48 Beautiful and Creative Bee Craft Ideas

Updated on January 23, 2020
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Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.

See what the buzz is about these bee crafts!

I hate to admit this, but when I see a bumblebee around, I tend to keep my distance. I do like the looks of bumblebees, with their bright yellow and black stripes. I also enjoy doing arts and crafts inspired by them.

To make the cute bumblebee above, go to Craftideas.info for the instructions!

1. Terra Cotta Bee

Although sometimes the translation of this craft project is difficult to understand, the photos will come to your rescue. CROISSANT AND LAVENDER shares this super cute bee tutorial.

2. Crocheted Bee Headband

This is such an adorable honeybee headband. It's simple to make, so ask anyone you know who can crochet to make it for you.

3. Paper Mâché Bees and Hive

Kids love doing paper mâché crafts, and they will definitely love this one. Find the instructions at mess for less. I'd suggest using this as a table decoration for a bee-themed kids party.

4. Egg Carton Bumble Bee

There are more egg carton bee projects to choose from, but I particularly like this inquisitive creature. Maybe it's the silver chenille strip wings that catch my eye.

5. Tissue Paper Bees

Tissue paper pieces are always a fun item for kids to craft with, and they definitely help this bumblebee get a nice, chubby look.

6. Cereal Box Bee Favors

When you plan a party, you try to keep the expenses down so you can buy a big beautiful cake. KIX shares how to make these cute bee favors for practically nothing. The favors are made using the cereal box!

7. Bee Antennae Party Headband

One of the party activities that you could include is to make bee antennae headbands. The kids can buzz around while they play games.

8. Walnut Bee

Imagine all the games you could create using these walnut bees. I'm thinking about tic-tac-toe. Otherwise, you could also glue them on skewers to use them as garden stakes. How would you use them?

9. Bee May Basket

These little treat containers could be used on occasions other than May Day. For a bee-themed event, make these bees to give as favors!

10. Bee Game

Make the game board from a shoe box or any medium-sized box. The kids will enjoy making and playing with the bees.

11. Busy Bee Magnet

This craft uses clothespins as the base for the buzzing critter. You're bound to be able to easily put this together, so I advise you to give this a try.

12. Pet Bee

Bees would make a cute theme for a baby shower or a kid's party. The tutorial for these pom-pom bees is found at Molly Moo.

13. Bubble Party Favors

Here is another bee-themed idea that is too cute to pass up. This project is made using little bubble bottles—the kind found for wedding favors. Put together these little party favors to make your event a hit!

14. Honey Bee and Games

Anytime a craft also includes ideas to make a game from it is pretty impressive. This bee project has game ideas to go with it!

15. Bee Math Game

Here is an art and math project that the kids will enjoy doing. I think it'll also be a nice addition to your schoolroom or home.

16. Sewing Bee

I can just see little bumble bees like these made into a mobile to hang in the baby's room. This cute craft project reminds me of a folk art project.

17. Bee Puppets

These bee puppets would make a nice project activity. It's fun to make and even more fun to play!

18. Pom-Pom Bumblebee

An empty barbecue sauce bottle combined with yellow and black pom-poms are what you'll need for this curious bumblebee.

19. Mobile

A quick lesson about bumblebees is included with this outstanding craft for kids.

20. Light Bulb Bumblebee

A light bulb and a few other supplies are all you'll need to make this little bumblebee. She Knows is the place to get the instructions for this craft.

21. Halloween Costume

Make this cute little bumblebee costume for a little kid in your family. You'll find the directions at dollar store crafts.

22. Love Bug

Make this little bee in red, and it becomes a Valentine's Day bee! Think of all the other colors you can make a love bug.

23. Beeeautiful Decorations

You'll use a clay pot to create beehive in this beautiful decoration. Make one of these statement items by following the instructions at favecrafts.

24. Bumblebee Magnet

Your kitchen will be abuzz if you attach a few of these cute little magnets to your refrigerator door. Find out how to make them by going to CRAFT OUT!!!

25. Draw a Cartoon Bee

26. Yarn-Wrapped Bumblebee

A few basic supplies and an egg carton are all you need to make this little bumblebee. Buggy and Buddy share the steps to put it all together.

27. Bumblebee Face Painting

This face painting is such a cute idea. What little kid wouldn't love to have this painted on their face?

28. Buzzz, the Bumblebee

Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas suggests reading the "Buzz" kids' book before making these bumblebees. They're made of toilet paper rolls.

