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40 Cool and Amazing Penguin Craft Ideas

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.

These charming gift and craft ideas are enough to get anyone to do a penguin dance!

These charming gift and craft ideas are enough to get anyone to do a penguin dance!

Penguin Crafts to Try

I think penguin crafts increased in popularity after Happy Feet hit theaters. I love the looks and crafting of little penguins, so I enjoyed finding a list of fun craft ideas for you to try. I imagine both kids and adults alike will love doing them. I hope these inspire you to get your penguin spirit going!

Crafty Morning shares how to make the cute penguins above.


1. Egg Carton Penguins

Imagine making a whole bunch of these little penguins and finding entertaining ways to use them in your winter decorations. Add a string to hang them as Christmas ornaments or a skewer to turn them into plant stakes. If you need a fun centerpiece, group them together to make a bigger visual impact. Find the instructions for making little egg carton penguins at One Little Project.


2. Popsicle Stick Penguin

Popsicle sticks can be turned into anything with a dose of creative inspiration! This penguin is one of them, and it makes a nice project for an art class. You can find the directions at Simple Living Mama.


3. Sock Penguins

Use fuzzy socks to make these little penguins. They come in so many pretty colors and unique combinations, so the ones you create will be unique to you! Craft Passion shares the tutorial to make them.


4. Shredded Penguin Art

Preschool kids and toddlers will enjoy making this shredded paper penguin as much as the older kids. It's also a great way to upcycle papers you don't need anymore!


5. Polymer Clay Penguins

How To Instructions shares how to put these polymer clay penguins together. Don't they look adorable huddled together?


6. Penguin Rattle

A little paper mache makes a whole lot of fun and excitement for the kids. Make this penguin rattle over at DAILY DOSE of ART!


7. Wooden Penguin Ornie

It's always fun to make new ornies each year and this wooden penguin ornament is sure cute. I do think we should put the year on them tho to make them extra special.


8. Finger Puppets

These are sweet finger puppets that can be used in an arrangement or as garden stakes. To make them ready for the outdoors, simply stuff them with fiberfill and glue the little penguin on a skewer or length of wire.


9. Happy Feet

Here's a playful dancing penguin project for elementary-aged kids. Find the instructions for this paper craft at Kids & Glitter.


10. Tissue Paper Penguin

Even the youngest kids will be able to glue pieces of tissue paper onto a penguin shape. See the instructions at Free Kids Crafts, get out the tissue paper, and let the kids glue to their heart's content.


11. Penguin Button Art

Make this penguin button art designed by Repeat Crafter Me.

12. Wood Block Penguin


13. Penguin Beanbag

Little kids (as well as not-so-little kids) will look forward to indoor games when these penguin beanbags are involved!

14. Penguin Light Bulb Ornament


15. Silly Penguins

The Joy of My Life, and other things dreamed up these silly penguins. Imagine all the ways kids can make silly creatures of their own!


16. The Perl Bee Penguin

I can see these stuffed animal penguins used in a modern or contemporary home. Just change the colors and prints to match your décor with a beautiful touch!


17. Knitted Penguin Toy

I wish one of my knitting friends would gift me will a cute penguin like this. Find the pattern at knitty.


18. Napkin Rings

Polymer clay and a toilet paper roll are the main supplies you need for this napkin ring project. Get the kids to help make these napkin rings and they'll happily oblige!


19. Headband Penguin

A headband penguin would make a great project for the kids in the classroom. Learn how to make them at Simple Everyday Mom.


20. Penguin Play Set

Make this penguin play set and you'll be thrilled with the results!


21. Paper-Loop Penguin shares how to make this playful penguin.


22. Penguin Game

It's amazing what a little imagination and black paint can do to a cardboard box. And then to make a child's penguin game from it is outstanding.


23. March of the Penguins

I think these are just the cutest penguins ever. Find out how you can make some just like them at Craftberry Bush.


24. Penguin Treat Box

These half-pint milk cartons are just the right size for penguin treat boxes.

25. Pine Cone Penguin

26. Eggshell Penguins


27. Rocking Penguins

This is a great paper plate project that will be easy for the kids to make. Find the instructions and download at The Pinterested Parent.


28. Heart Penguin

This would be a great classroom project for kids from grades K-2. Imagine how cute the penguins could turn out when the kids are given the shapes to glue details onto a penguin shape! Older kids could actually cut out the shapes to make their projects. See the instructions for this heart penguin at Family Crafts.


29. Elmore Penguin

Elmore penguin is one of the cutest penguins I have ever seen. Learn how to make this penguin at Jennifer Jangles.


30. Snow Globe

A penguin snowglobe is a gift that kids can make and give to friends or family.


31. Water Bottle Cover

Perhaps you don't consider using a hot water bottle fun, but this knit penguin cover will definitely make it more entertaining!


32. Glittery Penguin

Use chubby water bottles for the base of this penguin. He's so cute and will be great fun to make. Craft Elf shares the supply and instructions to put him together.


33. Penguin Plate

A penguin made out of a paper plate makes a lovely art project for toddlers and preschoolers.


34. Paper Cup Penguins

Let the kids go wild making these paper cup penguins to give as gifts or to decorate your home!


35. Penguin Bookmarks

Children who love to read also love making penguin bookmarks. And they'll use the bookmarks or give them as gifts to mom or dad.


36. Pop Up Penguin

The kids will love making these pop-up penguins! Find the instructions at Kid's Craftroom.


37. Styrofoam Egg Penguins

A fun and simple winter craft is to make styrofoam egg penguins. Use them in a centerpiece or wreath.


38. Pom Pom Penguins

Look at these cute little pom pom penguins. The tutorial gives directions for using a pom pom maker or using cardboard.


39. Paper Bag Penguin

When I was volunteering as an art teacher a few years ago, we did a number of projects using paper bags. I wish I had known about this paper bag penguin at the time. The kids would have loved it.


40. Cardboard Tube Penguins

Another of the inexpensive items we used in art class were tp rolls. Look how great these cardboard tube penguins turn out.

© 2012 Loraine Brummer

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Tons and tons of cute penguin ideas. I've made the light bulb penguin before, it comes out so cute. My brother in law collects penguins so I'm on the lookout for different penguin craft ideas for Christmas gifts.

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These are so cute! I love penguins.

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