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40 Fun and Easy Dog Craft Ideas

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.

Dog craft ideas for all ages!

Dog craft ideas for all ages!

Dog Crafts for Kids and Adults

If you love dogs and puppies, then you will also love doing these crafts. You'll find many choices of craft ideas in this article, and I'm sure you will find one or more of them that you'll want to do. Some of the puppy crafts are done in crochet, some are knitted, and some are sewn in fabric. Other puppy crafts include a clay project, a sock-based puppy, and even a golf ball puppy.

All of the dog and puppy craft projects in this article also include pictures and the name and address of the site where you will find the directions for the craft.

Go to Craft Passion for the directions on making the above Yo Yo plush dog.


1. Dog Gift Box

You'll find the link to the gift box template and also the instructions on how to make a dog or cat gift box using the template on the Lines Across site. Imagine how you can make these little gift boxes suitable for Valentine's Day, Christmas, or any other holiday.

2. Make a Yarn Dog


3. Wash Cloth Puppy

Imagine all the ways that you can make and use wash cloth puppies for gifts or favors. I'm thinking of baby shower and birthday party themes. I'm sure you'll think of many others. The super easy to follow pictured tutorial for making the wash cloth puppy is found at A Girl Called Kim.


4. How to Make a Dog Mask

You'll find the printables to make these dog masks at Firstpalette The kids will have a blast making and wearing these masks.


5. Puppy Download

For a quick and easy craft for the kids to make, download and print this cute puppy at Kayleen West. The kids will color, cut out, and either glue together or use split pins to assemble their puppy. Great craft!


6. Golf Ball Puppy

Father's Day gift is the first thing that comes to mind when you see this golf ball puppy. You can make one for your Dad using the directions at Free Wood


7. Toy Puppy

I love the looks of this little guy with his cute grin and button eyes. Woman's Day is the place to go for how to make this little cutie.


8. Puppy Scarf

This is the perfect gift for any dog or puppy lover that you know. Go to for the instructions on how to make this scarf.

9. How to Make a Play Dough Dog


10. Puppy Puppet

You'll hear lots of giggles when you add a puppy puppet and a little kid together. To make a little puppet like this, go to How Stuff Works for the instructions.


11. Crocheted Puppy

Look how proudly this little puppy sits on a pillow. Even a teenaged girl would love a puppy like this. Go to Woman's Day for the directions.


12. Dog Biscuit Ornament

You'll want to keep these ornaments away from your pet cause he'll want to eat them. Learn how to make these dog biscuit ornaments at VisiHow.


13. TP Roll Puppies

The kids will love making TP roll puppies. This is a great school project because of the ease in collecting TP rolls.


14. Square Puppy

This would be a fun little guy to make. You can get the directions at Funigurumi and Kids Stuff.


15. Striped Sox Puppy

Make this cute puppy using a pair of striped socks. So cute!! If you want to make a puppy like this one, go to Cut Out + Keep.


16. Puppy Ornament

This would be a cute ornament for dog lovers. Find the instructions for making it at Kitchen Concoctions. If you have cat lover friends, these instructions include the option.


17. Oatmeal Box Puppy

This is a great way to recycle an oatmeal box. It's an easy project that you can find the directions for at FaveCrafts.


18. Beagle

Another cute crocheted puppy pattern that you can find at Ami Amour.


19. Scottie

I think this would be a perfect baby gift made out of a soft or plush fabric. This easy pattern is found at Cut Out + Keep.


20. Yogurt Cup Puppy

These cute little puppies are inexpensive enough so you can make a whole litter of them. Go to Muffin Tin Mom for the directions.


21. Amirugumi Crochet Scottie

You can make this cute amirugumi crocheted puppy by going to Handmade for the instructions. This is an unbelievable likeness for a crocheted dog, in my opinion.

22. Easy No-Sew Dog Sweater

23. Puppy Sock Puppet (starts at 6:14)


24. Puppy Sock Doll

This little puppy dreams that he is one of Santa's helpers. Rudolph to be specific. Find out how to make him at the Martha Stewart site.


25. Knitted Puppy

I don't know how to knit, but if I did I'd want to try this pattern. You can find the pattern at ravelry.


26. No-Sew Sock Puppy

A sock, a scissors and rubber bands are the main supplies needed to make this cute no-sew puppy. Find the instructions to make this puppy at CRAFTS IDEAS.


27. Puppy Keychain

This project is easy enough that you can make a puppy keychain for all the drivers in your life. Go to for the instructions.


28. Valentine Puppy Card

Use this card as a Valentine or use it as an invitation. This cute little card's directions can be found at sweet and lovely crafts.


29. Doggie Marionette

If you want to make a really cute doggie marionette, you'll find the tutorial at Red Ted Art.


30. Valentine Doxi

Making these little doggy Valentine cards will be a lot of fun, and by adding a pencil, it's also a nice little gift. Find the instructions for making these Valentine doxi dogs at Splitcoaststampers.


31. Puppy Silhouette Pillow Cover

Any dog lover would appreciate a puppy silhouette pillow cover as a cherished gift.


32. Styrofoam Cup Pup

Even the very littlest kids will enjoy making puppies out of Styrofoam cups. MakingLearningFun includes, in their tutorial for this craft, the download for the puppy faces and feet. Let the kids color the faces and feet before cutting them out. How about painting or coloring the paper cup with colored markers or paints?


33. Knitted Dog Sweater

Make a gift for your best four-legged friend. You can find the pattern at favecrafts.


34. Plush Puppy

You'll find a tutorial for making this cute little puppy at Craft Passion.


35. Puppy Valentine Box

You'll find the instructions for making this cute puppy box at Pink Toes & Power Tools. To save time making this project, buy fringe trim and use it to cover the box.


36. Puppy Ears Card

Not only will the kids enjoy making this puppy ears card, they'll be excited about deciding who they want to send it to. Maybe a friend or maybe Mom or Day will be the lucky one to receive a handmade card. Follow the instructions at Skip to my Lou to make a puppy ears card.


37. Cardboard Tube Puppy

The kids will have a blast making these cute little cardboard tube puppies. Inexpensive to make and fun to make.


38. Dog Silhouette Wall Art

I think this dog silhouette wall art would be a great gift to give to a man who is very hard to buy or make a gift forl


39. Puppy Paw Print Ornament

Isn't this a cute idea for a Christmas ornament for your tree or to use on a gift package? I can think of a few people who would love a puppy paw print ornament.


40. Shaggy Pom Pom Puppy

Make this easy to assemble shaggy pom pom puppy and accept the compliments for your efforts.

© 2012 Loraine Brummer

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