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39 Creative Old Map Craft Ideas

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.


Are you one of those people that has an abundance of maps and really no idea about what to use them for? I've been searching to find crafts made with old maps, and I think I've found some interesting sites with not only pictures of the map crafts, but also directions on how to make the art or crafts using old maps. Check out the pictures and sites below.

I think you'll be mighty happy that you have been saving all those old maps.To remember your vacation with a map photo frame like the one shown above, go to the FUN FAMILY CRAFTS website.


1. Map Magnets

The little half marbles can be found in the craft departments of Walmart or any of the craft stores. You can find out how to make them at thehappyhousie.


2. Purse

This unique purse made from a map will certainly by a conversation starter. To find out how you too can have a purse like this, go to paperblog for the instructions.


3. Map Wallpaper

I'm really impressed with this craft idea for using old maps. Wallpapering a room, or just one wall of an office, boy's room or family room is an outstanding idea. By visiting the Sweet Something Design site, you'll find the instructions on how to wallpaper with maps.


4. File Storage Boxes

When your files have to be seen, this is a nice way to have them handy and pleasing to the eye. Go to IKEA HACKERS to find the directions for this project.


5. Hand Lettered Map Canvas

Wondering what to give to a favorite graduate? An Adventures Await hand lettered map canvas art decoration would be perfect.

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6. Vacation Picture

This would make a great gift to give someone that you shared a memorable vacation with. It would also be a great reminder of a family vacation. To get the directions for making this picture, go to CRAFTS BY Amanda.

7. Make an iPhone Case


8. Personalized Photo Map

Consider this as a thoughtful gift for Valentine's day, a birthday, bridal shower, etc. occasions. Cutting the photo in the shape of the state to remember a special date or vacation will make this a map to frame and keep forever. Find the tutorial for this outstanding craft at Cut Craft Create.


9. Map Heart Garland

You'll be able to think of lots of occasions when this heart garland will be appropriate. Imagine a party at the office, school, a going away party or a party celebrating someone's return. You'll find the instructions for making this garland at THINK CRAFTS.


10. Vintage Map Covered Shade

This is a beautiful way to display vintage maps that you don't want to just tuck away and save. The tutorial at Silver Boxes is easy to understand. Notice the grosgrain ribbon trim on the lamp shade.


11. Map Pumpkins

This is such a simple, yet outstanding way to decorate with map covered pumpkins. Find the directions at Mod Podge Rocks.


12. Magazine Storage

Cover your magazine storage boxes with maps and be delighted to display them on your book shelves. Such a great look! You can find the instructions for this project at KENSINGTON COTTAGE.


13. Map Coasters

Isn't this a clever way to use maps? These are easily made and would be an appreciated gift. Tuck them in as stocking stuffers, or with a shower gift, they are so cute. Go to almost never clever for the instructions.


14. Scrapbooking Pages

Scrapbookers will love the looks of these memory keeping pages. Go to Martha Stewart to see how she made these pages. It's # 13 in the slideshow.


15. Weaved Heart

A pretty little weaved heart would be a nice gift for children to make for their Mom or Dad or to give as a Valentine. You'll find the pattern and directions at maya*made.


16. Memory Bulletin Board

What a great idea, a trip memory board. I realize the tutorial doesn't use an old map in it's directions, but I think it could definitely be used instead of the Silhouette cut map. Find the directions for making this trip board at Lil' Blue.


17. Magnetic Map Tray

An easy craft using maps that you'll be proud to say that you made. For the directions, go to FOX HOLLOW Cottage.


18. Decorator Clock

Add a decorator touch to a shelf or desk in the office. This are so unique and elegant looking and would be very comfortable in any room of the house. Find the directions at While Wearing Heels.


19. Country Flower

You'll find all sorts of uses for flowers made like this. Glue a brooch pin on the back or glue it to a headband or use it for a package bow. Make lots of these with the directions you'll find at Factory Direct


20. Love Magnet

Make magnets for Valentine's Day or for many other occasions. The kids will love helping make these. Go to THINK CRAFTS to find out how to make them.


