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42 Adorable Bunny Craft Ideas

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.

Learn how to make this and other adorable bunny-themed crafts at the websites below!

Learn how to make this and other adorable bunny-themed crafts at the websites below!

It's Always Bunny Season

The best bunny crafts aren't just for Easter. Bunny crafts are for everyone at any time. I searched the internet to find these anytime bunny crafts, and in this article, will be sharing my findings with you. In my search, I looked for the best bunny crafts I could find that had directions included. These sites show you how to make a variety of bunny crafts; some will be just what you want to do with your kids, and a few you will want to make for decorating or entertaining.

Find the tutorial for making the cute Hop a Lot bunnies shown above at Urban Hoot.


1. Bunny Napkins

Your Easter table will have an extra sophisticated look if you include these beautiful bunny napkins. See how to make them by going to the DIYSelfy site.


2. Plush Bunny

This bunny is simpler to make than it looks. To check out the instructions, go to favecrafts.


3. Bunny Pencil Toppers

If you like to give a small Easter gift to a classroom of kids, or a Sunday school bunch, these bunny pencil toppers are inexpensive to make and very cute. You'll find the instructions for making them at Little Miss Celebration.


4. Roly-Poly Bunnies

I love these little roly-poly bunnies. Imagine making a basket full of them to give as gifts or prizes. The tutorial for making the little bunnies is found at Flamingo Toes.


5. Egg Carton Bunnies

Making little bunnies out of egg cartons is a great idea. The kids will love making them and you'll love showing off their crafting talents. Sometimes the ones that aren't perfect are the cutest ones of all. Go to SUNSHINE Whispers for the instructions for making egg carton bunnies.


6. Sock Bunny

Have you ever noticed what cute socks that are available around Easter time? Be sure to stock up on them so when one gets lost you'll have a sock to make a sock bunny from. You'll find the tutorial for making this sock bunny at the Craft Passion site.


7. Paper Plate Bunny Face

The instructions for making a paper plate bunny face are found at free preschool crafts.


8. Bunny Pillow

Find the instructions at A Kilo Chic Life to make a fun bunny pillow.


9. Rustic Bunny Garland

Burlap and printed calico fabric team together to make an extra cute bunny garland. You'll find the tutorial for the cute bunny craft at THE COUNTRY CHIC COTTAGE.


10. Fry Box Bunny Basket

A super easy-to-make fry box bunny basket that the kids will enjoy making.


11. Bunny Masks

You'll need heavy cardstock to make a bunny mask that will have ears that stick up. Decorating the mask with cotton balls is an activity the kids will love. Find the instructions for this bunny mask at BABYCCINOKIDS.


12. Hopping Bunny

The kids will spend hours playing with this easy-to-make hopping bunny. See how to make a hopping bunny using two paper cups.


13. Candy Bunny Favors

I love these little bunny favors. You'll find the directions for making them at Craft with Mom.


14. Little Bunny Bag

Make this cute little bunny bag and hang him on a doorknob to welcome your little guests. Get the directions at


15. Bunny Long Legs

You'll want this little bunny long legs hanging around your home this Easter because he's just so cute.

16. DIY Easter Bunny


17. Hanging Paint Stick Bunny

The kids will love making this bunny using a paint stick, cotton balls, and pom-poms. For the directions, go to Hanging Cotton Ball Bunny.


18. Stitches, the Bunny Basket

For the patterns and directions for this bunny basket, go to Kids & Glitter.


19. Burlap Bunny Flag

The directions for making a burlap bunny flag are found at The Country Chic Cottage.


20. Burlap Bunny Table Runner

Display this burlap bunny table runner on your Easter celebration table.


21. Felt Bunny in His Sleeping Bag

Make this super cute felt bunny, and his felt carrot friend and sleeping bag, by following the directions that you'll find at SNUGGLEBUG UNIVERSITY.


22. Happy Easter Bunny

This little bunny, whose directions you can find at, is a very elegant little item.


23. Farmhouse Bunny

This wooden bunny is the perfect addition to your farmhouse décor. Go to Raggedy Bits for the directions.


