How to Make a Scarecrow Door Hanger

how to make burlap scarecrow door hanger
how to make burlap scarecrow door hanger

When making Halloween crafts, the uglier the witch the better! It seems that I like green-faced witches, so this burlap witch door hanger has a green face. If you haven't tried making burlap crafts, this is a great project to do. It isn't difficult and you can hang it on your front door and scare all the little neighborhood kids. What could be better than that?

This burlap door hanger can be made for outdoors by stuffing the witch hanger with plastic bags and spraying the finished witch with sealer. I love the idea that you can choose to paint the witch in whatever colors you choose, so each one that you make will be unique.

This makes a great gift because each door hanger is one-of-a-kind. This witch door hanger is very easy to make.

4 Steps to Make a Scarecrow Door Hanger

1. Cut The Burlap
2. Glue The Edges
3. Stuff With Plastic Bags
4. Painting the Witch

Supplies Needed

  1. Burlap (any color because it will be painted over)
  2. Merged PDF with these patterns included: Witch Head Part A, Witch Head Part B, Witch's Hat, Witch's Face
  3. Plastic bags or Polyfil (I used plastic Walmart type bags and cut the bags in strips for stuffing)
  4. Craft glue (I used Aleene's Tacky Glue)
  5. Craft paints and brushes
  6. Thin wire (for hanging the ghost)
  7. Spray Sealer
  8. Raffia and or ribbon
  9. Fall leaves or flowers

1. Cut the Burlap

  • Pin the patterns on a folded piece of burlap, that way you have the front and back pieces cut at the same time. Cut about 1/4" from the pattern, that's the area that will be glued.

2. Glue the Edges

  • Glue around one of the face pieces, leaving an area open at the top to add the stuffing. Glue the face pieces. Glue the hat in the same way leaving an area open for stuffing.

3. Stuff with Plastic Bags

  • I don't have a picture of stuffing the witch's head and hat, but you'll get the idea by looking at this photo of stuffing the ghost hanger.
  • I smooched the plastic bag together and cut it in strips to use as stuffing. Do a soft stuffing and then glue the opening shut.

4. Painting the Witch

  • Choose the colors that you want the witch to be. Give the face and hat two coats of the paint, letting one coat dry before adding the second.
  • Draw or trace the face onto the head. Paint the eyes, nose, and mouth. Paint the hat band.
  • Glue hanks of raffia to the sides of the face. Glue the hat to the head.
  • Decorate any way that you wish. Attach a piece of wire to the hat brim for hanging.
  • If the door hanger will be hung outdoors, give the front and back of the witch hanger two coats of spray sealer.

Easy and fun! Make some extras to give to your friends or to sell at a craft show.

Halloween Deco Mesh Witch Wreath

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