52 Trending Crafts to Make and Sell

Updated on June 11, 2020
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Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.

Make Craft Items to Sell

Making items to sell at a craft show can be rewarding—and profitable, if the items you choose prove to be what buyers want. So, the big question is: "What crafts are the ones most wanted?" (The perfect answer is: "The ones I've just spent hours making and invested money in buying supplies for.")

This article, written after viewing thousands of crafts on Google, lists items which I think would sell at craft shows. All the craft projects listed in this article include a photo of the craft and the clickable site name where you'll find the tutorial for making the item.

I don't know which crafts will sell the best, but I think it's important to make items that you enjoy constructing. And, if you are hoping to make money at it, be sensible in your pricing. Be sure you cover the cost of your supplies and know what similar items are selling for. Try to sell for a little less than the competition.

Basket liners like the no-sew ones shown above are a great craft show idea. Find the tutorial for making these attractive basket liners at Confessions of a Plate Addict.

1. Freezer Pop Cover

Use up all your polar fleece scraps to make these useful freezer pop covers to sell. Find the tutorial for making the pop covers at BY STEPHANIE LYNN.

2. Swiffer Duster Re-fill

You'll be able to make a nice profit with this item at your craft show. The duster re-fill is made using t-shirt yarn that you can easily make yourself. See how easy this project is by going to Verdigris Knits for the tutorial.

3. Flying Cups

You'll find the tutorial, and other examples of the flying cups, at DIY Enthusiasts. Imagine adding pearls or rhinestones for a flowing effect. Garage sales and Goodwill are great places to find inexpensive cups and saucers.

4. Infinity Scarf

There are so many possibilities with this item. Use different fabrics, colors, textures, prints and each becomes a new, stylish look. Find the easy tutorial for making infinity scarves like the one shown at I Heart Naptime.

5. Patio Place Mats

Patio place mats would be a great gift to give to someone that you know who likes to entertain with outdoor patio parties. The place mats can be sold as individual mats or as multi-print mats or matching mat sets. Find the tutorial for making this outstanding item at fabric mutt. Consider this as a great camper gift idea.

6. Tobacco Basket

I love the looks of centerpieces which feature a wooden or wicker box. This tobacco basket is easier to make than you would think. Check that out.

7. Garden Dish Art

There are soooo many ways to customize this craft idea, that it wouldn't matter how many other crafters were offering this garden art. Yours could be the ones that sell the best. I have one with a large red painted plate as the background, a center, white plate with the edge trimmed with black symbols, and then a black small plate with the Nebraska "N" logo in the center. The tutorial for this item is found at Infarrantly CREATIVE.

8. How to Drill a Hole in Glass

9. Denim Christmas Stocking

Christmas stockings are a great craft show item, especially for the late summer and fall craft shows. You'll find the instructions for making this stocking, and other denim craft items, at Emblibrary .

10. Domino Pendants

Jewelry, especially if it is a little out of the ordinary, is also an item that draws interest at craft shows. These domino pendants are very nice, and for a craft show I would make sure to have chains of a couple lengths to choose from. The tutorial for this item is found at The Enchanted Gallery .

11. Fringed Fleece Blanket

Notice how much nicer this fleece blanket looks just with the added fringe. This fringe is so easy to add and will add value to the throw. Well worth the little extra time it takes. For the easy no-sew directions for making this project, go to Make:

12. Jell Scent

You'll want to make your own special labels for these jars and also add a circle of colorful fabric to the lid. Or maybe glue a cluster of pearls or beads to the center of the lids and tie a satin ribbon around the screw cap. The instructions for making this jell scent is found at one ripe peach.

13. Baby Caps

One of the secrets of making money selling crafts is to keep the cost of supplies low. When you can make something by recycling, you improve your profits considerably. The baby caps shown above are just one idea of many that you'll find at Make It and Love It.

14. How to Make Christmas Gnomes

15. Crocheted Dish Cloths

If you can crochet, dishcloths are a get little item to draw customers to your craft table. Have a few beautifully tied together as a gift item. Then suggest giving them as holiday gifts, bridal shower gifts and new home gifts. Find the instructions for crocheting dish cloths at Petals to Picots.

16. Or Knitted Dish Cloths

Or, maybe you knit and can make these attractive dish cloths. Have a variety of colors, so your buyer will want one of each color. Find the knitting instructions at Little House in the Suburbs.

17. Tissue Paper Covered Pots

Think of all the beautiful choices of tissue paper colors and prints. Choose what you love to make your own tissue paper covered pots for your plants.