21. Map Keychain

Help the kids make keychains to give as gifts using the instructions found at sarah ortega.


22. Folded Flowers

These flowers are just so beautiful and to think that they are made by folding map pieces. You'll find the instructions for this project at paper vine.


23. Life is a Journey

This is a great project for school or for homeschoolers. Make the cars larger, cover a bulletin board with maps and follow the directions on Kids & Glitter for a nice lesson on our life journey.


24. Your State Framed Photo

I really like this wall or desk décor using old maps. This is a very appropriate gift to give to anyone for their home or their office. The tutorial for making this framed photo of state shaped map, go to The CHIC home.


25. Map Paint Stick Magnets

This is really a great idea for showing off the kids' school papers on the refrigerator. Paint sticks are decoupaged with old maps and a magnet is attached to the back. Find out how to make these magnets by going to STOW & TELL.

26. Decoupage Furniture with Old Maps


27. Map Themed Wall Clock

A map themed wall clock would be appropriate in any room of the house or office. To make a wall clock like this one, follow the directions found at MOD PODGE ROCKS.


28. Map Birdhouse

This is a unique way to decorate a birdhouse that would make it an appropriate piece of décor in any home. Go to CRAFTS BY Amanda for instructions on making map birdhouses.


29. 3-D Map Stars

Beautiful 3-D map stars can be displayed all year long. Especially at Christmas and our patriotic holidays.


30. Fabric Scrap Map

I realize this isn't a project that uses maps, but I think the idea here would make a great classroom project, using wallpaper, scrapbook sheets or calendar pictures for the different states. Find the instructions for making this project at see kate sew.


31. State Wall Arrangement

The state themed art is a great addition to a wall arrangement that tells a story. You'll find the tutorial and tips to make this "state" wall hanging at creating really awesome things.

32. Free Maps Resource

FYI: Check out the great, free maps resources at Traveling With Purpose.


33. Map Pendant Lamp

I'd certainly be able to find a place for this in my home. See how to make this outstanding map pendant lamp by going to paisley sprouts for the directions.


34. Around the World Map Ornament

Do you need a new idea for your Christmas tree next year? This Around the World ornament would make an interesting theme. Without adding the ribbon, the round balls would look great displayed in a shallow bowl. You'll find the directions for making these ornaments at Clever Pink Pirate. Very impressive.


35. Silhouette Couple

Make a lasting keepsake with framed silhouettes over a map that represents a memorable time or place. For the directions to make the beautiful silhouette picture above, go to favecrafts.


36. Map Pendant

Friends and strangers alike will want to know about the maps you've chosen for your pendant. Go to unfortunately oh! for the instructions on making this pendant.


37. Marquee Map Letters

On the wall or on a shelf, these beautiful huge letters will make a clear decor statement. Go to CraftCuts for the tutorial.


38. Faux Vintage Pull Down Map

Make and display this faux vintage pull down map project with the help of the Blesser House blog.


39. Coasters

You'll find the directions for making coasters, for yourself or as gifts, at The Country Chic Cottage.

© 2012 Loraine Brummer

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Teri Villars from Phoenix, Arizona on April 01, 2012:

This is a cool idea. You could hang one of these from your rear view mirror and wouldn't need a GPS! ha! Squid Angel blessed

anonymous on March 29, 2012:

Great ideas, especially the Map Coasters!

Gayle Dowell from Kansas on March 25, 2012:

I love maps and these crafts are a great way to use old maps.

Peggy Hazelwood from Desert Southwest, U.S.A. on March 25, 2012:

Lovely map crafts! I've made the map magnets and covered a clipboard with a map. I also use large maps as wrapping paper. Fun stuff!

bjslapidary on March 23, 2012:

Love it! Lots of neat ideas.

anonymous on March 23, 2012:

Well done on your topic and being so creative. It's always nice to run into your work on Squidoo. *blessed by a squid angel*

Brandi from Maryland on March 20, 2012:

Lovely ideas...and I love the poem at the end! :)

flycatcherrr on March 20, 2012:

What a lot of great ideas here! I've got a pile of outdated maps just looking for a craft project. :)