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32 Fairy Tale Character Craft Ideas

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.


"Once upon a time..." How many times did we hear stories that began that way when we were children? And how many times have we read it since, to children? Just hearing or reading the words gives me a warm, nostalgic feeling.

Childhood and storybooks belong together. These are stories that you remember—and love—forever. Children not only love to hear stories told or love reading them, they also like to play with and make storybook characters.

With this in mind, I've searched the internet and found some storybook or fairy tale crafts to share with you. These crafts celebrating our favorite fairy tale personalities are fun to make and will be appreciated by youngsters of all ages. Make these paper bag puppets of Pooh and his friends by following the directions at Disney family.


1. Seven Dwarfs

After you've read the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, take time to craft the seven dwarfs with directions found at Disney family.


3. Corduroy

One of our favorite bears is named Corduroy. Making a story come alive is what this paper plate project is all about. You'll find the instructions for making Corduroy at i {heart} crafty things.


4. Puppet Dragon

With a red (or whatever color) sock and pieces of fun foam, a puppet dragon can be made. Find the instructions on the Activity Village site.


5. Pine Cone Elves

If you don't have pine cones, I can imagine using painted Styrofoam egg shapes instead. Find directions for these cute little elves at Ornament Shop.


6. Little Fairy Dolls

You can't imagine how much fun it is to make these little fairy dolls until you have tried it. I used the directions found at Katie's Korner to make little fairy dolls for a library display, and found that I loved making them.


7. Pete the Cat

I think Pete the cat is a series of books that are perfect for craft inspiration. This pumpkin craft, with instructions found at mommity is a great example.


8. Wishing Well

To go along with the fairy tales and story book projects, this cute wishing well could be a start to making a fairy garden. Find the tutorial for making a wishing well at The Juice.


9. Red Slippers

Little girls will be able to imagine the yellow brick road with a pair of these beautiful red slippers. The hungryhippie has the instructions for this project.


10. Rapunzel Bookmarks

Make Rapunzel in the tower bookmarks for your fairy tale book readings.


11. Lorax

You'll find the instructions for making this character, the Lorax, at A NIGHT OWL .


12. Hand Puppets

All you need is felt and google eyes to make these story book character hand puppets. Go to Just Another Day in Paradise for the templates and instructions.


13. Royal Crown

Make a beautiful crown fit for a queen, or king, by following the tutorial at diy inspired.

14. Make a Fairy Tale Book


15. The Three Little Pigs

Look at these adorable little pigs. To make some of your own, go to Obsessively Stitching for the directions.


16. Houses for the Three Little Pigs

Go to Obsessively Stitching for the directions on how to make the houses for the three little pigs.


17. Mickey Mouse Scarecrow

This is an especially cute paper bag project featuring Mickey Mouse. Go to family Disney for the instructions to make this mickey paper bag scarecrow.


18. Wise Old Owl

Family Crafts gives you the directions for making this wise old owl. All you need is a pine cone and some felt pieces and google eyes.


19. Clifford

Little kids all know the big red dog, Clifford. This is a great cutting and painting exercise for the little ones. Go to the crafty morning site for the instructions.


20. Frog Prince

You can make this handsome frog prince using egg carton cups. So cute!


21. Flying Dragon

This would make a cool decoration for a classroom or birthday party. Find the directions for using paper plates to make a flying dragon, at PINK STRIPEY SOCKS.


22. Mickey Mouse Washer Necklace

Who would have imagined that the lowly washer could be made into something as cute as the Mickey Mouse necklace. See how to make the necklace by finding the instructions at The Farm Girl Gabs.


23. Princess Bracelet

You'll be able to help your little princess made this bracelet by following the instructions given at CRAFTS BY Amanda. This would be a nice activity for girls having a slumber party or a birthday party.


24. Royal Crowns

These easy to follow directions from firstpalette will show you how to make a crown for your child and all his guests.


25. Flower Fairies

It seems that most little girls love make believe and stories about fairies. Making flower fairies will keep the little girls occupied and they're sure to want to use the fairies as decorations in their bedroom. See how easy it is to make these flower fairies by going to Twig and Toadstool for the directions.


26. Woody Marionette

When you go to the family.com site you'll find a Download button that will take you to the printable Woody. You'll also get the directions for making the marionette.


27. Ribbon Princesses

This is a project that is for older kids or adults because it's directions are written in a foreign language. There are very understandable photos though. Take a look at all the different princesses and see how they are made by going to Dikulya.

28. How to Make a Fairy Flower Crown


29. Little Red Riding Hood

Go to DLTK Crafts to find out how to make this little Red Riding Hood and then put on a puppet skit for the rest of the family.


30. Fairy Tale Castle

Make a pink castle for the princess to live in and a camouflage castle for the knights in shining armor. To find the directions for this project, go to activity village.


31. Craft Stick Fairy

This cute craft stick fairy is easy enough to make, even the littlest fairy tale addicts will love making it. Find the list of supplies needed and the instructions at Artsy Crafty Mom.


32. One Fish Two Fish

Imagine the fun making craft stick fish to celebrate reading One Fish, Two Fish. You'll find the directions for making these fish at Glued to My Crafts. Very cute!!

© 2012 Loraine Brummer

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My wife and I will watch our 3 yr old as he pretends with his mario and luigi and friend toys. We can only imagine the fun things he's thinking of as he doesn't have a care in the world right now.

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