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How to Make a Simple Crescent Moon Dreamcatcher

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Alyssa loves creating unique decor items from everyday household materials. She is a wife and mom who drinks copious amounts of coffee.

Make your own crescent moon dreamcatcher.

Make your own crescent moon dreamcatcher.

Sleep Soundly Beneath a Crescent Moon

I've always had an affinity for crescent moons. It's my favorite moon phase. I look forward to seeing a bright slice surrounded by the glow of planets and stars every month.

People throughout time have tried to explain phenomena and the world around them, making connections between our planet Earth and the universe above. Science has come a long way in helping us explain the world around us, but there's still a magical feeling when we stare up at the stars. It certainly has a way of putting our short lives on this planet in perspective.

This crescent moon dream catcher is a fun way to add a little celestial magic to your home. The materials needed are ones you most likely have on hand, and you can customize the dreamcatcher to suit your tastes. Choose to hang it up above your bed to ensure a good night's sleep or display it on a wall as a unique conversation piece.

Materials Needed

  • Cardboard
  • Twine
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Scotch tape
  • Old bracelets, necklaces, or beads (optional)
All you need!

All you need!


  1. Start by drawing your crescent moon shape on your cardboard and cut it out.
  2. Wrap twine all the way around, starting at one point. Be sure to cover the entire cardboard shape. I used a piece of scotch tape to secure the start of my twine to the back of my cardboard, and then wound the twine tightly around it.
  3. Once you reach the end, wind your twine around a few times, going back up the moon. Flip it over and cut the twine from the ball. Knot the twine by running the end through two of the strings, create a loop, and pull the end through. Trim off the excess.
  4. With the back of your moon still facing you, knot the twine at the top about 2 1/2 inches from the point. Flip the moon over so the front is facing you.
  5. Loosely wrap the twine around the moon toward the left, creating a loop. Pull your twine ball through the loop, keeping a little space between the loop and the moon. Continue wrapping the twine around the moon, creating loops as you go until you reach the bottom. Stop creating loops about 2 1/2 inches from the bottom point so that it matches with the top.
  6. At this point, I unwound a good amount of twine from the ball and snipped it to make it easier to create my web and add beads.
  7. If you have decided to add beads, make sure the holes will be big enough to thread your twine through them before you cut your old bracelets. The color beads I wanted to use ended up being too small, but I decided to use the bronzed separators instead. Lay out your beads and decide where you want them to end up before moving on. Have a needle handy to make it easier.
  8. Flip your moon over. Repeat the same threading and looping process through the loops you just created. Add beads as you'd like. Continue all the way to the other side of your moon.
  9. Flip the moon over and repeat the process, adding beads as you go.
  10. Continue the thread and loop process as many times as you'd like. I did it four times. When you're done, knot the twine on the back of your moon and trim the excess.
  11. If you have beads you'd like to add, but were too small for your twine, you can attach them to your crescent web with a light-colored thread or dental floss. This is what I did for the two blue beads and the two small bronze beads.
  12. Cut a piece of twine to make your hanger. Flip your moon over so the back is facing you. Fold the twine in half so the ends touch. Place the U shape at the top of the moon, near the web. Tuck the ends into your U shape and pull them through. Knot the ends.
  13. Hang your crescent moon dreamcatcher above your bed or display it on a wall as a decor item.


Alyssa (author) from Ohio on September 14, 2020:

Thanks Jason!

Jason Nicolosi from AZ on September 14, 2020:

I love it. What a cool idea. Beautiful and it looks like it would be super fun to make. Nice job.

Alyssa (author) from Ohio on August 26, 2020:

Thank you!

ken on August 24, 2020:

you are completely creative. love it.

Alyssa (author) from Ohio on August 22, 2020:

Yes, exactly! Thank you Lora! :)

Alyssa (author) from Ohio on August 22, 2020:

Thank you Linda! If you do, I'd love to know how it goes! :)

Lora Hollings on August 21, 2020:

This is a very unique and lovely decoration, Alyssa, and it doesn't require a lot of materials to make it. Your detailed instructions and photos also make it easy to assemble as well. This is a project that I could easily see myself doing. It's like bringing the moon into your own home. Who wouldn't love this!

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on August 21, 2020:

What a lovely creation! Thank you for sharing the instructions. This is a project that I might try.

Alyssa (author) from Ohio on August 21, 2020:

Thank you so much Pamela! Have a lovely weekend! :)

Alyssa (author) from Ohio on August 21, 2020:

Thank you Bill! Happy weekend!

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on August 21, 2020:

Alyssa, You are so talented. You have made so many cute items at home and this is no exception.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on August 21, 2020:

Clever as always! Too clever for this man with ten thumbs, but cool nonetheless. Happy Weekend, my friend!

Alyssa (author) from Ohio on August 20, 2020:

Thank you for your kind words, Lynsey! This really was easy to make, although it can get challenging if your twine tangles while making the web. haha! :)

Lynsey Hart from Lanarkshire on August 20, 2020:

What a great, easy to follow tutorial! Thank you for sharing. It looks amazing! Hard to believe how easy you make it look to make.