43 Fun and Easy Craft Ideas for Little Kids

Updated on January 11, 2018
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Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and kid-friendly craft tutorials.

Make a colorful garden of flowers with kids!
Make a colorful garden of flowers with kids! | Source

What Crafts Can I Make With Kids?

No one loves doing crafts more than little kids. My grandkids call it "doing projects," and I haven't found a project they weren't thrilled to try. I'm always looking for new DIY ideas and spend a lot of time searching for the best kid-friendly crafts. Here is a list of over forty projects you can use for inspiration—I hope you try them out!

1. Comic Balls

Use Mod Podge or slightly-thinned white glue to make comic balls! Although the finished surface is perfectly smooth in this project, the less-than-perfect ones that kids are likely to make are sure to have a beauty of their own. Favecrafts shares the instructions to make these little keepsakes.

2. Tulip Painting

I love this tulip idea. The little ones will discover that a plastic-fork-turned-paintbrush can be a great deal of fun. Visit Kids Play Box for the tutorial.

3. Slide-On Pencil Toppers

It's fun making things out of felt, and this pencil-topper project will keep the kids busy for a long time. Education shares the tutorial for you to try this playful craft.

4. Tyrannosaurus Rex

Ask the kids to pronounce this huge word, or just tell them it's a T. rex. Either way, they'll find it easy to understand the directions laid out by Easy Preschool Craft.

5. Silly Pencil Holders

I think these cute pencil holders are something kids will love making. Follow Somewhat Simple's instructions to make these silly containers. You could even have the kids paint the cans first for a personalized twist.

6. Easter Chick

Luntiks has the directions to put this crumpled paper chick together. It's "cheep" to put together and a whole lot of fun!

7. Foam Fish

This DIY is super easy and ideal for engaging little kids. You'll need to use disposable plastic trays to make the fish.

8. Heart Suncatcher

I think that besides making a craft, kids truly enjoy seeing their craft displayed. Making Merry Memories shares the steps for this delightful suncatcher that kids will love hanging on the window!

9. Festive Masks

Captain Crafty shares a mask template along with fun ideas to decorate them. Kids enjoy making, wearing, and playing with these masks, so this project would be a great activity for a group of kids.

10. Lace-Up Hen and Chicks

This lacing project teaches kids how to do basic stitches. Enjoy doing this with the kids and let them color in the birds for an extra dose of creativity!

11. M-O-M Picture Frame

Moms will love this framed picture of their sweet children. Learn how to make it at Busy Bee Kids Crafts.

12. Shoebox Swings

I love the idea of using shoe boxes for this craft. I'm sure the kids will concoct fantastic stories when their paper doll play yard is complete!

13. Tissue-Paper Tree

Easy Preschool Craft provides a simple guide you can follow to make this inexpensive tree with your little ones.

14. "Moving Tail" Fish

Little kids love interacting with projects that possess moving parts. The tutorial provides step-by-step directions to make this engaging fish.

15. Paper Penguins

Just think, you and the kids have the entire winter season to make penguins! See how to make this cute little penguin at Kolcraft.

16. Rainbow Mobile

For St. Patrick's Day, make coins like the ones shown in the picture for a festive touch. For spring, make paper raindrops and hang them from the clouds. Learn how to make this with 4 Crazy Kings.

17. Flying Fish

This is a Japanese koinobori (flying carp) project. The Japanese celebrate a boy's day by flying carp windsocks, as each fish represents a son in the household. Girls get a day of their own in March. Make these fish at Squirrelly Minds.

18. Personalized Pencils

The kids will flex their creative muscles as they make these personalized pencils that are great to use or to give as gifts. Find the instructions at DIY Candy.

19. Easy Bunnies

20. Bookworm

Imagine putting this bookworm together and writing "I Love Books" or "Bookworms Are Smart" on the back! Find out how to make this little worm at All Kids Network.

21. Magnetic Fishing Game

The little ones will be able to practice fishing with this magnetic rod. Positively Splendid shares the instructions you can follow to make this exciting game.

22. Fish Frame

Purchase clay or make your own salt clay dough to make this fish frame dreamed up by Krokotac. This lovely project can help encourage kids to use their imagination and make a one-of-a-kind gift.

23. "This Is Me" Outline

I think this is a great project for even the littlest kids. They love to draw pictures and talk about themselves, and this is an excellent tool to get the conversation started as you do the craft. Find the instructions for this project at Learn Create Love.

24. Beautiful Dragonflies

Any project that uses bright colors is a great idea you can keep in your craft arsenal. Kids will love making dragonflies using Craft 'n Home's instructions.

25. Tree Weaving

If your kids are too young to do this tree-weaving project to the fullest extent, adjust the concept and simplify it for them. Using a variety of yarn colors will make any weaving beautiful.

26. Apple Tree

This kid's craft is simple and a classic one in my book. You'll find the instructions and pictures of this craft at Preschool Crafts for Kids.

27. Winter Snowman

I think this project is a great one to reference because the snowman template can be used for other projects. Find the list of supplies and steps you need at Craft 'n' Home.

28. Paper-Cup Chick

See the steps for this cute spring or Easter project over at Housing A Forest. They also include ways to embellish your little chicks.

29. Aquarium

You can use almost any kind of cardboard box to make this aquarium, and kids will have a blast playing with it after they're done. MollyMoo shares the instructions to put this clever project together.

30. Mad Hatter

Use a large cereal box to make this outstanding Mad Hatter's hat. You can find the instructions at Dizzily Dreaming.

31. Giraffe

This little giraffe is just too cute for words! Wouldn't you love to display it on your refrigerator? Learn how to create one at Busy Bee Kids Crafts.

32. Christmas Characters on a Plate

These adorable Christmas characters are made using paper plates. Make a few different people or animals using this method and put them around the house for a holiday-ready home!

33. Cane Ornaments

34. Geometric Angel

Not only is this project sweet, it is also a lesson about shapes!

35. Bead Wreaths

Pony beads and pipe cleaners are inexpensive supplies, so it'd be a fun idea to let the kids make enough beaded-wreath ornaments to fill a Christmas tree.

36. Tic-Tac-Toe Fishing Game

This is an easy game that little kids will love to make and try! Favecrafts has the steps for you to make this tic-tac-toe game.

37. Plastic Bugs

Make bugs with plastic spoons and pipe cleaners! This DIY will keep the little ones busy for a long time, and you can find the steps at Paging Fun Mums.

38. What a Hoot

Kids will be able to use their motor skills with this owl project because it involves cutting, gluing, and using brads. Another exciting element is that the brads make the owl's wings movable!

39. DIY Package

How many times have you wished for an easy and inexpensive way to package a gift? See the tutorial at It's Always Autumn and gather the kids to make these packages in mass!

40. Reindeer Ornament

Whenever making ornaments, plan on the kids making more than just one type nor design. Crafts-For-All-Seasons tells you how to put these ornaments together.

41. Starry Night

This craft will keep little ones occupied for a while, which is perfect on a rainy day when they have to stay indoors. Use finger paints, magazine pages, scissors, and glue sticks. While waiting for paint to dry, the kids will have plenty of time to cut out shapes and paper strips for their artwork. Go to Cassie Stephens to see her method for this project, and then make any necessary adjustments for your kids.

42. Roll Bunnies

All kinds of fun activities are involved in this project. Painting and glue dots? Hooray! Ecoscrapbook has the steps for these bunnies made of toilet-paper rolls.

43. Popsicle-Stick Snowmen

These snowmen are darling and simple to make. I'm sure you and the kids will love making them! Preschool Crafts for Kids shares the instructions for you to use. Enjoy!

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