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Cereal Box Mail Holder Craft

Cereal Box Mail Holder

Cereal Box Mail Holder

Cereal Box Mail Holder


There are many times when I have so much mail that my table is a complete mess. It is so hard to go through all of them and sort it out. So, I decided to make something cute to organize all of my mail—hopefully this will inspire you to stay on top of your incoming mail, too!

Materials Needed

You’ll need:

  • 2 cereal box
  • Tacky glue and hot glue
  • Scissor or box cutter
  • Ruler
  • Pen or Maker
  • Scrapbook papers (Got mine from Walmart. You can buy it in store or online here)


Step 1

  • First, measure the height you want your mail box holder.
  • Mark the lines on the boxes.
  • You can do a straight or slanted line on the side of the boxes. I decided to do a slant line.

Step 2

  • Cut the boxes.
  • Check to see if the boxes line up.
  • Tip: It’s easier if the boxes are the same size too.

Step 3

  • Hot glue the boxes together.

Step 4

  • Measure and cut the scrap papers to fit on the box and glue it on using the tacky glue.
  • Using hot glue will give it some bumps.
  • I would prefer using hot glue, but not for this kind of craft.
  • For bigger cereal boxes you'll probably use about 5 scrap papers. For smaller ones, you'll use about 4 scrap papers.

Last Note

I think it is easier to start from the bottom to sides then the inside to outside. What works for me might not work for you. You can do it how I did it or find your own way to glue the scrap papers on.

You can do it how I did it or find your own way to glue the scrap papers on.

Hope you enjoy this craft tutorial and that it inspires you to try it! Thanks for reading. =)


Lynsey Hart from Lanarkshire on January 29, 2017:

This is a really cute idea! I love the papers you have chosen too. I would totally do this if I didn't have a super organised filing cabinet!