76 Creative Craft Ideas Using Burlap

Updated on July 15, 2019
lbrummer profile image

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.

Want to Make Gorgeous Burlap Crafts?

Burlap has a rustic look that can be incorporated into beautiful and elegant crafts. I guess that's why I love the look of burlap-made items! The fabric is inexpensive to buy and can be purchased in a variety of colors—my favorites are still the natural tones. Get inspired to make a variety of crafts that use burlap for any events you have coming up or to decorate your home!

For the instructions to make the owl ornament above, go to Flea Market Trixie.

1. Burlap Utensil Holder

Burlap utensil holders can be used for different occasions that vary in formality, from picnics to wedding receptions.

2. Sachet Bags

Not only is it nice to have nice sachet bags to tuck into your own closet or drawers, but the bags also make excellent gifts and party favors.

3. Polka Dot Pillow

The simplicity of polka dots makes it a sure decorator's item. Make a lovely patterned pillow for your couch or porch.

4. Dandelion Art

Hobby Lobby offered an item that looked like this, but Giustina from Domestically Blissful decided to make the dandelion art instead of buying it. She has a great pictured tutorial that will take you through all the steps of making this yourself.

5. Burlap-Entwined Lights

If you are planning an occasion like a bridal shower and want to use burlap in your décor, you may be interested in this project. It's a beautiful way to incorporate mini string lights with burlap.

6. Mitten Gift Sack

Just imagine all the times this little mitten gift sack would be the perfect wrapping for a gift! It could also be used as an ornament or as a substitute for a Christmas stocking.

7. Burlap Wine Bag

A bottle of wine makes a great gift. When it is gifted in a wine bag, the entire gift seems extra special. Learn how to make the bag and stencil it with an appropriate word.

8. Reindeer Couple

What a cute addition to the Christmas traditional decorations for the family. Have the kids help make the reindeer couple, as it really is a simple craft.

9. Burlap Napkin Rings

These napkin rings are anything but rustic. They have a very elegant look and would be appropriate for the most formal table.

10. Rustic Chic Vase

This is such a simple and beautiful way to dress up a plain glass container. The rustic chic vase would make a lovely component of a wedding table centerpiece.

11. Burlap Poinsettia

Make pink, red, or maroon poinsettias by using colored burlap. There are many great possibilities with this project.

12. Coffee Bag Box

This neat fabric box is made using a recycled coffee bag. It's a great way to upcycle something and incorporate the burlap look.

13. Covered Storage Boxes

These storage boxes would really look great on the shelves of my office. Why haven't I thought of doing something like this sooner?

14. Burlap Wall Art

15. Burlap Frames

Now there is a rustic look to these frames that I find very appealing.

16. Burlap Bird Ornament

This is a great reproduction of a burlap bird ornament from Ballards. It has a country chic element to it that I adore.

17. Burlap and Papier-Mâché Hearts

Burlap and buttons on a papier-mâché heart equal very cute ornaments.

18. Fall Wreath

Here is a beautiful wreath that will get you many compliments. Make your own piece of exquisite fall decor today!

19. Burlap Pumpkin

You'll find this burlap pumpkin to be a super simple craft that takes very little time to make.

20. Embellished Candles

Change the embellishment to suit your taste, and make these outstanding candles for yourself or to give away as gifts.

21. Step-by-Step Printing on Burlap

You'll love how easy it is to make beautiful printed burlap. Just follow these directions.

22. Burlap Ornament

Put together a whimsical burlap ornament. You can put them on your Christmas tree or give them away so other people can spread the joy.

23. Burlap Flag Pillow

Show your patriotism by making and displaying a beautiful burlap flag pillow.

24. Burlap Stars

Dress up a pair of stars that can be found at any craft or dollar store. These look so very nice!

25. Jewelry in Burlap

Old jewelry and burlap mixed together lead to the result of beautiful bracelets.

26. Love Canvas Art

This will give you lots of ideas about how to create a work of art on burlap.

27. Burlap Produce Baskets

What a beautiful way to store foods like potatoes, onions, and garlic! Find the instructions for making these burlap baskets at Schneider Peeps.

28. Thanksgiving Lollipops

What a great and inexpensive treat to give a classroom full of elementary kids! Don't these look darling?

29. Burlap and Wood Love Collage

Beautiful! I love the sentiment and the appearance of this wall arrangement. This would make a great gift for a loved one.

