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Create Paper Flowers

Professional scrapbook artist, paper crafter, and author, I have taught people how to make family memories into legacies for 20 years.

Creating paper flowers is one of the most popular paper crafts

Creating paper flowers is one of the most popular paper crafts

Create Paper Flowers for Cards, Scrapbook Pages, and Paper Crafts

Paper flowers have always been popular as embellishments. They are used on scrapbook pages, as compliments to a greeting card, in Bible journaling, and for art journals. They can also be made for use in arrangements, wreaths and as decorations for special events. They are popular for special occasions. As the saying goes: "You can never have enough flowers."

They can be made out of tissue paper and card stock, or even from old books. Have you ever considered making flowers out of coffee filters or cupcake wrappers? I have even cut flowers from recycled cardboard boxes. They can be made in just about any size that you can think of!

In This Article

In this guide, we'll look at step-by-step instructions for:

  1. Gluing Your Flowers
  2. Creating Flowers From Electronic Cutting Programs
  3. Using Stamps to Make Flowers
  4. Die-Cut Flowers
  5. Paper Punch Flowers
  6. Vellum Flowers
  7. Printed Floral Cardstock
  8. Quilled Flowers
  9. Cutting Paper Flowers by Hand
  10. Crepe Paper Flowers
  11. Tissue Paper Flowers
  12. Printable Flowers
  13. Coloring Books and Pages
  14. Origami Flowers

Crepe Paper Flowers

You need quality crepe paper to be able to do cut and fold patterns

You need quality crepe paper to be able to do cut and fold patterns

Types Of Paper For Paper Flowers

Type Of PaperFlowers Used ForNotes

Cardstock & Printed Cardstock

Rolled flowers, stamped flowers, fold and cut flowers, die cut flowers

50 to 60 lb more ( never higher than 80 lbs) Use colored cores rather than white cored paper.

Crepe Paper

Mostly cut and fold flowers

Use good quality crepe paper specifically for flowers

Pearlized Paper

Stamped flowers and rolled flowers

A type of cardstock with a pearl finish. Makes elegant flowers

Quilling Paper

Quilled flowers

Thin strips of paper about 75 to 90 gsm.

Mulberry Paper

Rolled and cut and fold flowers as well as stamped flowers

Comes mostly in sheets

Tissue paper

Mostly used for cut and foild flowers

Very delicate paper


Stamped and die cut flowers

Comes in a varirty of colors and patterns

Quilled Flower

Quilled flowers are made with thin paper worked into flower and leaf shapes

Quilled flowers are made with thin paper worked into flower and leaf shapes

Stamped Flowers

Stamped flowers are the simplest of all paper flowers. You stamp an image and then either hand cut it or cut it with a die. They can be a single layer or multiple layers.

Fold And Cut

These flowers are very easy to make. They can either be made with a template ( a pattern) or cut-free style. The folds are added to give the paper flower dimension. The template can either be traced onto paper or be a template that has been loaded into an electronic cutting machine. In either case, the flower is cut and then folded to create dimension and shape.


Diecuts are patterns that have been cut into a paper that create flower shapes. These shapes are created with dies that cut the paper into the shape of a flower. It can be a single flower shape or multiple layers that are adhered to each other.


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Rolled flowers are shapes that are cut by hand or with an electronic cutting machine, The flower shapes are then rolled into the shape of a flower. These rolled paper flowers are really an enlarged quilling project. Quilling is the art of rolling paper strips. Here, instead of straight paper strips, we rolled a spiral of petals connected together.


These are flowers that are created with folds to create a paper flower shape.

Stamped Flowers

Stamped flowers can have a lot of detail. They can also  be layered to create a realistic floral effect,

Stamped flowers can have a lot of detail. They can also be layered to create a realistic floral effect,

Types of Glue or Adhesive for Paper Flowers

Type Of GlueUsesProperties

PVA Tacky Glue

Fast drying for flowers

Thick and fast acting glue

Glue Dots

Can adhere flowers to paper

No waiting to dry-permanent bond

Clear Gel Tacky Glue

Used as a strong bond for flowers

Adds dimension to flowers. Applies and dries clear

Hot Glue Gun

Glue petals together and flowers to surface

Fast and permanent bons

White Glue

Used in quilled flowers

Reasonable drying time

Tips for Gluing Flowers

There are a few things to consider when you are gluing flowers together or gluing flowers to other surfaces. Here are some tips for using glues on paper flowers:

