58 Stunning DIY Tabletop Tree Ideas

Updated on March 22, 2020
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Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.

Tabletop Tree Ideas for Christmas Decorations

I love the look of small Christmas trees on a mantle or arranged as a centerpiece on the dining table. When I started searching for Christmas tree crafts, I was pleasantly surprised to find many projects with unique styles and textures. You'll discover over 50 beautiful trees and where to find the instructions below. Click here for the tutorial of the cardboard tabletop tree shown above.

1. Tabletop Ribbon Trees

This is one of my favorite Christmas tree crafts. I love crafting with wire-edged ribbon, and this Uncommon Designs project will show you how you can use it to create beautiful ribbon trees.

2. String Christmas Trees

When you want inexpensive and attractive Christmas decorations, consider making string Christmas trees. You can use different colors, weights, and textures of string to give you different but equally gorgeous decor. The tutorial is easy to follow, so make sure to try these out!

3. Music Sheet Christmas Tree

These music sheet trees exemplify the beauty you can find in the simple things. Add a bit of glitter to the edges of some trees for a little extra sparkle!

4. Crepe Paper Trees

Making a number of Christmas trees for table decorations can be daunting, but if you make crepe paper trees you can do it easily and inexpensively.

5. Wooden Tabletop Tree

I can imagine a rustic tabletop tree like this one sitting beautifully on a mantle or side table. The topper on this tree makes it more Christmas-themed, so you can omit it to keep the tree up all year round.

6. Evergreen Tabletop Trees

Making these evergreen tabletop trees is easy when you follow the simple tutorial over at Tatertots & Jello. These are a great decor idea if you need to make a number of centerpieces for a Christmas gala.

7. Lace Doily Tree

I love this beautiful lace doily tree. It's so delicate and yet easy to make that there's no good reason not to try this project.

8. Rose Petal Christmas Tree

Give the typical Christmastree a floral twist to add a surprise to your mantle or centerpiece.

9. Snow Cone Trees

Give your Christmas decorations a modern twist by making fun snow cone trees.

10. Curled Paper Christmas Trees

You'll need double-sided printed papers to make these gorgeous curled paper trees. You can play with wrapping paper and fun scrapbook paper to put together a personalized tree.

11. Paper Cone Tree

You can easily create these paper cone trees by using just a few sheets of paper. They only cost a few cents to make, and you can whip up a batch in just a few minutes.

12. Pearl Christmas Tree

A beautiful pearl Christmas tree adds an elegance that complements the classic evergreen tree perfectly.

13. Simple Christmas Tree

These simple Christmas trees only require a few craft supplies you probably have on hand already. You can do with kids to create personalized decorations or have a contest with adults to see who can make the most festive tree!

14. Easy Christmas Tree

If you thought the last tree called for accessible supplies, this easy Christmas tree only requires scraps of yarn and tissue paper!

15. Boxwood Tabletop Tree

I love the looks of the boxwood plant and I really like the boxwood tabletop tree. An easy to understand tutorial helps a heap too.

16. Money Tree

Who says money doesn't grow on trees? I imagine everyone who receives a money tree will love it, especially college-age kids who are transitioning to live more independently.

17. Burlap and Feather Christmas Tree

Watch the video above to learn how to make a Christmas tree using burlap and feathers! It's a great rustic piece that works well with many centerpieces.

18. Star Christmas Trees

These classic Christmas trees are fun and easy to make. The final result has a playful aspect that can work well both for the holiday season and in a kid's room.

19. Ruffled Felt Christmas Tree

A ruffled felt Christmas tree is so easy to make and adds elegance to any display.

20. Dyed Bottle Brush Trees

Another variation of bottle brush trees, this fun dyed tree DIY updates your trees with a more modern feel.

21. Coffee Filter Trees

Who knew that coffee filters could make such beautiful Christmas trees? Whip up a nice contemporary tree in a few easy steps and cheap supplies!