30. Burlap Bows on Glass

This glass project has a real uptown look using a downtown fabric.

31. Tissue Tree on Burlap

This tissue tree is a simple and shabby chic look for Christmas or winter décor.

32. Bulletin Board

I think this bulletin board makes an attractive and useful room decoration.

33. Burlap Gift Bows

Make a lot of burlap gift bows so you'll have them ready when you need them! I'm really looking forward to making a bunch of them and brainstorming how to use them in different ways.

34. Burlap Angel and Santa Ornaments

Make burlap angels and Santa ornaments to create for your Christmas decorations.

35. Leaf Placemats

This placemat project gives me all sorts of ideas. I'm thinking about rearranging the leaves to make wall plaques.

36. Hula-Fringe Shade

Although this hula-fringe shade is super easy to make, this shabby chic look is beautiful and perfect for use in decorating.

37. Burlap and Twine Ornament

Make these burlap and twine ornaments to add a gorgeous country touch to your Christmas tree!

38. Burlap Treat Bags

Learn how to make these Halloween treat bags at Do More for Less.

39. Burlap Reindeer

This little reindeer would make a cute Christmas pin or magnet.

40. Rustic Luminaries

I know just the spot in my home that begs for a luminary like this.

41. Burlap Leaves

These beautiful leaves can be used for decorating any time of the year. Add to any of your fall decorations also.

42. La Maison Reid Purse

This burlap purse is embellished with a shabby rose to give it a beautiful finished look.

43. Christmas Tree Magic

Make Christmas magic with a wall hanging that will become a family heirloom.

44. Burlap Pin Board

Have your reminders at your fingertips with this neat pin board. The directions are at Organize & Decorate Everything.

45. Table Runner With Fringe

The fringe makes this an elegant looking table runner. And it's easy to do!

46. It's a Hoot

I love the fact that you can make a project unique by changing fabric colors, background colors, and the type of frame. Go to Urban Hoot for the instructions.

47. Candy-Cane Wreath

It'll be so much fun to make and display this burlap candy-cane wreath this holiday season.

48. Burlap Flag Hanging

Find the instructions on making this beautiful, patriotic flag hanging at Somewhat Quirky Design.

49. Burlap Bubble Wreath

What goes around, comes around. You've probably heard that saying, and it could apply to this bubble wreath. Although it's been around for awhile, it is elegantly beautiful. Find the directions for making one like it at Today’s Fabulous Finds.

50. Burlap Envelope

1Learn how to make a burlap envelope and use it to enclose a nice gift card!

51. Burlap Christmas Stockings

Be sure that you read the changes made to make the burlap stockings. The tutorial shows a lined stocking, but the burlap ones are unlined.

52. Burlap Curtains

Burlap curtains are perfect for country or shabby chic décor. You can find the instructions for making burlap curtains like the ones shown at Simply Kierste.

53. Monogram Wall Hanging

This monogram picture would make a thoughtful and treasured gift to newly married couple Find the tutorial for making this project at Love of Family and Home.

54. Christmas Tree Skirt

Although making this tree skirt will be time-consuming, it will definitely be worth the time. I believe it would become a treasured Christmas décor.

55. Burlap Rosette Wreath

Beauty in simplicity. Go to This Grandma is Fun for the tutorial on how to make this outstandingly elegant wreath. This would be appropriate for any decor style.

56. Burlap Flowers and Basket

I love the looks of burlap flowers, and these flowers are simple to make. Imagine them as table decorations for a wedding or holiday table.

57. Boutonnieres

Make your wedding boutonnieres following the directions at Adventures in Dressmaking, or use the basic idea and design your own. Imagine adding pearls and satin ribbons to the burlap leaves or adding feathers in your chosen colors.

58. Burlap Flower Bouquet

Burlap is used in decorations for elegant occasions like weddings. This flower bouquet would make a beautiful centerpiece no matter your decorating style.

59. Utensil Holder

This is an easy way to add a festive mood to your Thanksgiving table. Nev Designs shares the instructions.

60. Easy Autumn Pumpkin

61. Burlap Shoe Box Storage

You'll find a great tutorial at Oh Whimsical Me to show you the steps to make this project.

62. Ballard Designs Knock-off Drapes

There's no need to spend lots of money to get a designer look for your home. These painted burlap drapes are so easy to make and looks expensive. You'll find the tutorial for making these beauties at Blessed Beyond Measure.

