43 Creative Paper Plate Craft Ideas

Updated on August 1, 2017
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Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and kid-friendly craft tutorials.

Paper plates are one of the least expensive supplies used in kids' crafts.

I searched the Internet to find outstanding paper plate crafts and I think that you will be pleased that only projects which have a photo, instructions and patterns are included in this article.

Find the directions for the project shown above, "Baby Bird Nest," at the Parents site.

1. Colorful Turkey

It doesn't matter whether you use dessert plates, luncheon plates or dinner plates, any of them will work when making this turkey project. A great paper plate Thanksgiving activity for the little kids. The instructions can be found at Activities for Kids .

2. Charming Valentine Owl

Use paper plates, paint and scrapbook paper to make this super cute owl. The tutorial is found at Artsy Momma.

3. Flying Saucer

You'll be seeing ufo's coming in from outer space when the kids are done making flying saucers. The directions for making them can be found at Preschool Crafts For Kids.

4. Popcorn Tree

Now this looks like a fun and tasty project for the little ones. I'm sure you'll need at least twice as much popcorn as the trees can hold, so there's plenty to snack on also. You'll find this project at Krokotak.

5. Oriental Fans

Decorating a fan, made using a paper plate for the fan, looks like a lot of fun and educational as well. To do this craft, making Oriental fans, go to Arteascuola to find the tutorial.

6. Spiders

7. Easter Hat

Better start planning a Spring tea party with the little girls. Have making these hats part of the party. Go to Mama Jenn for the information you need to make it.

8. Dinosaurs

All the little dinosaur lovers will delight in this paper plate craft. You'll find the instructions for making the dinosaurs is found at A Little Delightful.

9.Baseball Clock

The children will have fun learning about telling time with this teacher's resource. Everyone can make their own clock using the directions at Learning Ideas – Grades K-8.

10. Beautiful Peacock

Get out the sequins and glue and make a beautiful peacock. A great activity for the kids that will take a bit of time for them to finish. Find this excellent paper plate project at I {heart} Crafty Things.

11. Black Cat

I love the looks of this modern looking cat. Make Halloween decorations using this idea and the instructions shown at Crafts by Amanda.

12. Happy Feet Penguin

Make these little penguins after watching the movie, "Happy Feet." What's not to love about cute penguins? Find the instructions at Crafts Jr.

13. Celestial Angel

Make lots of angels to help celebrate the Christmas season or just to enjoy making angels. Activity Village is where to find the directions.

14. Birdies in Nest

These look a little more like baby chicks, so I think this would be a great Easter project. Go to Krafty Kid for the instructions.

15. Holy Spirit Dove

This is an outstanding project to use in a christian lesson about the Holy Spirit. Go to Catholic Icing for the directions.

16. Colorful Snail

Preschool Crafts For Kids has the directions for making this colorful snail. The little ones will love making this snail.

17. Valentine Holder

The children can keep all the Valentines they receive in this Valentine card holder. Kids Crafts shows how to make it.

18. Scarecrow With Felt

This scarecrow uses felt and textured paper in the directions that you'll find at No Time For Flash Cards.

19. Spider in a Web

You'll find the directions for this project at Mom Endeavors. Even the littlest kids will be able to make these hand print spiders in a web.

20. Puppets and Pals

Crayola has a really nice project using paper plates and also including instructions for making puppets and pals on their site. This would be a great classroom project having the students make their own faces or that of a pal.

21. Meet the Animals

Use this great craft project to make puppets or face masks. Or maybe you need an idea for a bulletin board display. How about a zoo theme? You'll find the instructions for this cute craft at Firstpallette.

22. Party Animals

Kids love parties and parents love to give them parties that they will remember forever. This party animal paper plate project will certainly make a party to remember. Go to the Kix site for the instructions to make these party animals.

23. Paper Plate Snow Globe

24. Football Player

The boys will be especially interested in making a football player. They can make their favorite team player by changing the helmet color. Go to DLTK to find the directions.

25. Butterfly

Have the kids make butterflies in a variety of colors and designs to make your classroom ready for Spring. Family Crafts gives instructions on how to make them.