18. Leather Bow Belt

Belts can be a good craft show item also. Be sure to have sizes or adjustable belts included. Find the tutorial for making this attractive leather bow belt at I heart nap.

19. Etched Glass

You'll find a good tutorial on how to etch glass at The Yummy Life. Imagine all the ways you can etch glass to make it a great craft to sell item. Check out photos on Pinterest if you need ideas.

20. Glass Tile Pendants

Think of all the different items that you could make using these little glass tiles. Pendants, like this one with a tutorial at SUGAR BEE Crafts. is just one idea for their use. Make magnets, cork board pins, rings, bracelets, etc. Come up with an new, unique idea and the market will be yours.

21. Travel Jewelry Case

Overnights, weekends, vacations. Having a nice travel case for jewelry is a necessity when packing for a trip, and most gals like to have more than just one of them. The tutorial for making the travel case shown above is found at Positively Splendid.

22. Glass Gem Grape Wine Bottle Vase

I love the way the glass gems were used to make the grapes to decorate this wine bottle. You'll find this craft idea, and others using glass jars, when you visit Crafts USA. Check out the scrubby Jar Votives shown on this site also, they would be another great craft item to sell.

23. Transfer Image Pillow

When you see how easy it is to make this transfer image pillow, you'll want to check out images to make your own.

This is a pillow I made for myself. I did make my pillow from fleece and used a heavier cotton fabric to make the transfer. Love the free images from The Graphics Fairy. I'm very pleased with the transfer, but wish I had used a woven fabric for the pillow. I'd like a crisper look.

24. Chapstick Holder Keychain

You'll want to make a lot of these from different colors of felt so everyone can find one they love. Suggest them as stocking stuffers as well as for having small gifts ready for last minute gift needs. Go to Crafts Unleashed for the tutorial to make this keychain.

25. Baby Quilt

Baby quilts are a great craft show item. The site address for making this outstanding baby quilt, and other baby items, can be found at Do It Yourself Divas. Be sure to check out the portable high chair, the diaper changer pad and the boo boo bears. Those items would also be good craft show items.

26. Owl Candy Jar

This cute owl candy jar is just one of a whole bunch of filled jar gift ideas that you'll find at Club Chica Circle. Be sure to check these ideas out because I'm sure you'll find a couple that you'll want to add to your craft show items.

27. Christmas Gnomes

I love all the different little gnomes that have been making an appearance everywhere. So these Christmas gnomes are ones I'm particularly interested in making.

28. Garden Treasure Jars

Here's another project that uses glass gems, this time in an attractive garden item. Folks love to put bling in their gardens or flower beds and this is a perfect item. Find the information to make these garden treasure jars at EMPRESS OF DIRT.NET.

29. Christmas Stockings

Christmas stockings are always a great selling item at fall craft shows. Use a great pattern like the one included in this project at Positively Splendid tutorial, and make stockings like those shown or use other fabrics or Christmas prints. Consider making some using burlap fabric, velvet fabric or satin and lace. A Christmas stocking that has a cuff like this can be made in a solid color. Then offer to personalize the stocking by printing on a name with a colored or gold painter pen.

30. Days Til Christmas Calendar Charger

This is a great way for the kids to know how many days are left til Christmas without asking you daily. Buy the chargers at the dollar store, and you might even find some get stencils there. The tutorial for this craft is found at Lizzi’s Creations.

31. Burlap Pumpkins

A grouping of pumpkins, and some of them burlap pumpkins, make a beautiful fall or Holiday centerpieces.

32. Scrap Wood Pumpkins

Imagine how attractive and appropriate these scrap wood pumpkins will look at your front door entrance.

33. Sparkle Ruffle Scarf

Isn't this an attractive and stylish scarf? Find the free download at Lion Brand.

34. Citrus Holiday Apron

Here is another apron pattern that will catch the eye of every lady that passes your craft table. Find the pattern and instructions at sew4home to make aprons like this.

35. Reversible Headbands

Imagine all the holiday and special occasion fabrics that can be used to make headbands. Make one side a holiday print and the reverse side a universal print. Or make the headband in animal prints, polka dots, stripes, or one of the shiny jewel prints. The tutorial and pattern for making the headbands is found at the long thread.

36. Critter Pillows

Everyone loves a nice soft fleece pillow to cuddle. I dare you to make a table full of these and then manage to keep folks from picking them up and hugging them. The site to find this, and other pillows, can be found at Cool Stuff Art Gallery.

37. Corkscrew Headband

Hair accessories are also good items for craft shows and this headband is a great example. You'll find this item at Craft Rookie. Be sure to include hair accessories for all the ages, and especially for baby and little girls.

