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59 Wonderful Egg Carton Craft Ideas

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.


Upcycle Egg Cartons Into Exciting Crafts for Kids!

You will love making egg carton crafts when you see how many wonderful items can be made using them. Make projects for all holidays and seasons, from Halloween and Christmas to spring and winter. Many of these ideas are suitable for preschool-aged or older children.

Go to the Meaningful Mama site for the cute and crafty snowman tutorial.


1. Egg Carton Fairies

These have got to be about the cutest little fairies that the kids can make for their fairy gardens. I'll be sure to show this project to my little granddaughters. I know they will love making these fairies!


2. Egg Carton Owls

Preschoolers and kindergarten kids will love making this egg carton owl. The pieces are large enough for them to comfortably hold and paint their project.


3. Beautiful Egg Carton Flowers

You can make these beautiful egg carton flowers for Mother's Day or for a teacher's appreciation gift.


4. Egg Cup Train Cars

It never fails to amaze me what crafters will imagine and make. This little train is an example of the ingenuity of crafters.


5. Bumble Bees and Giant Ants

What fun the kids will have making these bumble bees and giant ants using egg cartons.


6. Egg Carton Bunny

Notice this cute little bunny's eyes and the happy smile on his face. It's a simple project and yields adorable results.


7. Apple With a Worm

Talk about a good deal—with this apple project, you also get a worm! Make this for your teacher, and she'll love the thoughtful gesture.


8. Chinese Dragons

Make these Chinese dragons to celebrate Chinese New Year. The directions for making this egg carton project can be found at Happiness Is Homemade.


9. Tiara

Imagine how your little princess or prince will love making and wearing a colorful tiara like this. It's so inexpensive and easy to make.


10. Panda Bear

Make this simple and easy panda bear. You can even use a shoebox to create a little diorama for a school report!


11. Tulips

These tulips are a great project for kids and for seniors. The finished bouquet makes a great gift, and the recipient will be so pleased to display it.


12. Butterfly Garland

Make a beautiful butterfly garland using egg carton cups by following the instructions given at I Heart Arts 'n Crafts.


13. Egg Carton Wreath

This is such a beautiful spring-inspired wreath! You can find the directions at Kid Made Modern and make one for your home.


14. Cherry Blossom Branch

Wouldn't a few of these branches look nice in a tall vase? You can find the tutorial for making the cherry blossom branches at Crafts By Amanda.


15. Christmas Elves

These little Christmas elves are just too cute for words. The kids will love making these out of egg cartons.


16. Egg Carton Ladybugs

It would be fun to make a big batch of these ladybugs to crawl around a houseplant or plants.


17. Ghost and Bat Bunting

I guess I'd call this a garland, but bunting works, too. Make this Halloween decoration by following the instructions given at ZingZingTree.


18. Egg Carton Chick

One Little Project is the place to find the tutorial for making this precious chick.


19. Beautiful Roses

These roses are so beautiful! Make a bouquet of these roses by following the directions at Rosi Jo’.


20. Egg Carton Boats

I can just imagine how excited little boys would be to make these little egg carton boats.


21. Egg Carton Fish

The colorful fish in this project would make a cute mobile. For the directions to make these little fish, go to Crafty-Crafted.


22. Red Crab

This little creature is so bright and cheery looking that he'd make a great school project with a class full of crafters.


23. Hello Wreath

A bright and beautiful egg carton wreath. Go to Pink Stripey Socks for the instructions.


24. Spring Chicks

You can make a whole flock of chicks at Typically Simple. What farmhouse charm!


25. Choo-Choo Train

I'm afraid that I'd want to use this train as a decoration in a baby boy's room instead of leaving a little boy to play with it. This extra cute train project comes with a tutorial at Bon Bon Break. Outstanding!


26. Egg Carton Bats

This egg carton bat would be a nice classroom project. Although the site is in a foreign language, the pictures are easy to follow.


27. Mini 'Copters

I think these little mini 'copters are so cute and look like they would be just as much fun to make. Find the directions at The Craft Train, and make a fleet of copters for the kids to play with.


28. Spring Blossom Lights

I love these blossom lights. Find the instructions at Red Ted Art’s Blog.


29. Nativity

Every child could make this and have their own Nativity scene.


30. Race Car

This simple race car is made using a toilet paper roll and an egg carton. How excited your little one will be to see you make a race car for them!



