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41 Art and Craft Project Ideas Especially for Boys Ages 5 to 8

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.

A list of craft projects boys will love

A list of craft projects boys will love

Crafts for Boys

Boys might prefer craft projects that are somewhat different from those that girls like, so for this article, I've collected projects that might appeal to boys. I've included ideas for boys from ages five to eight with a few advanced projects for older boys, a picture or video of each project, and a link to instructions when necessary. When you click on the site's name, you'll be taken directly to the project page.

Send these pixies flying with your handmade catapult.

Send these pixies flying with your handmade catapult.

1. Jumping Pixies

This is a handmade catapult with a collection of wooden pixies to use as ammunition. You make the catapult, make the pixie heads, and then send them flying in every direction. Fun. I made these little pixies to play with the grandsons when they came to visit. They had a grand time making the pixies jump into the egg carton cups, or, I should say, trying to get them into the cups. Sometimes they took super high jumps and sometimes very short jumps. To make this jumping pixies game, go to we bloom here for the tutorial.

Who doesn't want a dragon egg?

Who doesn't want a dragon egg?

2. Dragon Egg

Do you know a boy who loves everything about knights, swords, dragons, castles, etc.? He'll probably want to make dragon eggs to add to his collection of dragon keepsakes. It looks like metal, but it's really just a plastic egg decorated with glue and paint. All the instructions for making a dragon egg can be found at Our Peaceful Planet.


3. Clothespin and Button Race Cars

Racing cars is even more fun when you make the race cars. Clothespins and buttons are the main supplies needed for this project. After you've made a few race cars, you can make little racers to drive them and a race track from pieces of cardboard. As you can see, this craft project might be expanded into a full day of crafting and fun. Go to ikatbag for the instructions.


4. Harry Potter's Golden Snitch

Everyone who loves Harry Potter books can imagine what a golden snitch looks like. You know that if you catch the snitch, you win the quidditch match. But now you can make one of your own by following the directions at THE SURPRISE-AHOLIC.


5. Fun Rock Garden Markers

The first step of this craft project is to get or find some smooth rocks, which can be a fun outing in itself. Boys can make a rock garden marker in any size they want, following the instructions at Adventure in a Box. Giving the rocks funny faces, expressions, and unique personalities makes this a super fun project. This is also a great gift idea for kids to give to parents or grandparents.

6. Flying Paper Carp

Making koinori, or flying fish, is one way that the Japanese celebrate Boy's Day (May 5). These wind "socks" are made into fish, each one signifying a boy in the family. I love the bright colors used in this project. You can find the tutorial for making the flying carp in the video above. An impressive fish!


7. Pipe Cleaner Ninjas

Just imagine all the fun that the boys will have making these pipe cleaner ninjas. You can bend them into any fighting stance, and they're quite simple and inexpensive to make. Find out what you need for supplies and the tutorial for making the ninjas at Frugal Fun for Boys.

8. Balloon Car

The boys can even have races with these cars after making them with a recycled plastic bottle and a balloon. Blow up the balloon, point the car in the right direction, and watch it go! Have competitions to see who built it best. Find the instructions in the video above.


9. Tin Can Lanterns

The directions for how to make these lanterns are found at Frugal Fun for Boys. This would be great camping or scout activity. You could use a real candle or a LED candle. You could design a fan lantern to honor your favorite movie (like Star Wars or Spider-Man) or book (Harry Potter or Percy Jackson).


10. Paper Rockets

If you make these confetti pop rockets, you can "blow things up" without worrying about fire or injury! It will probably turn out that some explode spectacularly, but others are slightly less exciting, and this actually adds to the fun. Not only are the boys going to find this a fun project, but you'll be able to use these rockets for decor on patriotic holidays. You'll find everything you need to know to make these cool rockets at alphamom.


11. Monster Bookmarks

The guys will have fun trying to "out monster" everyone else making these bookmarks. You can reuse old envelopes or paper scraps to make this a really "green" project. Especially great for a group of bookish boys who will make use of them, but also a great gift idea. Find the instructions for making these monster bookmarks by going to TALLY'S TREASURY.