38. Sea Glass and Pearl Necklace

Jewelry is another item that sells well at craft shows. Sea glass and pearls are a beautiful combination that makes outstanding jewelry. Find the tutorial for this necklace at eCrafty.com.

39. Reusable Lunch Bags

An item like this, the reusable lunch bag, sells best when folks can see photos of the bags in use. Find the tutorial for making the lunch bags at i heart nap time.

40. Marvelous Marble Magnets

It's always good to have some less expensive items for sale that will draw customers to your table or booth. These magnets can be made for the different holidays, with sports logos, cartoon characters, etc. Find the tutorial for making these magnets at Eyeballs By Day Crafts By Night. Scroll down on the page to find the tutorial.

41. Bar-b-que Apron

BBQ aprons are a great idea for men, women or children. I made this apron using ticking fabric and gave it to a fisherman friend. I added "Hook 'Em & Cook 'Em" to the apron, but you could also make appropriate sayings for hunters, golfers, etc. Find the tutorial for making this apron at Purl Soho.

42. Soap Saver Massage

I love this idea and think it would make a great gift for anyone on your list, and for any occasion. The bumps on one side of this soap pouch makes it a massage soap saver. This crocheted soap on a rope is another of the items that could be gifted to a boy or man, as well as to a gal. I believe this would be an outstanding craft show item. The instructions for crocheting this soap saver is found at moogly.

43. Craft Booth Display Ideas

44. Tooth Fairy Pillow

Little kids love the excitement of "selling" their newly lost tooth to the tooth fairy. The tutorial for making this pillow is found at Fun. Cheap. or Free.

45. Crystal Pendant

You'll find the tutorial for making this beautiful crystal pendant at The Cwafty Blog. Consider all the possibilities with the huge choices in crystal colors.

46. Hoop Wreath

This hoop wreath is a simple and elegant wall decoration for your living or dining room. Outstanding in it's simplicity.

47. Terry Soap Pouch

If you aren't someone who crochets, but you would like to add a soap pouch to your craft supplies, this terry cloth soap pouch will do the trick. I'd add a cord to the corner of this pouch to make it a soap on a rope. The tutorial is found at whimsy love.

48. Necklace Display Stand

If you are selling custom jewelry, you'll love how easy it is to make your own necklace display stands. The tutorial for making the necklace display stand is found at STELLA + HODGE. Jewelry, as well as all craft items sell so much better when displayed in a professional manner.

49. Presentation, Presentation, Presentation

The presentation of your craft items is as crucial to good sales as the item itself. Lots of important information and tips!

50. Ten Mistakes to Avoid

Although some of the mistakes mentioned seem very obvious, it's always a good idea to be reminded of them. Be sure to read carefully through this list, there may be some that you haven't considered before. The more prepared you are for your craft show debut, or your continued appearances, is most important to having successful sales. This important list is found at CREATIVE INCOME.

51. Microwave Bow/ Potholder

I'm going to make a couple of these for my own use. These bowl potholders will save many a burned finger while removing hot food from the microwave. Seems to me this would be a great craft show item. Find the tutorial at The Spruce.

52. Jute Net Demijohn Wine Bottles

These are almost as much fun making as it is emptying the wine bottles. Find a great tutorial at Cameo Cottage Designs. You could even add the little fairy lights to the inside of the bottle to add zing.

© 2014 Loraine Brummer

What craft would sell best? - or leave a comment.

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    • profile image

      Sandee Pierce 

      13 days ago

      Love the place mats

    • kiddiecreations profile image

      Nicole K 

      12 months ago

      Great ideas here! Thanks so much for sharing them with us!

    • profile image

      pooja mule 

      14 months ago

      This article is amazing thanks for this information thanks for sharing us...

    • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

      Susan Hazelton 

      14 months ago from Sunny Florida

      Terrific suggestions. I love the Critter Pillows. Guess what my four youngest grandchildren will be getting for Christmas.

    • cherylone profile image

      Cheryl Simonds 

      14 months ago from Connecticut

      Nice article, I think I might try some of the things you mentioned.

    • profile image


      14 months ago

      Nice roundup! I'm loving the travel case for jewelry because my little granddaughters would love it filled with "fancy" jewelry, but you've covered great territory for a craft show.

    • Margaret Schindel profile image

      Margaret Schindel 

      6 years ago from Massachusetts

      I make jewelry to sell, although not usually at craft shows. These are terrific suggestions - well done, Loraine!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Think my favourite item is the CD tea light holder - Might even make some of those. :-) Lots of great ideas here.


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