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45 Best Christmas Arts and Crafts Ideas

Learn how to make this and other festive Christmas crafts by visiting the websites below!

Learn how to make this and other festive Christmas crafts by visiting the websites below!

It's Christmas Craft Season!

Making Christmas crafts is a great tradition to start with the family. Kids love to put ornaments that they have made on the tree. Making a nativity creche together helps remind us of the real reason for the holiday. Wreaths and centerpieces take on a special meaning when personally crafted. Christmas crafts are beautiful and thoughtful gifts to give.

I love Christmas and all the activities involved with it. Family get-togethers, decorated homes, and businesses, Christmas trees, gifts—what's not to love about it? Kids love to make decorations for their classrooms and gifts for mom and dad. Many people like making their own Christmas decorations, and some of the items (like the easy, no-sew snowman) could become family heirlooms.

To find directions to make the unique Christmas houses shown above, go to the Craft website.


1. Mini Angels

You'll find the tutorial and the template for making these beautiful mini angels when you visit The Craft Train site. So very easy that the kids can make these for the family tree or to give as gifts.


2. Advent Calendar

Children love to count the days until Christmas using advent calendars. The tutorial for making them is found at Pysselbolaget. Be sure to hit the translate button.


3. Christmas Gnomes Ornaments

What a nice idea for using pine cones. I love these little Christmas gnomes. Find out how to make them by going to the Better Homes and Gardens site. Unbelievably easy to make.


4. Sculpty Nativity Set

You might want to start now to make this Nativity set because there are a number of figurines to make. You'll find the tutorials at Then She Made . . . Notice that the first tutorial includes a listing of the supplies needed, and how to make the Wise Men. Click “tutorials” at the top of the page, and then under Christmas, to find the rest of the nativity characters and the stable tutorials.


5. J-O-Y Letters and Yarn Tree

For a beautiful mantel, shelf, or tabletop display, make these large letters and yarn tree. Find the tutorial for both of these items at The Ribbon Retreat. Simple and elegant!


6. Wineglass Snowman

For cute, super easy Christmas snowmen, make snowman faces on wine glasses. You'll find the tutorial at Crafty Morning.


7. Snowman Sentinel

Who better to watch over you while you prepare for Christmas than a group of watchful snowmen? Find "Snowman Sentinel" and other Christmas projects in the Christmas Projects Gallery on the Kids & Glitter elementary art projects blog.


8. Baseball Snowman Ornament

Wouldn't this be a perfect ornament exchange gift? It is suitable for a guy or a gal, and you can make it yourself. Find the tutorial for making this baseball snowman at Grassy Branch Farms.


9. Savior Is Born Advent Calendar

An Advent calendar is a great way to guide the children and remind them that the birth of Jesus is the real reason for celebrating Christmas. If you are thinking about making an Advent calendar, be sure to take a look at this one. You'll find the tutorial for this project at Sunlit Pages.


10. Music and Twine Bottles

If you don't have old music sheets to use for this project, consider doing a Google image search for some free pages to print off. Then go to Sweet Something Design to find and follow the tutorial that you'll find there.


11. Oh Holy Night Art

If you've ever wanted to paint a Christmas scene on canvas but were just too afraid to try, this art project is for you. Find out how easily you can paint a beautiful Christmas picture by going to VIEW ALONG THE WAY and following the easy-to-understand tutorial. You'll be so proud of your art.


12. Scrabble Ornaments

Do you have a Scrabble game that has missing letters? Recycle by making scrabble ornaments using the instructions at Happiness is Homemade.


13. Metal Look Reindeer

These deer look like a really expensive décor piece that you'd place on an elegant fireplace mantle. These are made using wooden dowels. Find the tutorial at TAKENS-TIDBITS and see how easily you can make reindeer like these.


14. Scraps Angel Ornament

Beautiful! Make beautiful angel ornaments using scrap materials that you've been keeping for just this opportunity. You'll find the pictured tutorial for making this angel at Selilmut-ku.


15. Burlap Reindeer Ornament

Gather a bunch of kids together and have a craft party to make these whimsical reindeer. I love this little reindeer. For the tutorial to make one like him, go to The Resourceful Mama.


16. North Pole Street Light

This cute Christmas idea uses a solar light to make Santa's street lights. I love this idea, you'll find the tutorial for making this craft at dollar store crafts. Some solar lights are super inexpensive and would be perfect for this project.


17. Everygreen Angel

Learn how to make this evergreen angel by finding the instructions at Canadian Living.


18. Jar Lid Ornaments

A great family-time Christmas ornament-making party. Go to Crafts by Amanda to see how these are made.

19. Quaint Santa Figure


20. Christmas Magnets

Make magnets by using the pictures supplied by Insightful Nana or use other pictures for magnets.