12. Soda Bottle Birdhouse

This project is eco-friendly for two reasons: you recycle old plastic liter bottles, and you make a home for the birds. I'd love to have one of these, so maybe your mother or grandmother would also like this birdhouse. See how easy it is in the video above.


13. Sandpaper and Crayon T-Shirt Art

You and your buddies can have matching t-shirts to signify a team or club that you all are part of. This sandpaper-and-crayon method of designing a color transfer is easy and inexpensive. Buy t-shirts at the dollar store or reuse old ones, and you can design them any way you wish. The instructions for making this t-shirt art are found at the Alpha Mom site.


14. Pocket Tic Tac Toe

A little container full of fun: Make this before going on a car trip. Keep it in the car for long trips and traffic emergencies. Find the instructions for this craft at factory direct craft.

15. Cardboard KitKat Vending Machine

Who doesn't want a candy vending machine in their own home? This one is so "smart" it knows the difference between a quarter and a dime. All you need is some cardboard, an Xacto knife, wooden skewers, a nail, pliers, rubber bands, a glue gun, and paint. Oh—and candy, too! This project requires a lot of time and precision and is probably better for older boys.

16. Pop-Pop Boat

This project requires old soda cans, a ruler, scissors, pliers, straws, a milk or juice carton, tape, candles, and some Blu Tack adhesive putty. In the end, you will have little boats that self-propel through the water! After you're done, take them to a body of water (a bathtub, pool, or pond), and you can conduct boat races for the rest of the day. Find instructions in the video above.


17. Pine Cone Gnomes

If you've collected a bunch of pine cones and were wondering what you could make using them, the pine cone gnome is a great idea. All you'll need are wood beads, felt, glue, and pinecones, and you'll end up with a collection of extra-cute gnomes to play or decorate with. Find the instructions for making pine cone gnomes at the we bloom here site.


18. Car Mat

This mat is just perfect for the kids when they're playing with their Matchbox cars and trucks. The whole play space folds up into a tiny roll that takes up hardly any space. Unfold it and voila! Instant fun zone. See how to make this neat car mat by going to a girl a glue gun. I guess I'd better make one of these with my grandson, who has hundreds of matchbox cars.

19. Cardboard Robot

This project is a bit advanced, so probably ideal for older boys, and they may need a little adult supervision. It requires some specialized materials, too, including a motor and a battery, but the end result is completely worth the extra work and materials you put into it, and the boys will learn so much while they're having fun.


20. Wooden Block Cityscape

Let the boys build the city of their dreams by supplying them with some wood scraps, acrylic paints, and permanent markers and letting them go! The boys will spend hours making and playing with a cityscape that they build themselves. Find the instructions for this project at CREATIVE JEWISH MOM.


21. Lava Lamp Project

Electricity-free lava lamps: groovy! You can use any color food coloring to make your lava lamp unique. The secret is using pieces of Alka-Seltzer to power the bubbles. For all the information you'll need to make a lava lamp of your own, go to the lil’ luna site.

22. Paper Snakes

These snakes are easy to make, cool to look at, and fun to play with. Boys from 5 to 8 years of age might like this project. You can throw them at unsuspecting people or hide them in a drawer as a prank. See the video above for instructions.


23. Bed Bugs

Boys might love to make these bedbugs to tease their mom or their sisters with. Find the instructions for making these Styrofoam bugs at Parents. Go to # 7 in the slide show. I think these would look really good nestled inside a potted plant. Just add a wooden skewer or a piece of wire to the underside of the bug and stick it in the dirt. Cute!

24. Marshmallow Launcher

You might want to eat the marshmallows and use little pom poms in your shooter instead. This is a great project to make and a game to play when the weather is too cold to go outside. The marshmallows—I mean the pom poms—won't wreck the furniture. Find the tutorial for making it in the video above.


25. Numbered Cars Game

Make learning numbers a lot of fun for the little matchbox car fan in your family. Find the directions for making this project at B-Inspired MAM. For the older kids, consider marking the parking spots with additional problems, like the #5 car would park on the 3+2 space.

26. Rocket Launcher

3. . . 2. . .1. . . Blast off! These paper rockets are fairly easy to make, and sending them up into the sky with this homemade launcher adds a bit of excitement to the game. Plastic soda bottle, scissors, ruler, drill, paper, straws, tape, and a glue gun: That's all you'll need.


