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69 Simply Adorable Easter Craft Ideas

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.


Of course, all Easter crafts are fun to make, and many of them are really suitable all year round. You'll find that many of these bunny crafts could be used on other occasions, especially if you're decorating a little girl's room or a baby's room. I searched for unique and fun Easter crafts that crafters of all ages could enjoy. All these projects include a picture and the site name where you'll find the instructions and patterns. To make the cute "Stitches, the Bunny" basket shown above, go to Kids & Glitter to get the patterns and directions.


1. Bunny Garland

There are so many ways, and times, to use a pretty bunny garland like this. I can see a garland like this used for a baby shower decoration, as well as for Easter décor. You can find the instructions for making this bunny garland at Clover House.


2. Twine Carrots

I love the looks of these twine carrots. They are not only an Easter décor, they can be used all spring and through the garden season. These super easy to make twine carrots can be made by following the tutorial given at The Creek Line House. Imagine a nice shallow basket filled with these carrots as a centerpiece. Impressive.


3. Cabbage Dyed Eggs

Red cabbage, vinegar and soda and water in a stainless steel cook pot are items you need to make these super beautiful Easter eggs. Find all the information you'll need to make these cabbage dyed eggs at The Gold Jellybean.


4. Freehand Bunny Art

If you want some cute decorations for Easter this year, how about asking the kids to help. They'll have a blast making bunny art. The tutorial at ARTventurous gives step-by-step instructions for drawing the bunny.


5. Bunny Pants Treat Bags

You'll get a chuckle out of making and giving out treats in these cute little bunny pants bags. Go to Positively Splendid for directions on how to make them.


6. Burlap Bunnies

I love decorating with burlap so these are favorites of mine. You can find the directions for making these burlap bunnies at Oopsey Daisy.


7. Carrot Patch Easter Treats

Wouldn't this look cute as the centerpieces for an Easter celebration? Easy to make, cute as the dickens and inexpensive to boot. Find the tutorial for making this carrot patch project at Uncommon Designs.


8. Bobble Head Bunny

You can make this super cute Easter bunny by going to the Fireflies and Mudpies for the tutorial. Very cute!


9. Bunny Ears Hair Pin

These little bunny ears will be loves by girls of all ages. You'll find the instructions for making the hair pin bunny ears at Holloughby.


10. Wash Cloth Bunny

Make a bunch of these cute little wash cloth bunnies to tuck into Easter baskets for the kids or for others. Easy zig-zag machine stitch around the edges or hand sew the edges. The easy to follow instructions are found at Craftideas.info.


11. Rugged Cross Wreath

Although the author of this beautiful Easter wreath used a found cross to make this craft, you can stain paintsticks or laths to make an "old rugged cross." The simple directions for making this Easter wreath are found at The Gaines Gang.


12. Bunny Ear Napkin Ring

Dress up your Easter table with cute burlap, bunny ear napkin rings. The tutorial for making these napkin rings can be found at Uncommon Designs.


13. Canvas Bunny Easter Bucket

This project is exactly as the site name, says it is. Everyone who receives an Easter bucket like this will treasure it forever. You'll find the tutorial at Positively Splendid.


14. Bunny Bait

When I saw this, all I could think of was what a great idea this was to add a package of bunny bait to a child's Easter basket to take the place of some of the candy. Find the recipe for this "bunny bait" at Bake at 350.


15. Paper Mache Easter Eggs

Surprises are in store when you go to the Not Martha site for making these Easter eggs. You really have to take a look at this Easter project, it's outstanding.


16. Fabric Egg Easter Bunnies

Wouldn't little bunnies like these fabric egg Easter bunnies look cute as name tags or favors on an Easter table? They are easy to make and very inexpensive to make, with instructions on the favecrafts site.


17. Tissue Paper Wreath

An easy wreath to make to use to decorate for Easter. For this tissue paper wreath and directions on how to make it, go to Crafty Journal.


18. Fancy Fabric Carrots

I love these fancy fabric carrots. I'm sure they wouldn't be stashed away quickly after Easter. They would make a nice addition to any country style kitchen. Find the tutorial for making these fabric carrots at Confetti Life.