  • Not all glues are equal. Always read the labels on the products. They will give you information on the application and uses of the products.
  • Apply adhesive evenly and remove excess quickly. Immediately clean and cap the adhesive container to maintain shelf life and performance.
  • For optimum bond strength, it is imperative that the surfaces are residue and dust free.
  • For projects requiring some durability and strength, like gluing flowers, you can often aid adhesion by roughening the surfaces with fine grit sandpaper to provide “teeth” for adhesives to interlock.
  • Experiment with the glue on scrap pieces of your project. Check for appearance, adhesion and resulting bond
  • Use glue with a thin tip so that the glue flow can be more easily controlled.
  • Always re-cap your glue right away to keep the glue fresh.

Making Flowers From Paper Plates

Learn to make flowers from paper plates, who knew?

Learn to make flowers from paper plates, who knew?

Creating Paper Flowers From Electronic Cutting Programs

The easiest way to make paper flowers is to create them from programs from an electronic cutter program. Electronic cutters have patterns built into the programs that allow you to cut a pattern that is either part of a program or a file that you scan into the program.

Some programs, like the Cricut Design Space, allow you to convert files from other sources as part of the program. Some of these source files may be free. Others may have a minimal cost to them. The Cricut design space also allows you to draw paper patterns and designs that you can print to color. There is also a feature that allows you to print an image and then cut that same image. Some machines, like the Scan and Cut, allows you to scan a pattern into the machine.

Some patterns create flat flowers with intricate designs. You can create layered flowers or rolled flowers. Other flowers are multi-layered. There are even 3D rolled flowers that are the most realistic. The nice thing about using electronic cutters is that they do the cutting for you.

What You Will Need:

  • An electronic cutting machine.
  • Cutting mat for the machine. The mat holds paper on it.
  • Spatula to remove the paper flower.
  • Paper of your choice.
  • A thin line pen for some projects.


  • Make sure that your paper is well adhered to the mat that you are using.
  • Pull the mat away from the paper rather than the flower away from the mat.
  • Make sure that you are cutting st the right setting for the paper that you are using.

More Electronic Paper Flower Ideas

Flower stamps can be stamped directly on a project or stamped and cut out

Flower stamps can be stamped directly on a project or stamped and cut out

Creating Paper Flowers With Stamps

There are so many beautiful options when creating flowers with stamps. No matter what flower you can think about, there is probably a stamp for it. There are single flowers and groups of flowers.

They come in both rubber and acrylic and rubber stamps. They can be stamped on plain paper and colored with colored pencils, watercolors, or markers. They can be stamped on colored paper, glitter paper or metallic paper. Some stamps come with dies in a set so that you can stamp and then cut them out with the dies. You can add glitter accents.

What You Will Need:

  • Flower stamps
  • Acrylic block
  • Ink pads
  • Colored markers, colored pencils to add detail or color
  • Detailed scissors to cut the image out.
  • Paper of your choice


  • For stamping, avoid porous papers such as construction paper or lightweight typing paper.
  • Matte finish coated paper is often the best choice for blending and shading colors when using chalk, oil sticks, or colored pencils.
  • When stamping on coated card stock, pigment inks will not dry because they cannot be absorbed into the paper. If you use pigment ink, it must be heat embossed. If you do not wish your coated card stock project to be heat embossed, stamp with Memories ink. Either heat set it with your embossing heat tool, or allow enough drying time to cure the ink so it won't smear.
Flowers made with dies are such a rewarding craft. You can use them on cards, scrapbook pages and stand alone flowers.

Flowers made with dies are such a rewarding craft. You can use them on cards, scrapbook pages and stand alone flowers.

Creating Paper Flowers With Dies

Die cut flowers are so lovely to make. They can be cut from dies as a flat or mult-layered flower or they can be a rolled flower.

The dies can either be cut in a manual or electronic die cutting machine. The paper and the die on placed on plastic plates. The plastic plates are then fed into the die cutting machine. The die cutting machine squeezes the die into the paper, creating the cut design. Some dies also have the option of being embossed also which will create a raised design on the flower.