31. Egg Carton Flower Lights

There are so many ways these lights could be used to decorate any room that you wanted. Go to Instructables for the directions.


32. Egg Carton Masks

This will be fun to make and also fun to play make believe. The instructions can be found at Teaching Every Day.

33. Little Apples


34. Framed Heart

Your loved one will never guess that you made this framed heart gift from an egg carton—unless, of course, you tell them!


35. Christmas Angel

Make many of these ornaments for your tree. The directions can be found at Meaningful Mama.


36. Last Supper

Find the directions and the downloadable images for this project on the Catholic Icing site.


37. Treasure Box

This project is a great use for the half dozen size egg carton because it's just the right size. Red Ted Art shares the instructions for making a treasure box that holds all your important items.


38. Egg Carton Ninja Turtle

A project like this Ninja turtle helps kids learn how to use brushes and to paint. Be sure to put newspaper over your work area to help with the clean-up process.


39. Halloween Treat Boxes

Look at these little treat boxes made using egg cartons. Don't they look sweet?


40. Lollipop Flowers

Make a bouquet of lollipop flowers to give as a gift. Find the instructions for making this project at Crafts By Amanda.


41. Something to Crow About

If you make a rooster like the one shown above, you will definitely have something to crow about. Although the tutorial for this egg carton rooster is written in a foreign language, the photos are self-explanatory.


42. Graveyard and Ghosts

It's always fun to make new decorations for Halloween, so this graveyard and ghost project will be a fun centerpiece to make.


43. Fairy Crown

You'll find the instructions for making this inexpensive fairy crown using an egg carton. What little girl wouldn't love to make and wear a fairy crown that she made herself?


44. Little Hens

Cute, cute, cute! I love these little hens. Imagine painting or covering plastic eggs and filling them with candy or a small toy.


45. Rose Place Card

Intimate Weddings is the site where you will find the tutorial for making this outstanding rose place card project.


46. Turtles

Check out the tutorial at One Crazy Mom to make these outstanding turtles. What fun!!


47. Dragon Puppet

Make a brightly painted dragon puppet. It will be a favorite project for many kids.



48. Egg Carton Uncle Sam

To get the directions for this cute little Uncle Sam, go to Family Education.


49. Treat Baskets

Make little baskets like these to hold treats for any holiday or celebration. Go to Learning4Kids for the instructions.


50. Turtles

This is another egg carton turtle project that I think is different enough from the first one in this article, so I included it.

51. Egg Carton Snowman


52. Penguins

I realize that there is one penguin project on this page already, but this craft is different enough to add here.


53. Cute Bugs

You'll find all sorts of cute bugs to make when you visit Design Dazzle. Easy, but oh so cute!


54. Crocodile

It's hard to believe that this outstanding crocodile is made using the simple egg carton.


55. Easy Easter Basket

I think I would use purchased green Easter straw to make this cute little basket. Or you can follow the directions at Krokotak and make your own straw with green paper.


56. Jingle Bell Ornaments

This project is so easy and so cute! The kids will so enjoy painting, assembling and glittering these jingle bell ornaments.


57. Bird Feeder

Follow the instructions at The Creative Cubby to make your own bird feeder. You'll have many bird friends in short order.


58. Jellyfish

To make these cute and easy jellyfish, go to Fun Family Crafts for the directions.


59. Halloween Characters

Make these cute Halloween characters to season up your Fall decor. Go to The Best Ideas for Kids for the directions.

© 2012 Loraine Brummer

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Louise Powles from Norfolk, England on January 13, 2017:

I didn't realise you could do so much with egg boxes! I go to a craft group on Thursday mornings, and I have some ideas for the group now! Thankyou.

Loraine Brummer (author) from Hartington, Nebraska on September 20, 2015:

Thanks for the nice comment, TarekMamdouh. The video you suggested does have a lot of great ways to use egg cartons.

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That's such a great selection of crafts, you have a really good collection here. Great lens!!!I have many egg cartons that have become seed starters but there are still many to be used, so I have just found myself a great solution :-)

Fay Favored from USA on April 07, 2012:

People are so creative. What fun ideas to use in the classroom and at home. I like how you can use them for seedlings too.

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So many clever ideas filled with whimsy. Love the bunnies, bats and turtle.