19. Curious Bunny

A cute little gag gift for your own decorating, or to give to a friend. Go to Practically Functional for the instructions. A cute place card for an Easter table setting.


20. Springtime Tote

Not only are these totes very attractive, they are also very useful. Get the directions for making them at Just Another Hang Up.


21. Hanging Paint Stick Bunny

This is an inexpensive craft to make with the kids. They'll love helping decorate for Easter. Go to Easter Crafts for Kids for a step-by-step pictured tutorial.


22. Paper Mache Bunny

This bunny starts out as a pop bottle and becomes a work of art. Go to Kids & Glitter for a step-by-step tutorial on making the bunny.


23. Easter Egg Pinatas

Go to the Oh Happy Day site for the tutorial to make these Easter pinatas.


24. Heart Bunny

A tiny calico print makes this little sewn bunny as cute as she could be. The directions can be found at CHILDMADE.

25. Wee Wobblers


26. Ribbons Bedecked Tree

Who wouldn't want one of these ribbon bedecked Easter trees to decorate their table at home or their desk at work or at school? The directions can be found at faithful provisions.


27. Bowling Pin Bunnies

Shaped like bowling pins, these little bunnies could be used for a game of bowling. All that would be needed would be a soft ball. Go to etsy.com for the directions.


28. Tissue Chick

You know how sometimes you see something that tickles you---this little chick did that to me. Nothing particularly unique about it except it looks like it was made with love. To find the directions to make chicks like this one, go to alphamom.


29. Silver Leaf Egg

This is beautiful and I can see this silver leaf egg displayed all year round. See how this elegant egg is made by going to the MAGIA MIA site.

30. Egg Carton Carrot Patch


31. No-Sew Express Baskets

You can make a bunch of these in a short time using the directions you'll find at Bird’s Party BLOG.


32. Sharpie Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs

Check out this unique way of dyeing Easter eggs. Because these eggs are not to be eaten, I think I'd want to blow the insides out of the eggs before dyeing them, so I could store them carefully for other Easters. You'll love the way these eggs are made. You'll find the tutorial for Sharpie tie-dyed Easter eggs at Housing a Forest.


33. Feathered Chicks

These little chicks are soooo cute that they make me want to giggle. If you'd like to make some of them, go to Powerful Mothering for the instructions.


34. Plush Birdies

Enhance your Easter décor with cute little pastel birdies. Find the directions at the Bird’s Party BLOG site.


35. Bunny Gum Ball Machine

This would be a great addition to any Easter décor. Find the instructions at Average Inspired.


36. Yarn Easter Egg Wreath

This beautiful and unique wreath will look great in any room of your home. Find the directions at Where the Smiles Have Been site.


37. Decoupage Eggs

Look at these beautiful Easter eggs and then make some yourself by finding the directions at fresh Poppy design.


38. Jelly Bean Topiary

By using jelly beans, you can make smaller topiaries to fit in areas to small for the egg filled topiaries. You can find the tutorial for making this jelly bean topiary at Crafty Sisters.


39. Flowered Eggs

Another Easter tree project that I thought was really cute. This one looks very easy to make, so the kids will love helping make these. Go to PIZZAZZERIE for the directions.


40. Paper Mache Basket

You can make very cute paper mache Easter baskets using the directions at Red Ted Art's Blog.


41. TP Roll Bunnies

Decorate your bathroom for Easter by covering rolls of toilet tissue and making bunnies. The easy to make bunny directions can be found at oopsey daisy.


42. Easter Necklace

The only thing better than making these pretty Easter necklaces, would be wearing one. Imagine how a bunch of little girls would enjoy making these necklaces. The instructions are found on the artsy fartsy mama site.


43. Wooden Spoon Puppet Bunny

Not only is this little wooden spoon bunny a cute decoration, it's also a puppet. Imagine how much fun the kids could have with this bunny. Find the pattern and instructions for making this puppet at Chimers Threads.


44. Water Bottle Bunny

If you like to make small Easter gifts to give to teachers, this is a very cute idea. Go to Dollar Store Crafts to find the instructions.


45. Paper Easter Cones

I love the idea that cute Easter remembrances can be made and given without a lot of expense. Find the instructions and pattern for making these cone bunnies at Make Life Lovely.