26. Frisbees

After decorating and making a Frisbee, the kids can play a game with them. Crafts by Amanda shows you how to make a Frisbee using paper plates.

27. Day of the Dead Mask

Kids love to make masks of all sorts, so this will be one done with enthusiasm. The easy to follow directions that you'll find at Scrumdilly-Do will make doing this project easy.

28. Bunny in a Nest

Add some Easter grass and a few colorful jelly beans to the basket to finish this cute project by Crafts and Activities for the Elderly. The directions, for old or young, are easy to follow.

29. Ring Toss

Another great rainy day or indoor project that will keep the kids busy for a long time. Directions can be found at Little Learning for Two.

30. Paper Plate Cow

Learn how to make a cow using paper plates by going to and following the instructions at Learn Create Love.

31. Paper Plate Fish

You can make a whole school of fish for a bulletin board or to hang from the ceiling by using the directions given at Dana Made.

32. Snowman

You can almost feel the cold when you look at this snowman. Have fun making snowmen indoors by finding the instructions on the Artsy Craftsy Mom site.

33. Feathered Birds

Look what a few feathered will do for a craft project. You can make outstanding paper plate birds like the one shown above by following the pictures shown at Krokotak.

34. Paper Plate Lanterns

35. Angel Wings

Whether you want to make angel wings for a Christmas play or a Halloween costume, you can find the instructions for making these paper plate wings at Maker Mama.

36. Clown Puppet on a Stick

Clowns are a great craft theme for anytime of the year, and also a great birthday theme. Imagine how much fun the kids will have making these clown puppets on a stick and then playing games with them. Find the directions for this craft project at Ganz World.

37. Princess Crown

When you go to Kooky Projects you'll find this photo of a crown that they made. Then you'll go to Enchanted Learning for the instructions. Enchanted Learning doesn't show a picture of a finished crown.

38. Farm Animals

Aren't these little farm animals just the cutest? The kids will love making all the farm animals and you can find the instructions for making the animals at Parent Club.

39. Sunflower Smiles

Such a cute way to give a child's picture as a gift for Father's day or Mother's day. Find the instructions for making this sunflower at Scribble Blog.

40. Easter Chickens

You'll find the tutorial for making these Easter chickens at The Nest. This would be a great classroom project. Easy to do and the kids will enjoy making their own style chickens.

41. Easter Baskets

This is a really impressive way to make inexpensive Easter baskets. Imagine all the ways you could decorate these baskets by using paints, gems, glitter, etc. Go to Nurture Store to find out how to make these baskets.

42. Clown Face

You'll need the paper plates that are divided into three sections to make this clown face. Otherwise, all the supplies are things you most probably have on hand. Find the instructions for this craft at Craft Out !!!

43. Christmas Characters

You'll get the directions for making a Santa, a reindeer and a snowman when you go to the Kix site. I especially love the Rudolph reindeer character here.

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      Loraine Brummer 2 years ago from Hartington, Nebraska

      Hi Krishna! Thanks for stopping by and for your comment.

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      krishna 2 years ago

      Blackcat is veryyyyyyyyy beautiful

      It is very cute

    • lbrummer profile image

      Loraine Brummer 2 years ago from Hartington, Nebraska

      Hi Heather, I also like the paper plate crafts because they are inexpensive. When kids find something they like to do, they want to make more than one. With paper plates that doesn't become a problem.

    • HeatherGilmour profile image

      Heather Gilmour 2 years ago from London

      Animals are super cute, this is on interesting and addictive art project and I'm sure that will be fun not only for kids.

    • lbrummer profile image

      Loraine Brummer 2 years ago from Hartington, Nebraska

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, sachin. I think the oriental fans are a great example of art using paper plates.

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      sachin 2 years ago

      Very nice ideas for people who dont have art interest thanks

    • lbrummer profile image

      Loraine Brummer 3 years ago from Hartington, Nebraska

      Thanks, peachpurple, for your visit and comment. I hope your son finds some projects to do. My grandkids love to do "projects."

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      peachy 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i love the farm animal paper plates, very cute, i should ask my son to join in. voted up

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      Susan Caplan McCarthy 3 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

      This is an adorable collection of inexpensive craft projects.