How to Make a Black Cat Door Hanger

black cat and pumpkin burlap door hanger
black cat and pumpkin burlap door hanger

You know that there are all kinds of superstitions attached to a black cat, but this burlap black cat and pumpkin door hanger are nothing but good luck.

This extremely easy to make door hanger doesn't take a long time to make and it really turns out cute. The photos of this project don't do the end product justice. You'll see that when you finish making it.

I stuffed my black cat and pumpkin with plastic bags and sprayed it with sealer so it could be hung outdoors, but if you want an indoor decoration you could stuff it with polyfil and skip the sealer.

When you find out how easy it is to make the burlap door hanger, you'll want to make some for your friends or to sell at a craft fair.

4 Steps to Make a Black Cat Door Hanger

1. Cutting the Burlap
2. Gluing the Cat and Pumpkin
3. Stuffing the Cat and the Pumpkin
4. Paint and Finish the Cat and Pumpkin Door Hanger

Supplies Needed:

  1. Burlap (any color because it will be painted over
  2. Merged PDF files: Cat Part A, Cat Part B, Pumpkin
  3. Plastic bags or Polyfil (I used plastic Walmart type bags and cut the bags in strips for stuffing)
  4. Craft glue (I used Aleene's Tacky Glue)
  5. Craft paints and brushes
  6. Thin wire (for hanging the ghost)
  7. Spray Sealer
  8. Raffia and or ribbon
  9. Fall leaves or flowers

1. Cutting the Burlap

  • Fold the burlap so you can cut two pattern pieces at one time.
  • Cut out the cat and pumpkin, cutting about 1/4" from the pattern. This is the area that will be glued.

2. Gluing the Cat and Pumpkin

  • I didn't take a photo of gluing the cat and pumpkin, so I am showing a photo of gluing the witch.
  • Gluing the cat and pumpkin are done in the same manner.
  • Glue the cat pieces together and the two pumpkin pieces. Glue the edge of one cat piece, leaving an area open for adding stuffing.
  • I left an area open at the bottom of the cat and the bottom of the pumpkin.

3. Stuffing the Cat and the Pumpkin

  • I made these door hangers around the same time, so I forgot to take photos of each step of the projects.
  • Stuffing the cat and pumpkin are done in the same manner as used for stuffing the ghost.
  • I squeezed the plastic bag together and then cut strips for the stuffing.
  • Stuff the cat and pumpkin to a soft stuffing and then glue the open edges shut.

4. Paint and Finish the Cat and Pumpkin Door Hanger

  • Now the fun begins. Give the cat and the pumpkin each two coats of paint in the colors you have chosen.
  • Let the paint dry between coats.
  • Draw or trace the eyes on the cat and the eyes and mouth on the pumpkin.
  • Paint with two coats of paint.
  • Attach a wire, for hanging, on one ear of the cat and at the inside bottom of the cat's tail.
  • Tie a piece of raffia around the cat's neck and add a leaf or flower.
  • Tie a piece of raffia around the pumpkin stem and glue in place.
  • Add leaves or a flower over the stem.
  • If the cat and pumpkin door hanger will be hung outdoors, spray the front and back of the door hanger with two coats of spray sealer.

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