46. Clay Pot Bunny

Add this cute clay pot bunny to your Easter decorations. Find the directions at the 21 Rosemary Lane site.


47. Bunny Fold Napkin

You can find out how to make this Bunny fold napkin by going to Delish.


48. Carrot Pouch

Make little Easter treat holders using the directions at circusberry. I love these little sour cream pouch look alikes.


49. Candy Bag Baskets

I just love this project. A great Easter gift for office mates, teachers or anyone else you'd like to remember. Beth-A-Palooza has the directions for making this cute project.


50. Skinny Leg Treat Bags

Although these little fellows are in an Easter theme, you can imagine how easy it would be to change the theme for any occasion needing treat bags. I'm thinking that a snowman, santa, or xmas tree for Christmas stocking stuffers. Or a ghost, bat, or jack-o-lantern for Halloween. You get the idea, and any of them would be easy. Go to CRAFTY COW CREATIONS for this super cute project.


51. Vintage Easter Eggs

These are such elegant eggs that you won't want to put them away after Easter. Go to Sew for Soul for the instructions.


52. Fancy Eggs

Fancy papers, ribbons and beads make these Easter eggs so beautiful. You will find the directions for this project at favecrafts.


53. Pearl Egg Topiarys

Making pearl enhanced egg topiaries will be so simple with the help of the tutorial at Lemon Tree Creations. These topiaries are so simple, but have a real elegance about them.


54. Pom Pom Bunnies

A very cute and easy to make bunny with instructions found at Love Knitting.


55. Felted Chickens

These little chicks are doing the can-can. For the instructions on how to make them, go to Myrtle & Eunice.


56. Chalk and Glue Egg Art

If you'd like to make this chalk and glue line egg art with your kids, either at home or in a classroom, find the tutorial for making the art at A Faithful Attempt. These eggs are super beautiful.


57. Rustic Crate

Make bunny pots like this by following the instructions that you'll find at Lil Blue Boo. A perfect container for #59 fabric bunnies or #6 yarn carrots.


58. Easter Bunny Basket

You'll be making family heirlooms when you sew these Easter bunny baskets. They are definitely baskets that will be brought out and used every year. Find the pattern and instructions for this outstanding craft at Sewn Up.


59. Basket of Bunnies

What could be simpler than making a basket of fabric bunnies to decorate your Easter dining table? Find the directions for making these beautiful fabric bunnies at The Little Fabric Shop Blog.


60. Carrot Favor Boxes

Make this super cute Easter project by going to Ella Claire Inspired for the directions.


61. Paper Bunny Pops

This is a very simple project and the kids will enjoy helping make these paper bunny pops. Find the pattern and instructions for making these bunny pops at FREE-N-FUN Easter.


62. Burlap Carrot Garland

This is one of the Easter crafts that are appropriate for more than just the Easter season. To make a nice burlap garland of carrots, go to Crafts Unleashed.

63. Easy Paper Basket


64. Knit Easter Bunny

Imagine how happy someone will be to receive an Easter bunny knitted with love. Make a soft, lovable little bunny like this by following the instructions at Woman’sDay.


65. Easter Candy Pouches

You'll want to use a small hole paper punch to make the stitching holes for these little pouches. Otherwise, with the help of the printable candy pouches pattern, and the tutorial from SIMPLEY Modern MOM, you won't find an easier Easter project for the kids to help make. Lots of family fun.


66. Vintage Paper Mache Bunny

Average Inspired is the place you'll find the tutorial for making this vintage paper mache bunny.


67. Easter Egg Candle Holder

If you're thinking about Spring and decorating for the Easter holiday, you might want to make these delightful egg candle holders. The tutorial for making these candle holders can be found at Two Sisters Crafting.


68. Easter Egg Topiary Tree

Isn't this a beautiful way to greet visitors to your home. It's hard to believe that it is made with a Stryofoam cone, some moss and colored eggs. Find all the instructions for making this topiary tree at Creative Lee Crafted.


69. Flying Cup Easter Decor

Beautiful! I love the looks of this flying cup with Easter eggs and flowers flowing out. You'll want to go to the DIY Enthusiasts site to find the tutorial for this project.

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