21. Snowflakes

The kids will love making these beautiful snowflakes because they get to use painter's tape and paint to make them. Find the instructions for making the snowflakes at TEN KIDS AND A DOG. A very nice classroom project that will impress the kids and parents.


22. Angels Among Us

These little angels are cute in their colored dresses and feather wings, ribbon legs, and button feet. Find the instructions and patterns for this project at Kids & Glitter.


23. Christmas Terrarium

Beautiful! This is one of the most spectacular Christmas arrangements that I have seen in a long time. You can make this beautiful Christmas terrarium by following the tutorial at pink PISTACHIO.


24. Egg Carton Snowmen

Make whimsical egg carton snowmen for a centerpiece for your table or for under your tree.


25. Winter Wonderland Art

Kids love to paint winter art, so this project will one they will really enjoy. See how this teacher prepared for her class by going to her site, Terri’s Teaching Treasures.


26. Santa Pants Flower Pots

To make this outstanding Santa pants flower pot, go to Club Chica Circle for the tutorial.

27. Egg Carton Bells


28. Handprint Snowman Ornaments

Whether this is made as an ornament or just a piece of artwork, it will be special because of the handprint made to make the snowmen. Go to U Create for the instructions.


29. Christmas Snow Globes

Displaying Christmas snow globes is extending a Christmas greeting to all who look upon them.


30. Stained Glass Poinsettias

You can make beautiful stained glass appearing poinsettias by following the directions that you'll find at The Crafty Crow. Who would believe that they started out as paper tubes and coffee filters?


31. NOEL

This is a Pottery Barn knock-off craft. On the site, Life SWEET Life you'll find the instructions for making the letters and a picture of the Pottery Barn original.


32. Christmas Tree Skirt

If you've been wanting to get a tree skirt but you're not wanting to spend a lot of money on one, this is a perfect project for you. Not only is felt fabric quite inexpensive, there are also a number of colors to choose from. Follow the directions at Woman’sDay to make your own Christmas tree skirt. Who knows, it will probably become a family heirloom.


33. Ruffly Apron

Whether you make this Christmasy apron for yourself or to give as a gift, the apron will certainly cheer up a kitchen while you, or your friend, are making special Christmas treats. For the tutorial to make this ruffly apron, go to Skip to my Lou.


34. Three Kings

Made using a cup and a ball, you can make these important characters in the Nativity following the directions at Activity village.


35. Printable Paintstick Ornaments

These are fabulous! You need the five-gallon-sized paint sticks for this project. Today’s Fabulous Finds includes templates with instructions for making these ornaments. This is a great idea for stocking stuffers or when you need a lot of small gifts.


36. Paint Stick Snowmen

These ornaments were made using the leftover curved end of the five-gallon paint sticks used for the Printable Paint stick Ornaments. You'll find the instructions for these cute snowmen at Today’s Fabulous Finds.


37. Paper Straw Snowflakes

Now you can make your own straw snowflakes by following the tutorial at Crafts by Courtney.


38. Candy Christmas Train

I can definitely see little candy trains like these used as table decorations for a holiday celebration. See how to make this cute candy Christmas train at ALLFREECHRISTMASCRAFTS.


39. 3-D Paper Christmas Tree

This 3-D paper Christmas tree project is perfect for a classroom activity.

40. Wrapping Paper Christmas Trees


41. Bottle Cap Snowman Ornament

Be sure to keep your bottle caps to make cute Christmas tree ornaments. This would be a nice classroom project. One that the kids will enjoy making and hanging on their home Christmas tree. Maybe add the year on the back side of the ornament. Go to VIEWS from the ‘Ville for the instructions.


42. Sparkly Christmas Angel

Make a choir of these sweet sparkly Christmas angels. Simple and unique.


43. Jolly Christmas Elves

Chenille stems, wooden beads, and face beads are all you need to make these cute little jolly elves. For the instructions go to #2 in the slideshow on Parents and then gather the kids and start making a tree full of these elf ornaments.


44. Photo Book

This is just the greatest idea for how to save and display the yearly Christmas photos that you receive each year. Go to close 2 my art to see how easily this photo book is to make.


45. Money Tree

If you've ever been stumped about what to give to a teenager or a college-age kid, this money tree is the perfect answer. You know your gift will be appreciated and you can use whatever denomination of bill that you choose. The tutorial for making this money tree is found at Then She Made . . .

Questions & Answers

Question: What do you need to make the candy Christmas train?

Answer: Under the photo of the candy Christmas train, you'll find highlighted site name, All Free Christmas Crafts. Click on the site name and you'll be directed to the tutorial.

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Lot's of wonderful craft ideas and projects, Blessed by an Angel for Christmas :)

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Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on October 28, 2011:

I like the card ornaments...what a brilliant idea. I always felt bad throwing those cards.

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