman.


22. Paint Stick Snowmen

With a little imagination, a crafter can think up a use for just about anything. I'm impressed by the author's unique use of paint sticks to make this snowman.


23. Mason Jar Lid Ornaments

Make these ornaments from mason jar lids to give as gifts or to fill up your tree.


24. Yarn Pom-Pom Snow People

Here is a cute little variation of the pom-pom snowman. You can customize the colors to fit your home decor and winter theme.


25. Sweater Sleeve Snowman

You'll need the sleeve of an old sweater for this snowman activity. Find out what else you'll need at The Do-It-Yourself Mom.


26. Snowman Candy Jar

This cute terra cotta flower pot turned gumball machine candy dish is brought to us by That's What Che Said. Che also shares the tutorial with us.

27. No-Sew Baggy Pants Snowman


28. 5¢ Snowflakes

You can't buy much these days with five cents, but you can buy snowflakes from this little snowman. How cute would this look with a winter wreath tucked in behind him?



29. Felt Snowman

This little guy would feel right at home on your mantel or under the tree. All Free Crafts shares how to put him together.


30. Baseball Ornament

These baseball snowmen are so cute that you'll want to make some to give away as presents for the baseball lovers in your life.


31. Happy Snowman

You might need to help the youngest kids to make this, but everyone else will enjoy making these happy snowmen on their own.


32. Snowman Tee

I really like this snowman as a holiday tee because it can be worn before and after Christmas. You could even wear it together as a family to snap a photo for your Christmas cards this year!

33. Wooden Snowman


34. Shredded Snowman

Have your little ones make this snowman using shredded paper. It's a fun way to upcycle paper you might otherwise just throw in the trash.


35. Scrap Wood Snow Family

You'll find the directions for making this cute snowman family on the Salvaged Living site. Very nice project for the woodworker.


36. Christmas Countdown

Keep track of the number of days until Christmas with this snowman.


37. Sock Snowmen

Gather together all your lone socks and your family members together to make these cute sock snowmen. You'll have a great time together!


38. Glowing Snowman

This glowing snowman is a great item for your Christmas or holiday decorations.


39. Snow Lady Ornament

A Styrofoam ball and textured yarn make this an especially unique and elegant ornament.


40. Snow Buddy Family

These cuties are made using a salt dough recipe that is included with the instructions at FAMILYCORNER.


41. Paper Plate Snowmen

Preschoolers will love making and displaying these snowmen as works of art.


42. Snowman Rocks

This little snowman is made out of rocks! You can put a little of these crafts together to create a small village.

43. Snowman Jar


44. Sweet Candy Jar

Giving candy treats in a jar is a popular present to give or receive. I'd love to be on the receiving end of these adorable jars!


45. Kool-Aid Snowman

It's hard to believe that this cute little snowman is made from a Kool-Aid container.


46. Terra Cotta Snowman

Really cute snowman containers to use for gifting candies. The tutorial is found at One Creative Mommy.


47. Wood Slice Snowman Ornament

When I first looked at this project I thought the ornaments were made using corrugated paper, which I think would make a suitable alternative, especially if making the ornaments with young kids. The tutorial is found at Artsy Momma.


48. Birdfeeder Snowmen

Help nature feed the birds this winter by making a nice birdfeeder snowman. Find the instructions at Craft Create Cook.


49. Fired Clay Snowmen

This is a great classroom project for schools that have a kiln. Find the instructions for this project at The Paper Pear. Use air-dry clay if you don't have a kiln.


50. Upcycled Pumpkin Snowman

Here's an idea for reusing your pumpkins—redo them into a snowman. This cute idea comes with instructions from Domestically Creative.

© 2011 Loraine Brummer

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DonD LM on February 02, 2012:

This is amazing I will ask my girlfriend to make one of these :). Excellent lense

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