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75 Inspiring Craft Ideas Using Plastic Bottles

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.


Finding the best plastic bottle crafts has been so much fun because the crafts that I found are just beautiful. It's hard to believe that some of these crafts were made with plastic bottles. I'd have a hard time choosing which of the craft projects is my favorite; there are many of them that fit that category. I'm going to share these recycled plastic bottle crafts with you.

All the plastic bottle crafts shown in this article have a picture shown and also the craft site's address and name, which will take you directly to the instructions for the craft. I hope you enjoy looking at and checking out these great crafts made from plastic bottles.

To make the beautiful bonsai tree shown above, go to the CRAFT site for a great picture tutorial.


1. Whimsical Spring Wreath

When you see a close-up of this wreath you'll understand why I think you'll be interested in making one like it. Be sure to visit tater tots & jello to see how beautiful this wreath actually is, and how easy it is to make. You'll find the tutorial there also.


2. Automatic Cat Waterer

This would be the perfect solution to keeping water out for the cat if you have to be away for a few days. It's so simple and yet so useful. Find the instructions at Lee Holmes. You have to scroll down on the page a bit for this craft.


3.Parrot Kesha

This project probably isn't for the kids to attempt, but teens and older can easily make this parrot. The pictured, step-by-step tutorial at will show you exactly how to achieve this super cute parrot. This parrot is cute enough to use as a party decoration or in a home setting.


4. Airplane Bank

Saving money might be easier when putting it into an airplane bank. Anyway, recycling the plastic bottle into something useful is always a winning idea. Find the instructions for making this airplane bank at the brightnest site.


5. Swan Planter

Make sure you check the tutorial for making a swan planter like the ones shown, at The tutorial is very easy to follow and understand. This is a great way to use plastic bottles.


6. Leaves Chandelier

Just imagine how beautiful chandeliers like this would look used at an evening outdoor wedding. I'm really impressed with this project. You'll find all the information that you'll need to make a chandelier like this one when you go to for the tutorial.

7. Ladybug Family


8. Milk Bottle Flower Heart

The tutorial for making this beautiful wedding decoration can be found at the Crafty corner website. I'm really impressed with this inexpensive decoration that has a definite elegant look.


9. Candle Sleeve Magic

This is a super beautiful idea to give a decorator touch to a pillar candle. If you don't want to use a real pillar candle, the flameless pillar candles would work also. You'll find a great pictured tutorial at REDO IT YOURSELF INSPIRATIONS. These would make outstanding gifts or table decorations for weddings, Valentine's Day, etc.


10. Cuff Bracelets

I realize that there are about three different bracelet projects here, but each of them is made in a unique way, so I want you to have a choice. To see what is different about this bracelet project, go to CHARISA DARLING to find the tutorial.


11. Flower Hair Planters

This is a really cute idea for the kids. Especially if they want to make a gift for someone and they want to give their present a humorous feel. The easy to make planters have instructions at DipFeed, to follow.


12. Shakers

Even the littlest kids, preschoolers and kindergarten, will love making and playing with these cheerful looking shakers. The instructions are found at Things to Make and Do. A fun and easy to do project for kids.


13. Puggy Bank

Making a puggy bank is a bit more work, but bigger kids can easily do it. Especially if they follow the tutorial found at StowandTellU. An outstanding likeness to the little pug puppies.

14. Stained Glass Necklace


15. Beautiful Butterflies

Make beautiful butterflies by following the tutorial found at instructables. The site doesn't have butterfly patterns, but you can use the patterns at Kids & Glitter.


16. Crystal Crown

Make every little girl and boy feel like royalty with these crowns. Great party idea. Go to paper, plate and plane for instructions. This could also be made as a classroom project when studying empires.


17. Fancy Bracelets

This would be a great and inexpensive activity for a girl's birthday or sleepover party. All that's needed is a plastic soda bottle, a string of beads and embroidery or other cotton yarn thread. Use the easy to follow instructions at NOT JUST ANY BEE.


18. Pet Pots

Although I really like these little pet pots as planters, I can easily imagine them in a baby's room to hold pins and other small items that you want to keep close by. Find out how to make the pet pots by going to Handimania for the tutorial.

19. Teapot for a Tea Party


20. Water Bottle Flower Container

Make this useful flower container using an empty water bottle. Go to dollar store crafts for the directions. It's hard to believe that the flower containers were once just water bottles.


21. Flirty Octopus

Find the directions at CRAFTS BY Amanda to make this flirty octopus. The bright pink of this project really makes it stand out.


22. Colorful Butterfly

Make this beautiful butterfly using a water bottle. This craft can be found at Crissy's Crafts You'll have so much fun painting and decorating the butterflies.