29. Bee Keychain

Give a great gift by crocheting a bee keychain for a special person in your life. The directions are at Repeat Crafter Me.

30. Clay Bumblebee

This is an easy and fun craft project from PLAID. Add a card or sign that reads, "Thanks for bee-ing my teacher" to make them smile!

31. Paper Bag Puppet

Kids love to make and play with puppets that they've made out of paper bags. Make these bee puppets at Easy Crafts For Kids.

32. Yarn Bumblebee

Make this keepsake bumblebee for your children or grandchildren to help them remember the beautiful memories you created with crafts.

33. Bee Finger Puppets

I HEART CRAFTY THINGS not only shares a bee puppet but also a ladybug puppet!

34. Another Clay Bumblebee

This little guy looks so bright and cheerful that he'd be a great addition to the kitchen or baby's room. Go to FaveCrafts for the instructions.

35. Bumblebee Noisemaker

36. Bumblebee Buddy

Make a little buddy for a little friend to love! This is the perfect cuddle toy.

37. Tic-Tac-Toe Game

This is one of my favorite craft ideas because it would be a great gift to give to the kids. You'll find the tutorial at PLAID.

38. Craft Stick Bees

You can make larger or smaller bees by using the different-sized craft sticks. You could even try making one with toothpicks and attach a pin to the back. Go to I HEART CRAFTY THINGS for the directions for this craft.

39. Felt Bumble Bee

This little felt bee would make a nice plant pick by just gluing a skewer stick to the bottom of the bee. A very nice craft, with a tutorial at Mommy Made That.

40. Pet Rocks

Your bumblebee rock will definitely be a conversation starter. Imagine these little pets sitting on an end table as an addition to your décor.

41. Bumblebee Bookmark

Use this as a bookmark or add a skewer to the back and tuck this little bumblebee in a plant.

42. Pencil Topper

This project will have the kids excited about making and using this bumblebee pencil topper.

43. Recycles to Bee

You'll find all the necessary instructions for making a bee using recycleables at I Heart Crafty Things.

44. Magnet Note Holder

This simple refrigerator magnet holds notes and messages that you need to remember for day-to-day events.

45. Bee's Knees Lid Topper

This is an outstanding way to make a jar special. Consider topping a jar of honey with a little bee like this and giving it as a gift.

46. Paper Plate Bees

Make these cute little paper plate bees with the kids at home or school. The instructions are at Nontoy Gifts.

47. Garden Bees

Wouldn't these bees look great hanging from a tree or from the patio in your backyard? Directions are found at Creare Scout.

48. Felt Circles Bee

Who would have thought that a bunch of felt circles could look like a bee?

49. Busy Bees

You'll find the directions for making this bee hive and busy bees art at The Crafty Chicken.

50. Bees on a Fence

Clay pot bees which are also planters make a great garden or yard decoration. See how to make them by going to Clay Pot Crafts .

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      • KC3Lady profile image

        Kelly Ann Christensen 

        4 months ago from Overland Park, Johnson County, Kansas

        This is a cute article. We don't appreciate our bees enough, especially since so much of our food supply depends on them. When I see a bumble bee I try to keep my distance too. A bumble bee leaves a big knot when they sting. Then there is the "killer bee" drone I was threatened with in Mission, Johnson County, Kansas a few years ago. "One shot of this and you're dead."

        I tried to warn the Chief of Staff at Kansas University Medical Center. It was a wicked looking "bumble bee" with a needle nose swarming around me. I darn near captured the thing to add to the rest of the collection I was trying to mail to Kansas State University's agricultural department for analysis.

      • profile image

        Sheila duley 

        3 years ago

        I love this site.

      • iijuan12 profile image


        7 years ago from Florida

        What a fun set of craft ideas! You've put together a great resource! I'm featuring this page on my Bee & Honey Lesson for Children. https://hubpages.com/education/bee-lesson

      • profile image


        7 years ago

        My husband is wearing a visor now due to eye problems. Maybe I'll make him the bumblebee visor... or maybe not. It is cute.

      • Craftypicks profile image

        Lori Green 

        7 years ago from Las Vegas

        I love Bees and love crafts with bees. I am going to link this to my bee lens.

      • profile image

        Echo Phoenix 

        7 years ago

        the Bees Knees! I love your crafty bees and will share them with my sister who is a resource teacher:)

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        Say there ... I'd seriously love to have a bumble bee visor!


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