48 Classy Clothespin Craft Ideas

Updated on February 21, 2018
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Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and kid-friendly craft tutorials.

What Can I Do With Clothespins?

I believe that kids and adults alike enjoy making clothespin crafts. To inspire you, I've curated a list of projects that vary from easy to involved. I hope you enjoy browsing through this harvest of clothespin crafts!

Learn how to make the cute little ants above.

1. Ballerina Ornament

This little ballerina is just the sweetest, and the tutorial makes it easy to follow! When I make these, I plan to add glitter to the edge of the skirt. I'll probably dilute white glue with a bit of water, brush the mixture to the edge of the skirt, and then sprinkle or roll the skirt edge in colored glitter.

2. Clothespin Snowmen

If you want to jazz up your decorated gifts, consider adding one of these cute little clothespin snowmen on top!

3. Cat in the Hat

Using pasta to make the cat's hat for this Dr. Seuss-inspired project is genius!

4. Spring Jewelry

Creating jewelry is a great way to use the springs on snap clothespins. Losa Balorios shares the instructions, and the pictures explain the process well.

5. Cool Penguins

Imagine some of the ways these penguin clothespins could be used. For instance, you could hang Christmas cards from a length of yarn or jute or use them to display art projects from school.

6. Tea Wreath

Imagine how happy a tea lover would be to receive a gift like this clothespin wreath. If you enjoy sipping a hot cup of tea as well, make one for your own kitchen to have a variety of tea bags handy in an attractive wreath.

7. Kissing Couples

Wouldn't these little kissing couples look cute in a centerpiece for a bridal shower?

8. Little Mermaids

This fun mermaid project is made with clothespins and paint. How cute are they??

9. Decorative Clothespins

You'll think of so many uses for these embellished clothespins. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Attach a magnet to the back to make a refrigerator magnet.
  • String them on a thread and clip on paper shapes to make a party banner.
  • Drill a hole in the back to hang it on a hook. Attach a small notepad so you always have somewhere to jot down your thoughts (or grocery list)!

10. Toy Soldiers

I think that boys will enjoy making these toy soldiers over at The Crafty Crow.

11. Christmas Tree

I just know I'm going to have to make a Christmas tree like this one. I think it's so unique and lovely.

12. Flag Wreath

Make a beautiful wreath like this to celebrate your American heritage. You'll find the tutorial for this patriotic craft at CAT’S CRAFT ROOM. Impressive!!

13. Clothespin Wreath

So simple, yet so very pretty, I really like the look of this wreath. Go to SIMPLER TIMES to learn how to make it.

14. Beaded Jewelry

15. Enchanting Planter

Unfinished clothespins make an interesting planter, but I'd suggest painting them to customize them for the gift recipient!

16. Clothespin Valentine

Make this cute and inexpensive Valentine's Day project at simply {kierste}.

17. Monster Bites

Monster bites make a useful piece of décor for a kid's room or anywhere you want to get a giggle.

18. Clothespin Nativity

This is a nice religious-inspired project to help the kids learn about Christmas.

19. Food Clips

Food clips are a thoughtful and practical gift to give for Mother's Day.

20. Giant Photo Holders

Use the giant clothespins for this project. Your teenager might even like using them to display their favorite photos.

21. Nativity Manger Scene

If the kids like to play with the nativity figurines, why not help them make some of their own?

22. Clothespin People

Kids will get a thrill putting together these

23. Giraffe

Doesn't this giraffe look like it would be fun to make?

24. Airplane

Make your grandkids smile by making them one of these airplanes.

25. Clothespin Shelf

This clothespin shelf is really a very attractive shelf, and the clothespins can be used to hold so many things!

26. Nativity Creche

26. Nativity Creche

Another cute Nativity project. Let the kids make a Nativity scene to keep in their room.

27. Starburst Snowflakes

Use these starburst snowflakes as tree ornaments, trivets, or coasters. They make a lovely gift idea.

28. Peg Doll Nuns

28. Peg Doll Nuns

I think that little girls will enjoy making these nun dolls.

