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50 Darling Homemade Gift Ideas to Make for a New Mom

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.

New moms will appreciate these thoughtful gifts knowing you made them!

New moms will appreciate these thoughtful gifts knowing you made them!

50 Ideas to Make a New Mom Smile

I've compiled a list of gifts a new mom would love to receive to help her take care of her baby. I hope you enjoy looking through these handmade gift ideas and make them in order to brighten her day!

Learn how to make the picture frame above at CRAFTS BY Amanda.


1. Baby Snuggler

Babies feel secure when they are warm and sleepy. This snuggler, which is warmed in the microwave and fitted close to the baby, provides that secure feeling.


2. Little Man(ly) Bibs

The mother of a baby boy will enjoy these manly bibs for her little man.


3. Baby Birdies Mobile

Use fun colors and prints to make these small birds for a nursery! String them on a garland or display them individually for baby shower decorations.


4. To-Go Bags

It's always nice to see gift ideas that make a new mom's life a little easier. These "to-go bags" are a thoughtful gift you can make for her!

5. Fun Baby Shower Decorations


6. Stretchy Headband

Moms who want their baby girls to wear headbands know the headbands need to be soft and comfortable. Otherwise, it can't be expected to stay on the baby's head! A stretchy headband is a comfortable type that works well.

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7. Mom and Baby Bag

Can't you just see the new mom's eyes light up when she sees this set? Find the steps at creative kismet.


8. Barn-Inspired Baby Gate

Isn't this just the sweetest idea for a baby safety gate? Purchased gates are usually not very attractive but are often necessary and serviceable. You'll love how easy it is to make a baby gate like this one.


9. Ruffled Ice Cream Cones

Imagine using desserts as a theme for a baby shower or a little kid's birthday party! I love these ruffled ice cream cones and can see them used as a mobile in a nursery.


10. Sleep Sack

One piece, all-in-one sleepers are a real boon for a new mother. They are easy to put on a baby, keep the baby covered, and are simple to wash. Feel free to customize the colors and prints to appeal to the new mother's style.


11. Barefoot Sandals

These barefoot sandals are the cutest thing ever and take no time at all to crochet. Find the instructions over at The Misadventures of Homemade. To make this for baby boys, just omit the flower.


12. Crocheted Booties and Bibs

Babies go through a lot of bibs and booties, so this day-of-the-week set will be a welcome gift. You'll find the pattern over at favecrafts.


13. Tugging Box

I don't care how much you pay for a baby toy—your little one will still prefer a simple toy. If you don't believe me, just see how much fun they have banging pots and pans! That being said, make this tugging box a fun handmade addition to your baby's toy collection!


14. Tulle Pom-Poms

Make tulle pom-poms to decorate a baby shower! You can hang them individually or make a garland to add pizzazz to a room.


15. Pacifier Pocket

Adding a loop to this pacifier pocket allows you to hang it on a purse strap for easy access. I'm sure any mom would be thrilled to receive this present!


16. Wearable Blanket

A wearable blanket assures you that the baby's legs will stay covered. This is most necessary when the baby starts moving around a lot at night and ends up kicking out of their blankets.


17. Baby Train

Use this cute flower-pot train as a baby shower decoration, and then save it to decorate the nursery.


18. Fabric High Chair

You can easily take the baby's high chair with you in a diaper bag. I really love this idea because I'm a grandma, and this is the perfect answer for when the baby comes to visit. It's a fantastic gift idea!


19. Diaper Babies

Make these diaper babies for a playful way to include diapers with a baby gift! These can turn from baby shower decorations to functional presents.


20. Binky Leash and Carry Bag

Always know where baby's binky is and easily stow it away with this binky leash and carry bag tutorial!


21. Pinwheel Garland

Felt pinwheels strung on a length of ribbon make a beautiful baby shower decoration. You can also reuse it to decorate a baby's room after the party is over!


22. Changing Pad and Wipe Holder

You or your hubby will know exactly where the baby wipes are when you use this changing pad.


