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30 Creepy Outdoor DIY Halloween Crafts

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.


Do you like decorating outdoors for Halloween? Do you like scaring the ghosts and goblins that come "Trick or Treating" to your door?

Then you'd probably enjoy making Halloween decorations and would like a quick way to find ideas for making those outdoor Halloween decorations. I've spent considerable time searching and finding web sites, which show great pictures and have easy to understand instructions, for the best outdoor Halloween crafts available.

I think you'll be pleased with the number and variety of projects shown here.

To make the Mouse Motel shown above, go to the Martha Stewart site. Make it like the photo above or the new model featured on her site.


1. Witch Template

When you visit the Good Housekeeping site, you'll find this printable witch template. A great Halloween decoration for a door or wall. Consider using a bit of glow in the dark paint to outline or highlight the witch.


2. Eyeballs in a Tree

You'll use huge beach balls to make these eyeballs in a tree. The tutorial for making this Halloween eyeballs project is found at the princess & the frog.


3. Glowing Eyes

These glowing eyes are super easy to make using cardboard rolls from tp or paper towel rolls. For all the directions for making these glowing eyes, go to Fab Art DIY.


4. Levitating Ghosts

I really like the looks of these little ghosts.. For the directions on how to make them, go to DIY Network.


5. Halloween Lantern Sign Post

We'll help you find your way in the neighborhood with this Halloween lantern sign post. But, beware!


6. Flying Bats

Turn your porch into a bat cave with these bats made at Martha Stewart. You'll find the directions there too.


7. Black Cat

If you are the superstitious type, you might not want this black cat to cross your path. But, if you want to put a scare in the little goblins, go to HGTV and make a few black cats for your front walk.


8. Climbing Skeletons

Can you imagine a low spotlight shining on these spooky guys in the middle of the night? Day or night these guys would spook me out. To make your climbing skeletons, go to instructables for the directions.


9. Creepy Crawly Wreath

Hang this on your front door and it'll for sure scare any guests that arrive. Find the tutorial for making this wreath at Craft Your Happiness.


10. Halloween Banister Owls

Spook your friends with Halloween banister owls. Whooooo's afraid of a few black owls?


11. Painted Jar Luminaries

Group these painted jar luminaries on your front steps or down the sidewalk to create a welcome to your guests. Go to CRAFTS BY Amanda for the instructions.


12. Framed Spider Welcome

Here's a perfect way to decorate your front porch.....a framed spider Welcome!


13. Spiders Wreath

If you look really close you'll see a lot of spiders on this spider wreath. It's a good thing it's meant to be hung outdoors.

14. Fairy Glow Jars


15. Giant Spider in Webs

You'll find all the information that you'll need to make this giant spider and spider web at Mom Endeavors.


16. Enter If You Dare

Welcome your guest with a warning. You'll find the instructions to make this witch warning at The Tiptoe Fairy.


17. Creepy Spider Egg Sac

You can find a great tutorial for making this creepy spider sac at The Tiptoe Fairy.


18. Floating Witches Hat Luminaries

Hang floating witches hat luminaries on your porch so the goblins have to duck to miss them.


19. Mummy Ghost

Double the scare with a mummy plus ghost hanging. The tutorial for making this Halloween project is found at Consumer Crafts.


20. Spider Jar

One of the jars has a flameless candle in it, but both could be made that way. Find the instructions at Momdot.


21. Flicker Candles

A very cool, tutorial on how to make these flicker candles can be found at HalloweenForum.com. Pictures and directions, just click on a photo to get a close up of the step and written info.


22. Halloween Signs

An easy Halloween craft. Use the suggested sayings or make up your own. Go to AllFreeCrafts.com for the directions.


23. Bats, Bats, Bats

Use cheesecloth for the spider web and make these super easy bats from poster board or cardstock. You'll find the instructions at the Woman’sDay site.


24. Beware- Giant Spiders Sign

The sign alone should scare folks, but adding some giant spiders will definitely do the trick. The directions for this project are found at Woman’sDay.


25. Spooky Eyes

I'd love to have these spooky eyes near my front door to greet the little ghosts and goblins that come Halloween night. See how easy it is to make these spooky eyes by going to Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons. I think I would add some solar lights near by to make them visible at night.


26. Life Sized Ghost

HGTV will show you how to make this life sized ghost. Boo!!


27. Skull Wreath

An outdoor wreath to decorate your door with black painted skulls. Very nice project. Go to Tried & True for the directions.


28. Monster Man Stakes

I think I would cut a circle at the top of the monster heads and fit them over cheap solar lights to make them scary at night. Go to Someday CRAFTS for the directions.


29. Glow in the Dark Pumpkins

Day or night these pumpkins will catch your eye. But it looks sort of scary when you see glow in the dark pumpkins.

30. DIY Halloween Ghost Glow Balloons

© 2012 Loraine Brummer

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CharMarie on September 29, 2013:

Love your lens! I love Halloween, and I love making crafts with my little grand-daughters! Thanks for the great ideas!

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Great ideas. Halloween is my favorite holiday. To complete the ambiance, check out the Halloween music I write. Haunters love it. Spook on!

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@anonymous: I love pumpkin patches,they're a great placeto let your imaginationrun wild.

TommysPal on September 17, 2013:

I bet Halloween is a lot of fun at your house. I usually don't decorate now that my son is grown. But looking at your lenses has got me thinking. Thanks!

Fiorenza from UK on September 17, 2013:

Some good ideas though the mouse hotel would probably end up with the real deal inside it in this neck of the woods!

supersiva on September 17, 2013:

Its halloween fun when skeletons dance around you, monsters mock at you, goblins stare at you. Thanks for sharing these outdoor crafts.

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These ideas are so cool! Decorating for Halloween is one of my favorite things to do, it's one of my favorite holidays! I'll be using some of your ideas this year for sure, thanks for sharing!

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These are awesome ideas. I love decorating for Halloween. Thanks for sharing

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I was just brought back in time with these safe and fun Halloween crafts. Thank you so much for bringing safe and family friendly crafts in mind. Great crafts and new ideas.

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What great ideas. I especially love the luminary glass jars and the pumpkins with mice. Never thought of that one.

wrapitup4me on September 01, 2012:

Well now, I like the window silhouettes for sure. And the jar luminaries - I can think of some designs that would be nice for all year round. And the cheesecloth spiders - well, that might make a great April's Fools' Day prank, eh? I'm bookmarking this lens.

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