29. Cupid's Arrows

You'll be able to fill Cupid's quiver with a bunch of love arrows over at igottacreate. A really cute idea!

30. Crocodile Critter

The kids will enjoy painting the clothespin and then adding the eyes and scales to this green critter.

31. Quirky Magnets

Although you can't really see them when these magnets are hanging, there's a clothespin behind each of the cutely decorated twig bunches.

32. Angel

Just think of all the decorating you can do with these little angels. You'll find the pattern at CROCHETED MEMORIES BLOG.

33. Pastel Bunnies

Bunnies, pastels, Easter, and spring. Making these little clothespin bunnies will put you in an Easter-decorating mood.

34. Clothespin Elves

Clothespin elves are easy to make and are great tree ornaments. They're a great idea for stocking stuffers or party favors.

35. Angel Ornament

This is a great ornament to make with kids or with seniors. It's very beautiful just the way it is, but you could also add a glitter for a sparkly touch.

36. Clothespin Skiers

37. Muffin Liner Angel

With all the cute muffin liners to choose from, this will be a fun project to customize.

38. Caterpillars

You'll find the directions to make these fun little caterpillars at HAPPY HOME FAIRY. I love the colors and color combinations used to make these caterpillars.

39. Santa Ornaments

Think of how many Santa ornaments can be made with one package of clothespins! This would make a great classroom project.

40. Clothespin Chair

Although you may want to make this little clothespin chair for a Barbie or other small doll, I think I'd just set it on a shelf with books and a candle.

41. Clothespin Crucifix

Making beautiful clothespin crucifixes during the Lenten season would be a great classroom project.

42. Flower Fairies

We all know fairies dress in flower petals, right? Anyway, Running with Sisters has me convinced that this is true.

43. Turkey Fun

If you're wondering what kind of project the little kids will enjoy making for Thanksgiving, consider making this pom-pom turkey with them.

44. Wedding Cake Topper

If you've ever had an occasion to browse wedding cake toppers, you know that they are very pricey. You can make your own wedding cake topper using clothespins and by following the instructions at craftstylish.

45. Tinkerbell

You'll want to head right over to Red Ted Art so you can begin making fairies like this Tinkerbell. I especially like how the fairy wings are made.

46. Rustic Snowmen

I really like the looks of these little snowmen. What a great idea for gift favors when you need to make a large number of favors!

47. Feathered Turkey

Thanksgiving just isn't Thanksgiving until you bring out the turkey decorations. Have the kids help make these feathered turkeys—they'll have so much fun!

48. Snowmen Ornaments

Imagine how fun a family night could be if the activity was making clothespin ornaments. Give the kids—and Dad—a chance to dream up their character. The evening will be fun and hilarious! It's a great way to make family memories.

© 2012 Loraine Brummer

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    • Kayla Curry profile image

      Kayla Curry 14 months ago from Nebraska

      Adorable! Love them all!

    • profile image

      amireneemi 3 years ago

      I love your ideas. I will be making Santa's and Soldiers soon. TY for sharing!!

    • profile image

      VeronicaHaynes 5 years ago

      These are really neat ideas for the classroom. Will try one out with the kids. Great lens:)

    • Redneck Lady Luck profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 5 years ago from Canada

      I have made the clothespin soldiers many times they are a very cute little old fashioned craft item. I used to do the craft fairs years ago and they were on of my most popular items. Quick to make because you can do so many in one batch. Great clothespin craft suggestions.

    • Mishael A Witty profile image

      Mishael A Witty 5 years ago

      Cute ideas. My three-year-old has just discovered the joys of clothespins, so we might have to try some of these!

    • Scarlettohairy profile image

      Peggy Hazelwood 5 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

      So cute! Clothespins are so versatile for crafting!

    • profile image

      KaraAshton 5 years ago

      These are so cute. Most children would love to make these designs as I would too. Thanks.

    • profile image

      KaraAshton 5 years ago

      These are so cute. Most children would love to make these designs as I would too. Thanks.

    • andreaberrios lm profile image

      andreaberrios lm 5 years ago

      Super cute ideas!! Blessed*