23. Apple For The Teacher

This would be a nice anytime teacher gift. Fill the apple with cinnamon candies or some other red or green paper covered candy. The directions can be found on the CREATIVE JEWISH MOM site.


24. Stained Glass Votive Holder

A cool new look for a votive holder. Decorate profusely with these, you can get the instructions at instructables. You'll be able to make so many different color combinations considering all the colors Sharpie pens come in.


25. Water Bottle Flowers

Make these flowers for a Springtime or wedding decoration. Go to Crissy's Crafts for all the instructions needed to make these beauties. A baby shower would also be a time decorations like these could be used.


26. Jewelry Stand

Not only an attractive, but also a useful container for jewelry or small items on your desk. The instructions are at EPBOT. The blossom shape of the containers really enhance this piece.


27. Bird Feeder

This bird feeder will be a nice addition to your backyard or patio. Very attractive. You'll find this project, with the instructions, at favecrafts. This is one of my favorite projects because it is so attractive and also useful.


28. Fall Treat Containers

Think of all the different occasions you could use little containers like this for. Favor containers at a gala or Halloween treat boxes or only a couple of suggestions. Go to My Poppet to find out how to make these. If you want, add a curled chenille strip to the pumpkin stem.


29. Planters

This is so easy that I'm surprised I haven't seen this project before. Beach Petals is the place to go to find the instructions. I think I could find uses for these beauties as containers on my desk too.


30. Drawer Organizer

Sort all of those little items that get tossed together in a junk drawer into these separate drawer organizer containers. To make this even easier, use the new decorator Duck tape to finish the edges. Find the rest of the directions at Makezine.


31. Rocket Jet Pack

What little boy, or girl, wouldn't love to imagine taking off in a jet pack rocket? Go to Doodle Craft for the instructions.


32. Hair Styling Doll

I know a few little girls that would enjoy making and playing with this hair styling doll. You'll find a great tutorial for making a doll head like this at HANDMADE CHARLOTTE. Impressive!


33. Cherry Blossom Wall Art

Here is a way to use a plastic bottle to make wall art. This would be a fun classroom or scout project. Find the directions at alphamom. Everyone who I've talked to who's done this project, just raves about how much fun it is.


34. Owl Pocket Holder

The instructions from PYSSELBOLAGET are written in a foreign language, but the photos are great and easy to follow. I can imagine an owl pocket hanging in the bathroom holding tooth brushes or ponytail bands. I'm sure you'll be able to come up with good uses also.


35. Soda Bottle Flower

Add a pin or a magnet behind this elegant flower so you can wear it or put it on the refrigerator. You'll find the directions on the Beach Petals site. Maybe even attach the flower to a skewer and use it as a plant pick.


36. Monster Men (or Women)

Make these really cool monsters with plastic bottles. For the instructions, go to Craftberry Bush. Be sure to start early, saving up plastic bottles, so you'll have plenty to make a real Monster Mash.


37. Fancy Bracelet

Although this site, PYSSELBOLAGET is written in a foreign language, it has pictures that are easy to understand. These ideas should jump start your imagination, thinking up other ways to decorate these bracelets.


38. Flower Pot

This is really a project that makes a person think of Spring. You'll find the instructions for this flower pot project at Craft Ideas. Consider this as a Spring or Summer centerpiece starter.

39. Making Mushrooms


40. Making Beads

Cut Out + Keep gives directions on how to make your own beads. Once you have the beads made, you'll find lots of things to make with them. If you make enough of them, think about a beaded curtain. Cool!


41. Rainbow Fish

I can just see these cute fish as a decoration in an elementary classroom. Help the teacher make some of these by finding the directions on the Filth Wizardry site. I'd love to see these rainbow fish hanging in an elementary school library.


42. Santa Boots

I love this project making Santa boots using plastic bottles. This outstanding craft has a tutorial at Fab Diy.


43. Terrarium Cloche

The directions for this project are found at Doodle Craft. Imagine all the ways this cloche can be used in your decor.


44. Snowflake Ornaments

It's amazing what folks will dream up. So easy and so practical, find the instructions on the Ornament Shop site.


Here is another of those, "Why didn't I think of that?" projects. Make really cool packaging for gifts. You'll find the directions at paper, plate and plane.


46. Bottle Bank

A quick and easy bank to make for saving for a vacation or other special occasion. Find out how to make this bank by going to the Martha Stewart site.


47. Woven Bowl

I think this would be a great project for a classroom or home school art class. Go to CREATIVE JEWISH MOM to see why I think it would be suitable as an art project.


48. Bottle Bottom Ornaments

Although this is written in a foreign language, you won't have any problem understanding how to make the ornaments. Go to Artesan to see how to make them.


49. Shrinky Dink Retro

Did you know that you could make shrinky plastic items using the plastic containers that some grocery items come in? I know that I'm going to make this project with the grandkids in the near future. Find the instructions here.