What You Will Need:

  • An electronic or manual cutting machine.
  • The plates needed to cut the die
  • Flower dies
  • The paper of your choice


  • You can add details with some ink. Either ink the edges of the flowers or the raised sections of them.
  • Use washi tape, or other removeable tape, to anchor your die to the surface.
  • If an area in the design is not cutting through all the way, you can create a shim from a sheet of card stock cut into a strip (wide enough to cover the area that needs some extra tension).

How to Shape Die Cut Flowers

Creating Paper Flowers With Punches

Flower punches are so easy to use! And beyond the paper, you really need very little to create flowers from simple to elegant in one step. Some of these punches create multi-layered flowers with one punch. Others create a flower with a single punch. The nice thing about punches is that there is no detailed cutting involved.

You can take a similar color ink as the color of the card stock and sponge over your punched flowers. For a center, you can use a half bead or gem. Did you know that if you do not have the right color, you can color it with alcohol markers? You can also use a button or some Neuvo drops to create a center, or you can cut a circle or a shape for the center of your flower.

What You Will Need:

  • Flower paper punch
  • Paper of your choice


  • Always make sure that your punches are sharp before cutting flowers, Punch through a piece of aluminum foil before starting a large project.
  • Layer several layers of flowers for a multi-dimensional look.
  • Lightly curl the edges of your flower with a bamboo skewer.
  • Rub some distress ink on the edges of your flower.
  • A gem can be added to the center.

Make Lovely Hydrangeas In A Few Steps

Detailed flowers can be made and last a lifetime

Detailed flowers can be made and last a lifetime

Creating Vellum Flowers

While vellum is delicate, it can be used to create beautiful flowers.

What You Will Need:

  • Vellum paper
  • Flower stamp of your choice
  • Stamping block
  • Embossing ink pad
  • Dye ink in the color of your choice
  • Heat gun
  • Gems for centers
  • Detailed scissors
  • Hot glue gun or other glue


  • Distressed ink makes a lovely highlight for your rolled vellum flowers
  • Die ink inks can be used behind the vellum flowers
  • You can lightly roll the edges of the flowers for a more realistic look

Creating Flowers From Printed Floral Cardstock

There are many printed scrapbook pages that have a floral theme. The flowers on these pages come in all kinds of sizes, shapes, and types of flowers. You can buy these pages as individual pages or as a themed paper pack.

Look for patterns with reasonably sized flowers that repeat in the pattern. That way you can cut out groups of flowers. That way you can layer these flowers.

Once you find the flower you like, you simply cut the shape out with a detailed scissor and layer them. Use glue to layer them.

What You Will Need:

  • Floral printed card stock
  • Detailed scissors
  • Glue
  • Gems and glitter (optional)


  • You can ink the edges to add depth.
  • Add some glitter to make your flowers shine.
  • Add a gem, or Nuvo drops to the center of the flower. If you do not have the right color, you can color them with an alcohol marker.
  • If the design does not have leaves, cut a few leaves and glue them underneath the flower.

Quilled Flowers

Quilled flowers are an amazing expression of color and form

Quilled flowers are an amazing expression of color and form

Quilled Flowers

Quilled flowers are made with thin strips of paper, a quilling tool, and some glue. You can purchase some quilling strips, or you can cut the strips yourself. You can make a shaped flower or a fringed flower.

You are simply making rolls of paper that are then formed into shapes that the pattern requires. The individual pieces are glued and then glued together to form a pattern.

What You Will Need:

  • Strips of quilling paper or card stock
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Quilling tool
  • Knife
  • Self healing cutting mat
  • Foam board


  • You will always get better results using a paper quilling tool.
  • Always go light with the glue. You can apply it with a toothpick.
  • Use a shape guide to shape your quills which cuts time.
  • Use a pattern, especially as a beginner.

Give Dimension To Stamped Flowers

Using photo dots give lots of dimension to stamped flowers

Using photo dots give lots of dimension to stamped flowers

Basic Quilling Shapes

Basic Quilling Shapes

Cutting Paper Flowers by Hand

You can use a template to cut your flowers, or you can cut them completely freehand. No matter which way you go, you will need sharp detail scissors. Decorative scissors can be used to create designed edges.

You can make your own templates of petals or flower shapes. Look to nature for your inspiration. Make your flowers faster by folding paper and making one cut instead of cutting petals one at a time.

