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31 Best Ghostly Ghost Crafts

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.


31 Ghost Crafts

Find the perfect Halloween project in this article. I did a Google search for Halloween ghost crafts which include a picture and tutorial. The link to the site is clickable and takes you directly to the page with the instructions.

Find the directions for making the no-sew ghost family shown above at Yesterday on Tuesday.


1. Paper Cup Ghosts

If you need a quick and inexpensive way to decorate for a Halloween party, go to Kids Craft Room and check this project out.


2. Deco Mesh Ghost Wreath

When your friends see this cute ghost wreath, they'll want you to make one for them too. See how easy this ghost is to make by going to the Trendy Tree site.


3. Creepy Cute Leaf Ghosts

Make these to hang by fishing line, add a magnet to the back to display on your fridge or maybe even add a pin back or hair clip so you can wear these creep, cute leaf ghosts. Find the directions on the Fun Littles site.


4. Furry, Fuzzy Ghosts

I think these furry, fuzzy ghosts are just too cute for words....and so easily made. Go to Preschool Crafts for Kids for the instructions.


5. Trick or Treat Ghost Bag

See how easy and fun it can be to make your own trick or treat ghost bags for Halloween this year.


6. Soda Bottle Ghosts

At Mom It Forward you'll find the directions on how to make these soda bottle ghosts. Imagine a group of these ghosts on your mantel or in an arrangement on the table. Cute!!

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7. Ghosts and More Dollar Tree Crafts

The dollar store has great crafting supplies. This video will spark some inspiration!


8. Ghosts In A Jar

I think this is an incredible table decorating idea for a Halloween party, especially if you need a large number of arrangements. These ghosts in a jar are much easier to make than you'd think. Find the instructions at Eighteen25.


9. Illuminated Ghost Garland

This ghost garland is super easy to make using the paper lantern garlands that can be purchased. Taryn Whiteaker is the place to go to find the tutorial for making this illuminated ghost garland.


10. Ghastly, Ghostie Wreath

Just follow the instructions given at the Mama Thompson site to make this cute ghost wreath. It is very easy to make, so have the kids help. They'll love making these little ghosts and they'll love it when you display it.


11. Glitter Ghosts

Sometimes the most simple decoration is the most beautiful. The glitter added to these cone ghosts give them an elegant look that will be perfect in any home. If you like decorating for Halloween, you'll want to add these. Find the tutorial for making these cone shaped glitter ghosts at Eighteen25.


12. Ghost Lolly Pop Bouquet

Why not make this lolly pop ghosts bouquet to use as a before Halloween decoration, and then give the little ghosts away on Halloween eve to the ghosts and goblins that come to your home for treat or treat? This easy to make ghost bouquet had instructions on the A Beautiful Mess site.


13. Coffee Filter Ghosts

If you are looking for a quick and easy Halloween decoration to make for your home or for your classroom, consider these coffee filter ghosts. Super cute and easy to make. The instructions for making these ghosts is found at Fun Littles.


14. Paper Bag Ghost

Go to Simple Everyday Mom to find the tutorial for making paper bag ghosts.


15. Gourd Ghost Sentinel

Look at the gourd ghost sentinel protecting your walkway from little human goblins.


16. Yarn Ghosts

You'll scream "Cute" when you see these little yarn ghosts. Preschool Crafts for Kids is where you'll find the directions for making them.


17. Yarn Ghost Garland

There's absolutely nothing scary about this yarn ghost garland, unless it's scary cute.

18.Ghost Cup Cover

Who doesn't love a cute ghost craft for Halloween? This is a super easy tutorial that you can do with your kids.


19. Spinning Ghosts

For quick and easy ghost decorations, go to the One Creative Mommy site to make these spinning ghosts.



20. Ghostly Luminaries

Set flameless candles under these little ghosts and see them glow. Go to Preschool Crafts for Kids for the directions. It's amazing at how long the little flameless candles last. To make them last longer, don't forget to turn them off.


21. Felt Ghost Wreath

This is a real beauty, something you'll be proud to say that you made yourself. Go Tatertots & Jello for the templates and directions.


22. Ghosts on a Fence

Find the directions for this cute and ghostly project at I Heart Crafty Things.


23. Dancing Yard Ghosts

An outdoor display that will frighten up the neighborhood. You'll scare up the directions at Listotic. Number 8 on the page.


24. Cornstarch Footprints

What a fun way to measure the passing of time with yearly ghost footprints of the kids. Go to Susiej to see how they are made and for the recipe.


25. Ghost and Pumpkin Tree

Click on the numbered "next" tabs to get the step-by-step instructions for making this ghost tree. Find the information at the Stay-at-Home Moms site.


26. Ghost in the Pumpkin Patch

Make cute Halloween gifts. Find the directions for making this ghost in the pumpkin patch at Favecrafts.


27. Simple Ghost

These super simple ghost will be so much fun for the kids to make. These ghosts are made using a Dixie cup and cotton balls. See all the instructions for these ghosts at How Wee Learn.


28. Ghost String Lights

Decorate your home with strings of ghosts to give it a real Halloween look. Find the tutorial for making these ghost string lights at Craft Passion.

29. Super Easy Ghost Wreath

Add some spookiness to your front door with this super east wreath tutorial.


30. Marshmallow Ghost Treats

Marshmallows in cellophane bags make for some cute little ghost treats to hand out on Halloween. Most kids do love marshmallows so this is a nice treat for the little ghosts and goblins that come to your door. The instructions for making these treat bags is found at The Gaines Gang.

31. Easy Ghost Sign

This sign could go anywhere in your house!

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