24. Bunny Bookmarks

These are super cute bookmarks, but I can imagine they would be sweet necklaces too. Just add a small eye hook to the top of the head bead. Find the instructions for making these bunnies at Big and Small.


25. Egg Carton Bunnies

We always have an empty egg carton around to use for a craft project, and this is a perfect project for little kids. It's cute and inexpensive to make. Go to The Kid's Fun Review to see how it's made.


26. Stuffed Bunny

Make this little stuffed bunny by finding the directions at Alice and Lois.


27. Paper Roll Bunny

I was surprised to see how this project was done. Check it out at CHILDMADE where they make the bunny and also show how to make other animals.


28. Topsy Family

These are very adorable bunnies that you'll find at CRAFTS BY Amanda, with the directions.


29. Pink Knit Bunny

This one's for the knitters. This is such a cute bunny—I wish I knew how to knit. Go to Woman's Day to get the instructions for this project.


30. Pink Rabbit

A homemade bunny rabbit like this would be a welcome gift to anyone who appreciates gifts from the heart. You'll find the directions at Woman's Day.


31. Bunny Headband

Be a hit when you give this bunny headband to a little girl that you love. The directions can be found at Handmade


32. Bunny Ears

I'll bet you know some little kid who would just love to wear bunny ears. You'll find the directions for making this bunny ear headband at project nursery.


33. Egg Cup Bunnies

Make these egg cup bunnies and you'll be all ready for your Easter eggs. Find the directions at Makezine.


34. Bunny Sock Puppets

Only playing with these cute bunny puppets will be more fun than making them. Find the directions at


35. Q-Tip Bunny

When I look at this little bunny it makes me want to giggle, so you know how much the little kids will love helping make some like it. Go to make and takes for the directions.


36. Candy Pouch

These little bunny pouches are so very easy to make, so they would be perfect as party favors or name cards. You'll find the directions for making them at mer mag.


37. Paper Mache Bunny

Not only is there this cute bunny, but also a very cute penguin with instructions on how to make them at firstpalette. Nice and easy information on how to make paper mache on this site.


38. Bunch of Bunnies

You'll be able to make a bunch of bunnies like these with an assortment of scrapbook papers. Remember, bunnies aren't just for Easter. Go to Ashbee Design for the instructions.


39. Bunny Napkin Rings

This is a great opportunity to get the kids involved in making napkin rings for a party table. Use them at Easter or any Spring or Summer event. The instructions can be found at Crafty Elf.


40. Bunny Pillow

What a nice gift this would make for a youngster who likes to take his/her pet friends to bed. This extra cute bunny pillow can be made by following the instructions that you'll find at crafty carnival.


41. Bunny Family

So easy and so appropriate for Easter or any time of the year. The tutorial for making these cuties is found at Yesterday on Tuesday.


42. Folded Bunny

Make these little folded felt bunnies by following the tutorial at Craving Some Creativity. I wonder if this would work with fleece fabric.

© 2012 Loraine Brummer

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Loraine Brummer (author) from Hartington, Nebraska on April 08, 2015:

It's amazing to see how many different bunny crafts that crafters have made and then been kind enough to share their tutorials. A great group of people, those crafters. Thanks for your nice comment, wordswithlove.

Neetu M from USA on April 04, 2015:

Lovely ideas all in one place! Thank you for sharing these great bunny crafts.

Blackspaniel1 on March 06, 2012:

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Scraps2treasures on February 24, 2012:

Love this lens! I collect bunny figurines so it is right up my alley :) I am going to have to make that fabric bunny basket for my nephew for Easter. Thanks for sharing all these great crafts!

Sara Duggan from California on February 23, 2012:

What a great page filled with bunny crafts. I like the Styrofoam bunnies but I think I'll tweak it into a crochet pattern instead.

LewesDE on February 16, 2012:

This is an awesome lens!

LewesDE on February 16, 2012:

This is a well put together lens!

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Very cute crafts! I love the basket :D