What You Will Need:

  • Pencil
  • Paper of your choice
  • Detail Scissors
  • Glue
  • Markers for details
  • Ink for edges


  • Experiment with different papers. See which paper holds up to your technique.
  • Use different media to color your flowers. If you are planning to use watercolors, however, use water color paper.
  • You can use a template, but feel free to experiment with your own shapes and ideas.

Cutting Paper Flowers By Hand-More Ideas

Crepe Paper Streamers

These crepe paper flowers are made from streamers rather than crepe paper sheets

These crepe paper flowers are made from streamers rather than crepe paper sheets

Creating Crepe Paper Flowers

Creating paper flowers with crepe paper takes your papercrafts to exciting new levels. Crepe paper comes in a variety of colors that will help you find the most realistic color for your blooms.

Materials For Crepe Paper Flowers

  • Wire Cutters
  • Scissors
  • Crepe paper in rolls or sheets
  • 18 gauge floral wire
  • Floral tape

Single Petal Technique

In this method, you build your flower petal by petal. Each individual petal is cut, formed, and added to the stem. You create the stamen from crepe paper and floral wire. The petals are cut and formed. Then are added using floral tape.

Continuous Petal Technique

This is a little different than the single petal technique. Here a continuous strip of crepe paper is used to create the flower. A fringe of petals is cut through the whole piece of paper. The paper is then wrapped around the stamen and the floral wire. It is secured with floral tape. You can use one long piece of crepe paper or several shorter pieces. The trick here is to get them and the leaves wound tightly around the stamen. After the petals strips and leaves are attached, you can then form the petal shapes of the flowers.

More Crepe Paper Flower Ideas

Using printed papers with your paper flowers add lots of color to your projects

Using printed papers with your paper flowers add lots of color to your projects


More Tissue And Crepe Paper Flowers


Printable Flowers

There are many resources where you can find printable flowers. These flowers are sometimes in a PDF format, which means that you will be able to print the flowers right on your computer. Once you print them, you simply cut them with detail scissors.

You should use heavy cardstock of at least 60-65 lb weight. For these types of flowers, generally, you would use a white or off white paper.

They can come as either very detailed colored flower or as a flower outline which you then could color. Just about any coloring medium would do. I am fond of colored pencils and alcohol markers, but do not limit yourself. If you are planning to use watercolors, you might want to print the flowers on watercolor paper.

What You Will Need:

  • A computer
  • A printer
  • The paper of your choice in white-should be a heavy card stock
  • Detail scissors

Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue paper is so much fun to work with. You can get it as white, by the color or in a mixed package. With a few folds and cuts, you are on your way to creating a bouquet of flowers that never wilt.

You can make them in different sizes depending on your needs. They are perfect decor for special occasions. They make a special statement when used as a backdrop.

What You Will Need:

  • Tissue paper in the color of your choice
  • Scissors
  • Glue and tape
  • Ruler
  • Pipe cleaners


  • You can get tissue flowers cut on an electronic cutting machine if you use a rotary blade. You need to use a light tack mat.
  • You can cut multiple layers of tissue papers at once. Stack up to 12 sheets together.
  • Round your edges with stickers.

Create A Lisianthus Bouquet

These blooms are perfect for Spring

These blooms are perfect for Spring


Coloring Books and Pages

With adult coloring books becoming so popular, do not overlook them as a resource for flowers for your projects. Often these books have delightfully detailed illustrations that will fit your projects in a very creative way.

There are thousands of resources for printing coloring pages off your home computer.

What You Will Need:

  • Coloring book page
  • Markers or colored pencils
  • Detail scissors
  • Card stock
  • Glue


  • You can always scan the coloring page into your computer to use at a later date. You can do this as long as the page is for your own use.
  • You should scan and print the coloring page on card stock if you are planning to use it as an element on a scrapbook page or on a card. The paper in the coloring book is thin and may rip in use.
  • Try printing the coloring page on colored card stock, Then all you have to do is add details.

Origami Flowers

Origami flowers are just simple cut and fold patterns that are easy to make and inexpensive. Directions often include both the cuts, if any as well as the folding sequence.

Origami Paper: This specialized paper comes in many grades and sizes. They are usually square but also come in rectangular and circular shapes.