63. Burlap Bunnies

This is a perfect decoration for Easter, but think of all the other ways these delightful bunnies can be used. I'm thinking bridal or baby showers, baby's room, or a teen girls room.

64. How to Make Burlap Ribbon

If you are using burlap for wedding or party decorations, you can probably save quite a bit of money by making your own burlap ribbon. You'll see how easy it is to make burlap ribbon by going to Ella Claire.

65. Country Chic Pumpkin

The method for making this burlap pumpkin is a bit different than the one shown earlier on this page, so I wanted to also share the instructions with you. You'll find the tutorial at The Country Chic Cottage.

66. Burlap Heart Place Cards

Here is a simple but beautifully made place card for a party or reception table.

67. Woven Table Runner

This is really a nice looking table runner, and I can imagine a person could make placemats using the same instructions that you'll find at Fab You Bliss. A very nice look!

68. Burlap Owl Flag

Consider doing this flag activity with a group of Girl or Boy Scouts. Burlap is an inexpensive material, so this is a perfect craft to make with a group of kids.

69. "Pottery Barn" Placemats

You can make placemats inspired by Pottery Barn! They're an easy and stylish way to enhance your table setting.

70. Christmas Stockings

The instructions at Handmade is Better explain how to make this project. A very nice tutorial.

71. Rustic Santa

Make Santas to give as gifts or for your own home, or use the tutorial to make a rustic-looking cowboy.

72. Beautiful Burlap Placemat

Make a set of these beautiful no-sew burlap placemats for the shabby chic look that is so popular now.

73. Burlap Cutlery Sleeves

Add no-sew cutlery sleeves to your table to finish the beautiful shabby chic accent. You'll find the tutorial for making these burlap cutlery sleeves at Les Petites Gourmettes.

74. Burlap Deer

Whether you use a purchased papier-mâché reindeer or have a reindeer figurine you no longer use, this is a great decoupage project that will give new life to it.

75. No-Sew Sachets

This is a great idea for when you need a number of favors for a baby or bridal shower. What could be easier than making no-sew burlap sachets and adding a little lace? For the tutorial, go to On Sutton Place.

76. Burlap Horse Head Wreath

You'll find the tutorial for making this wreath at Trendy Tree. Enjoy!

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      • sparkleyfinger profile image

        Lynsey Hart 

        18 months ago from Lanarkshire

        So many great ideas here. I particularly like the wreath ideas, the gift bows and the storage boxes. Thank you for sharing.

      • AnonymousC831 profile image


        5 years ago from Kentucky

        I love love love, this lens.

      • Diana Wenzel profile image

        Renaissance Woman 

        5 years ago from Colorado

        Really love the projects you chose to feature here. I recently purchased some burlap, stencils, and paint with the intention of working on some new craft ideas. Now I am even more inspired and ready to begin. Thanks!

      • Cynthia Haltom profile image

        Cynthia Haltom 

        6 years ago from Diamondhead

        Great Ideas I just bought some and still have to decide what I plan to do with it.

      • profile image


        6 years ago

        who says that burlap is just for potatoes?

      • profile image


        6 years ago

        I would love to make those Burlap Napkins Rings. Great craft ideas!

      • profile image


        6 years ago

        I love these Burlap Crafts they are so unique in designs, blessings

      • ItayaLightbourne profile image

        Itaya Lightbourne 

        6 years ago from Topeka, KS

        I love burlap and the rustic and homey look it imparts to crafting! Angel Blessings for this awesome article. :)

      • profile image


        7 years ago

        I love the looks of these! Thanks so much for sharing - blessed by a SquidAngel!

      • stevel58 profile image


        7 years ago

        Burlap seen it so many times but not thought of it being used as a craft object, very nice results,Thanks

      • kazzablue profile image


        7 years ago

        The owl pattern I am going to make for a Christmas present. Thanks

      • Scarlettohairy profile image

        Peggy Hazelwood 

        7 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

        These are all so cute! I have a burlap rice bag and now I have some ideas of what to do with it. Thanks!

      • profile image


        7 years ago

        This is the best way you could imagine using those sisal knits.

      • RusticWeddingGu1 profile image


        7 years ago

        Love the burlap frames. Nice Lens.

      • profile image


        7 years ago

        This is a great lens. I enjoyed the beautiful crafts. Thanks

      • Spokanewebdesig1 profile image


        7 years ago

        the texture of burlap is so cool for design


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