27. Nature Habitat

This project is customizable—the boys can design any natural scene they want; all you need is a shoebox. The rest is optional and subject to your imagination and what you have available. In the end, you peer through a hole in the side of the box to see the scene inside. It's like peeking into another world! Use the basic directions for this project, and then do it with a theme you especially enjoy. Find the instructions at DLTK.

28. Tin Can Wind Chimes

A boy scout troop would probably love making tin can wind chimes. A nice project to enjoy at home also. See the video above for the easy-to-follow tutorial. Make this on a rainy day and enjoy it when the wind rustles those chimes.

29. Duct Tape Wallet

There are so many things to do with duct tape, and this is just one of them. Seriously, give a group of boys a bunch of duct tape, and they'll be entertained for hours. But if they run out of ideas, this duct tape wallet is a great project. The tutorial for making this wallet is found in the video above. Start the video at the three minute mark if you want to get right to the instructions. This would be so much fun to make!


30. Crazy Crocs

You'll never throw bubble wrap out again after the boys discover this crafty way to use it. The directions are at PostivelySplendid. You may end up getting a little messy, but it's entirely worth it. A really unique way to use old bubble wrap. Talk about recycling!


31. Rock Bees

Give this idea to a boy and he'll figure out how to make all sorts of insects. Find the directions for these bees at CRAFTS BY Amanda.


32. Pocket Fishing Game

Boys will enjoy making this game as well as playing with it. POSITIVELY SPLENDID has the instructions for this project.


33. Glow-in-the-Dark Ghosts

It's always fun to make Halloween decorations, and you can never have too many of them. Glow-in-the-dark paint makes it possible to show off your Halloween decorations at night, too. The instructions for making these super cool ghosts are found at Squigly’s Arts & Crafts.


34. Paper Mache Hens

To make this an easier project, mollymoo has included a pattern for the hen in the tutorial. Moms will love to receive a paper mache hen gift.


35. Bean Bag Checkers

The boys will love competing in a competition of bean bag checkers. For the directions to make this game, go to juicy bits. The checkers and game board will be silent, but will the boys playing checkers? I don't think so!


36. Juice Box Boats

You'll really be surprised at how easy these boats are to make. The directions are found on THE JOYS OF BOYS site. This is a great summer or camping project.

37. Alien Spacecraft

A great way to recycle old CDs and empty plastic containers, the end products are customizable and entirely creative. Make it even more fun by spending a little extra time imagining and designing an alien to ride in the spacecraft. Especially well-suited for an outer-space-themed birthday party. Instructions on FeltMagnet.

38. Paper Hats

Before you send them all out into the yard to play, have them make themselves some paper hats to protect their eyes from the sun. Paper, ruler, pencil, and glue—that's all you'll need. You may want to measure each boy's head to make sure the end product will fit, but that's the only thing to worry about here.

39. Key Ring Bracelet

They could be friendship bracelets. Key rings, beads, paper clip, and yarn or twine is all you'll need.


40. Salt Dough Snakes

These charming fellows are fun to look at and even more fun to make. Homemade salt dough is easy—bake them for three hours at 200°F and let cool thoroughly before you apply the paint. To find the instructions for this neat craft, go to Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls.

41. Cardboard Jigsaw Puzzles

The great thing about this project is you can tailor it to fit any age group of boys, and each boy can choose his own favorite picture or theme. For older boys, have them create puzzles with more pieces—do far fewer for younger boys. After they're done, the boys can take turns putting each others' puzzles together. For instructions, go to FeltMagnet.

Questions & Answers

Question: It's my birthday in a couple weeks. I am a ten-year-old boy. What crafts should I do?

Answer: If you are asking for a couple of crafts that you could do at a birthday party, consider #28. Scrubbing Pad Pumpkins or #29. Clay Leaf Bowl in my 34 Gorgeous Fall Craft Ideas article.

Question: I need to come up with music crafts for "full of energy" 5 year old boys. Do you have any ideas?

Answer: Check out my 52 Homemade Musical Instruments to Make article. I'm sure you'll find something you, and they, will enjoy. Find it at

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