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26 Beautiful Dragonfly Craft Ideas

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.

Learn how to make a variety of fun, easy dragonfly crafts for kids!

Learn how to make a variety of fun, easy dragonfly crafts for kids!

DIY Dragonfly Crafts for Kids

This article began as a simple DIY craft piece showing how to make dragonflies using popsicle sticks. I thought this would be a fun project for kids to do this summer, or for a teacher to use for a classroom project.

Alas, during my search for ideas I encountered many other dragonfly crafts and had to share them with you. Included in this article are pictures of some great dragonfly crafts, and links to the websites that explain how to make them.

You'll find the instructions for making the dragonflies shown above at Tippytoe Crafts.


1. Egg Carton Dragonfly

Little kids, pre-schoolers, and kindergarteners will find this an easy and fun project to do. Check out what a great craft this is by going to crafty morning for instructions.


2. Tissue Paper Dragonfly Suncatcher

I'm really impressed with this dragonfly craft because the uses for it seem to be endless. Imagine making these as plant pokes by just adding a length of wire, or hanging them from the ceiling with some fishing line. You'll find the tutorial for these tissue paper dragonflies at Creative Cynchronicity.


3. Toilet Paper Roll Dragonfly

This is a really cute toilet paper roll project that is inexpensive and easy to do. Go to RED TED Art for the directions for this fun craft.

4. Wooden Spoon Dragonfly


5. Dragonfly Window Decal

Go to AllFreeCrafts for a free printable pattern and stained glass paint recipe to make this dragonfly window decal. This is a great way to add some color to your home.


6. Beautiful Beaded Dragonfly

This project is so much easier than it appears. For the instructions to make this beaded dragonfly, go to the Craftbits website.


7. Old License Plate Dragonflies

Use your old license plates to make a dragonfly for your flowerbed or garden. You can make a great-looking dragonfly like the one shown below by going to Repurposed-Life for the tutorial.


8. 3-D Dragonfly

This is a very easy project that even the littlest crafter will be able to do. After creating this craft, I'd want to cut out the 3-D dragonfly and glue it to a calendar scenery picture. Find the instructions for this project at Craft 'n' Home.

9. Polymer Clay Dragonfly Necklace


10. Clay Pot Dragonflies

This would make a nice outdoor decoration for a garden or patio area. Go to AllFreeCrafts for the instructions.


11. Clothespin Dragonflies

These are so bright and beautiful that the kids will want to make a bunch of them. Find the directions at Busy Bee Kids Crafts.


12. Three Dragonflies

In this craft, you'll find three really nice styles of dragonflies that the kids can make. Find the instructions at Kids Love Craft. These are so easy and so cute!

13. Chinese Knot Dragonfly


14. Windowscreen Dragonfly

This project is a little more time-consuming, but the end result will be well worth it. Go to Crafts For All Seasons for the directions.


15. Twig Dragonflies

I think this is my favorite dragonfly craft because it's made using twigs and maple keys. Enjoy this nature project brought to you by Twigs and Toadstools. You have to scroll down the page a little to find this project.


16. Polymer Clay Dragonfly

This great craft might be perfect for a pin or a necklace. To make a dragonfly like this, go to Crafts For All Seasons.


17. Dazzling Dragonflies

Colored cellophane, wooden spoons, and pipe cleaners are what you need to make this very dazzling dragonfly. I love this kid-friendly project. You can find the instructions at Laughing Kids Learn.


18. Bouncy Dragonfly

Imagine all the fun the kids will have making and playing with bouncing dragonflies. Other bugs can also be made by following the tutorial at BLOESEM kids.


19. Bottle Cork Dragonfly

Bottle corks, cotton chenille strips, and tissue paper are all you need to create this beautiful dragonfly. Add glitter to the wing edges if you wish. Find the instructions at Zing Zing Tree.


20. Dragonfly Coasters

Of course, you can pick a different theme for your coasters, but I love the idea of using dictionary pages as shown below. Go to Southern Scraps for the super simple instructions on how to make these coasters.

21. DIY Dragonfly Bracelet


22. Beaded Dragonfly Barrette

You'll find the tutorial for this beaded dragonfly barrette at Crafts For All Seasons. This craft is easy and beautiful.


23. Craft Stick Dragonflies (With Tutorial)

These stick dragonflies are so beautiful and extremely easy to make. Below I've outlined the steps you will need to follow to create these, along with some ways you might decide to use them once you're finished.

Stick Dragonfly Tutorial

The supplies you will need to create this craft are easy to find and cheap to buy. I've listed the supplies needed below.


  • Popsicle sticks, two per dragonfly
  • Tinsel chenille strip, one per dragonfly
  • Craft paint, any light color of your choice
  • Paintbrush
  • Glue dots or use hot glue
  • White glue
  • Colored glitter
  • Wire, 10″ to 12″ in length; or fishing line and a coat hanger; or a magnet; or a suction cup
  • Beads for the eyes, two per dragonfly
  • Hot glue to glue on the eyes

How to Make Stick Dragonflies

Step 1: Place a dot of glue on the center of one popsicle stick, and place a second stick over the glue to make an "X." These will be the wings of the dragonfly.


Step 2: Paint the popsicle sticks your choice of color. Keep the color light because dragonfly wings are transparent.

Step 3: Lay the dragonfly wings about one-third of the way down a chenille strip. Then, bring the ends of the strip together. Cross over the back of the "X" and return the ends to their beginning position, holding the sticks in place.


Step 4: Wrap the chenille strip around the handle of your paintbrush or a pencil. This will create the head and the body of your dragonfly.


Step 5: Using white glue, make designs on the dragonfly wings and then sprinkle glitter over the glue. Glue two beads close together on the head. If you are making plant pokes, slide the wire along the underside of the dragonfly over a spot of hot glue to hold the wire.


Step 6: Bend the wire at the end to make the dragonfly fly in a direction of your choosing.

You're finished!


Now that you know how to create these easy dragonfly crafts, you can make bunches of them and use them however you please. I've outlined some of the ways I've used them below.

Uses for Stick Dragonflies

  1. With the addition of wire, you can use these dragonflies as plant pokes.
  2. Use fishing line to hang the dragonflies from a coat hanger.
  3. Glue a magnet to the underside of the dragonfly to make a refrigerator magnet.
  4. Tie a small loop to the dragonfly and hang it from the hook of a suction cup. Hang your dragonfly in the window.

24. Folded Tissue Paper Dragonfly

You'll find a very nice pictured tutorial at The Enchanted Tree to help you make this tissue paper dragonfly. So cool.

25. Zipper Trim Dragonfly


26. Spoon Dragonflies

The kids will love how these spoon dragonflies turn out. They'll want to make dozens.

© 2012 Loraine Brummer

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