23. Baby Shoe Favors

A template to make baby shoe favors is included over at ohbabyboy! You can use whatever paper, ribbon, or fabric you want. This is an outstanding favor idea and can be adapted to be appropriate for boys or girls.

24. Baby Onesies


25. Nursing Cover

This pretty nursing cover gives a mom the privacy that she and the baby need.

26. Easy Baby Booties


27. Baby Caps

Knit caps will keep your baby's head covered without being too warm. Make this delightful set to match many different outfits!


28. Ruffled Bloomers*

These are the most darling little bloomers that I think I've ever seen!

*Although this website is currently unreachable, hopefully, it will be back online soon.


29. Felt Butterflies

Design Dazzle dishes the secret to making these attractive felt butterflies.


30. Toms-Inspired Shoes

Not only do these little baby/toddler shoes look delightful, but they also look comfortable! Make these Toms-inspired shoes for a little one you know!


31. Leg Warmers

These cute baby leg warmers are made using women's knee socks. It's so easy to do and yields an especially sweet gift. Save the baby's knees by covering them with leg warmers!


32. Bottle Strap

With this terrific bottle strap, you'll never have an unhappy baby who's lost his bottle when sitting in their car seat.


33. Shopping Cart Cover

A shopping cart cover makes a terrific shopping aid when a mom needs to take her baby on errands with her. Use this cover on the shopping cart or, if eating out, use it on a high chair. After you're done, just fold it up and tuck it in your purse. Layer batting between the fabrics to make it softer.


34. Baby Afghan

Moms love to wrap their babies in soft, warm blankets. A crocheted afghan will be a much-welcomed gift. Choose from a number of patterns on this site.


35. Training Pants

Who says training pants have to be ho-hum and unstylish? Imagine how adorable these training pants could be made. You can customize it for either a boy or a girl just by the fabric you choose.


36. Baby Bibs

I don't think any new mother can have too many baby bibs—do you?

37. Portable High Chair


38. Baby Mittens

Keep little baby fingers warm by making these mittens for them. Speckled Owl Studio shares exactly how to make them.


39. Baby Rag Quilt

This is a beautiful baby quilt any mother would love to receive for her baby. See how to make it with the Do It Yourself Divas.


40. Onesie Cupcakes

Give a unique gift by making this onesie cupcake! It'd make a lovely gift for a baby or to decorate a baby shower.


41. Cloche With a Flower

I love the look of this little cloche! Can you imagine this being made by a grandmother to put on her little granddaughter?


42. Rainbow Sunshine Plushie

Some babies, or maybe all of them, love the feel of soft satiny blanket binding. Ribbons have the same feel, so this little plushie is a great new Mom gift. Find the tutorial at Chez Beeper Bebe.


43. Easy Burp Cloth

A matching bib and burp cloth would make a nice gift for the new mom and baby. You'll find this easy project at PRUDENT BABY.


44. Car Seat Cover

With the winter months coming, a cute car seat cover will make an especially appreciated gift. It's perfect to use any time of year as long as you use a fabric that's appropriate to the season!


45. Butterfly Throw

This beautiful butterfly throw will be a loved blanket for years to come. I think that girls both big and little will treasure using this throw.


46. Diaper-Changing Pad

Every mom would appreciate this diaper changing pad made from a vinyl tablecloth. Make this inexpensive item that will become a priceless present.


47. Old McDonald Puppets

As soon as the baby starts noticing his or her surroundings, they'll be easily entertained with one of these fun puppets. I believe that even older kids will love playing with these.


48. Swaddle Blanket

This adorable swaddle blanket will be very much appreciated by a new mom.


49. Felt Booties

You can easily make a pair of felt booties using any color you'd like! They're so cute and easy to make, so I don't see a reason why you can't put these together.


50. Boo-Boo Bear or Owie Owl

Every parent and grandparent should have a boo-boo bear or owie owl tucked in the freezer to comfort a child (emotionally and practically) when they get hurt. It makes a great gift!

© 2012 Loraine Brummer

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