What You Will Need:

  • Paper that you will cut into thin strips or pre-cut origami paper
  • Origami tool
  • Scissors
  • White glue


While they may seem easy to achieve, there are a few things to consider:

  1. Start with simple flowers. Then as you understand how to do these, you can move onto more intricate projects.
  2. Make sure that you understand the size of the finished project. That way you will not be disappointed with the outcome.
  3. Make sure that you understand the folding sequence before starting.
  4. Get lots of paper to work with. You can do origami on just about any lightweight paper. Office copy paper, magazines, and newspaper are the perfect practice papers. There is special origami paper that you can work with.
  5. Do not limit yourself to just solid colored paper. Experiment with printed paper too.
  6. You can use scrapbook paper, construction paper, tissue paper, and even gift wrap.
  7. You should work with nothing less than a 6" x 6" paper.

How To Use Giant Paper Flowers

Mother's day and birthdays are the perfect occasions to use giant paper flowers

Mother's day and birthdays are the perfect occasions to use giant paper flowers

Creating Giant Flowers

Giant flowers are the largest flowers in paper that you can create. They take a little more effort, but the results are truly stunning.

You can decorate a wall or a window with these beauties. :Large floor vases are perfect for these flowers. They look lovely in a baby nursery. And of course, you can use these for a wedding backdrop.

Many of these flowers are made with crepe paper. It is soft paper. It's also easy to cut, so you can cut many layers at the same time. It is easy to shape and mold into petals, so it is a favorite for paper flower designers.

Crepe Paper Flower Tips

There are a few things to consider when making giant (as well as other sizes) paper flowers. Here are a few tips to handle crepe paper:

  1. Fold the paper over and over to cut many layers at once. You should be able to get 8 large petals or 16 small petals from each sheet.
  2. You can use the leftovers from your cuts to create smaller flower petals.
  3. Make sure that when you are wrapping the stems with stem tape to stretch the stems to activate the adhesive. Keep a damp towel nearby. Your fingers will get sticky.
  4. To form petals, firmly but carefully pull the crepe outwards and upwards, forming a “cupping” shape in the center of the petal.
  5. curl the top edges of your petals. Do this by wrapping the top around a pencil, while stretching the crepe slightly to avoid wrinkles, about one to one and a half times.

Wall Flowers For Special Occasions

Create a special wall flower arrangement for a birthday, shower or wedding

Create a special wall flower arrangement for a birthday, shower or wedding

Giant Wall Flower Tips

Giant wallflowers are usually made from templates and hand-cut out or from SVG files that are loaded into an electronic cutting machine.

The nice thing about using a cutting machine is that it saves you time and you can size your flowers as you need them.

Everyone has their own preference for glue. Some like to use a glue gun. Others prefer tacky glue. Follow the directions and you will develop your own prefernces.

These flowers consist of petals and a center. The petals are glued to the center. Each layer is created and then all the layers are glued one on top of the other.

So first you cut out all the parts of the flower in the number that you need. You start with the largest petal layer first and work up to the smallest.

Generally, you make a slit in each petal, depending on the type of flower. You glue the two slits together and allow them to dry before you attach them to the center.

  1. How long you make the slit in the bottom of your petals affects how open or closed your final flower appears. Use a little craft glue and overlap the bottom to create dimension with each petal. It doesn’t matter how far you overlap—just be consistent with all your flower petals.
  2. You can stack your petals and cut them together or measure and cut them individually, but you need the cuts the same length to give the flower a uniform look.
  3. Once dry, you’ll glue all the petals to create the flower. Start with your largest petals at the bottom — glue in a ring on top of the circle template piece. Once the first layer is set, do the second, and so on, until you have the whole flower.
  4. Work one layer at a time. Glue the petals to the template then place a bowl, a bottle of glue, or other heavy objects to hold it all together while it dries.

Giant Wall Flower Tips And Templates

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Use Giant Paper Flowers To Decorate A Window

Make a giant paper flower window for a spring look year round

Make a giant paper flower window for a spring look year round

Giant Paper Flower Tutorials

Creating A Paper Flower Backdrop

THis backdrop would be perfect for a wedding, anniversary, shower or party

THis backdrop would be perfect for a wedding, anniversary, shower or party

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