50. Glitter Vases

This is an especially easy project that looks beautiful made up. For the instructions, go to paper, plate and plane.


51. Christmas Angel

You'll find the instructions for making this Christmas bottle angel at Make three of these to display on the mantle.


52. Easter Baskets

Make Easter basket or May basket using the directions that you'll find at sycamore stirrings. These are ever so cute!


53. Flower Wreath

This is really an all weather wreath. Find out how to make it by following the directions that you'll find at Ruffled.

54. Chicken Easter Basket

55. How to Make a Plastic Bottle Room Divider


56. Easter Bunny Treat Containers

You can make these darling Easter bunny treat containers by following the instructions given at Dollar Store Crafts. These will be inexpensive enough to make to give as favors at an Easter celebration.


57. Candy Dish

I can really think of a lot of ways that this little candy dish could be used. Imagine this holding chocolate kisses for a Valentine party or gummy worms for a boys birthday party. I can see it used for a baby shower or a bridal shower to hold candies, flowers or small favors. Find the instructions for making this cute candy dish by going to the Home-Dzine site.


58. Give a Hoot Owl

The instructions at craftberry bush shows you, with pictures, exactly how the plastic bottle has to be cut to make this owl. This is a cute and useful little owl.


59. Creamer Bottle Snowman

Start saving your creamer bottle snow so you can make a nice snowman arrangement for the mantle or table. The tutorial for making this project can be found at crafty Staci.


60. DIY Bracelet

You'll find the directions for making this, and another, attractive bracelet at Busy Mom Help. Imagine this bracelet in other colors also.


61. Cannisters

I really like these small canisters for holding small items like tea bags and creamer or sugar packets. You'll find the instructions for making these canisters from plastic bottles at How to Recycle.

62. Party Chandelier

Imagine the comments you'll receive when your friends see the beautiful chandelier that you have made. Go to OH HAPPY DAY for the instructions for this project.


63. Helicopter

The directions at Wonderful DIY are written in a foreign language, but the step by step instructions are easy enough to follow.

A few of these hanging from the ceiling of a little boys room would really look great. There are a group of projects shown, this one is with the blue waterstraw.


64. Stick Horse

This A THRIFY Mom uses a recycled plastic bottle to make a stick horse for her little one.

Go to her site for the instructions on making the stick horse.


65. Ribbon Dispenser

This is a great idea for keeping ribbons from tangling. You'll find the directions for making this dispenser at Livemaster. This is a foreign language blog, but the pictures tell the story.


66. Piggy Banks

Making cute animal piggy banks are a lot easier than they appear.

Find pictured instructions for making these cow and pig piggy banks by going to the instructables site.


67. Kiddy Snowmen

You'll have some happy little kids if you help them make these snowmen. Easy enough for the littlest kiddos to make. Find the instructions at Mom to 2 Posh Little Divas.


68. Bottle Flower Chandelier

You can paint your chandelier any color you choose when you make your own chandelier following the instructions that you'll find at the feminist housewife.


69. Spinner Storage

Talk about having all your supplies in one easy to get at area, this is the answer. You'll find out how to make this storage spinner at favecrafts. And the price is right!


70. Bottle Doll

Ever so often I run across a craft that I consider more of an art than a craft. This unique doll is an example of what I consider more art than craft. See what I mean by going to papemelroti for the instructions for making the doll. I think this could become a cherished family heirloom.


71. Turtle Magic

Although the directions for these really cute little turtle containers is written in a foreign language, the photo tutorial explains exactly how to make them. Go to Kreativ Klub for the photo tutorial. So cute!!

72. Plastic Bottle Pencils


73. Tic Tac Toe Game

Make this cute Tic-Tac-Toe game using the bottle caps from plastic bottles for the game pieces. The round game board is a recycled CD disc.


74. Fish Art

Although the instructions at I Heart Crafty Things uses milk lids for this art project, it would be easy to paint bottle caps to make the fish.


75. Bottle Cap Bugs

These are really cute and I think I would fill the bottle caps and glue a magnet on the bottom of the bugs to use as magnets. Find the tutorial for making these bugs at This Grandma is Fun.

Questions & Answers

Question: Where can I send my bottle caps so they can be reused for craft projects?

Answer: Try senior centers or nursing homes, elementary schools and Sunday school classes all do craft projects and I'm sure they would appreciate the caps, especially if you gave them an idea or two for how to use them in crafts. For instance, I've added a few bottle cap crafts, #'s 73, 74 and 75, to the plastic bottle crafts article. If you show pictures or suggest uses for the bottle caps when you offer them, I'm sure someone will snatch them from you quickly and thank you for the ideas.

© 2012 Loraine Brummer

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