22. Satin Ribbon Tree

These satin ribbon trees are a beautiful way to use up your holiday ribbon. Make sure to use double-sided satin ribbon for this project so it's beautiful no matter how it turns!

23. Magazine Christmas Trees

Martha Stewart shares simple instructions to put together these gorgeous magazine trees. These will take longer to make because of the folding each tree requires, but they're worth the investment.

24. Fabric Scraps Tree

All Things Heart and Home shares how to make this shabby chic tree for your home. You mainly need fabric scraps, so use what you have on hand to make a truly unique creation!

25. Silvered Macaroni Tree

See what a spray of silver paint can do! Create this modern take on a macaroni tree, and feel free to change the color to gold or other festive colors!

26. Tissue Paper Trees

If you want some cool looking Christmas trees that are inexpensive to make, these tissue paper trees are perfect for you!

27. Fabric Covered Cone Trees

The Creativity Exchange came up with this great way to make fun trees. Create the cones with poster board and cover them with fabric. That's all you need to do for a festive touch!

28. Driftwood Christmas Trees

If you like incorporating rustic and natural elements to your Christmas decor, these driftwood trees are perfect for your arrangements.

29. Twine Trees

I love the simplicity of these trees wrapped in twine. You can customize these with small ornaments you have on hand or plan to make, so have fun creating these trees!

30. Book Page Tree

These book page trees are perfect if your family loves reading. Repurpose an old book that you know no one will read to create a beautiful tree for your mantle!

31. Berry Tree

You'll definitely find a place of honor for a tree made of berries. Follow the easy instructions to make this Pottery Barn knock-off.

32. Plastic Spoon Trees

Make these beautiful plastic spoon trees with just a few craft supplies! I think adding a bit of glitter would be nice too.

33. Modern Tabletop Trees

These perforated tabletop trees cost less than a dollar to make! You can make these in different colors to add a little variation and end up with a showstopper.

34. Felt Wall Tree

A small apartment won't get in the way of your Christmas tree dreams anymore! A felt wall tree is festive and doesn't take up any floor space. Try this out in a kid's room or a college dorm room for a holiday touch.

35. Styrofoam Christmas Tree

This styrofoam Christmas tree is an activity the kids will love to do. Add these to the kids' table at the holiday meal for a fun atmosphere.

36. Glitter Trees

These glitter trees sparkle like no other tree can. Put them together quickly for an eye-catching element in your display!

37. Christmas Tree Wall Art

Make Christmas tree wall art you'll want to use year after year. These are easy to customize, so you can make them for yourself or as a gift for someone else.

38. Homemade Felt Tree

A homemade felt tree is perfect for a warm welcome in a hallway or on a mantle.

39. Tree of Bells

A tree of bells is a fun way to jingle in the season. I think the white bells really make this project beautiful. You can also think of your own color combinations, such as gold and black or silver and blue.

40. Felt Pine Trees

These exquisite felt pine trees are perfect for a mantle or table. If you want a minimalist look that feels homey, this is the DIY project you'll want to try.

41. Nordic Sweater Trees

The sweater look of the ribbon used to make this Nordic sweater tree conveys just the right look.

42. Gold Cord Tree

Gorgeous trees don't have to be impossibly difficult to make. This gold cord tree will only take you a few minutes to bring to life and is a beautiful statement piece.

43. Fringed Tabletop Tree

Find out how easy it is to make a fringed tabletop tree for your mantle. Not just a Christmas mantle decor.

44. Funky Paper Christmas Trees

These funky paper trees look like a lot of fun to make, and can make a great present for the quirky soul.

45. Pine Cone Topiary Trees

If you want something truly unique, these pinecone trees are truly outstanding. They are simple to construct and result in a very elegant decor piece.

46. Five-Minute Lanterns

If you need to make a holiday centerpiece in a jiffy, make these winter tree lanterns. They're understated and beautiful in their simplicity.

47. Cereal Box Christmas Trees

I think these cereal box Christmas trees make a beautiful addition to a village scene. I'm going to have to make some of these for Christmas!

48. Flat Glass Marble Tree

This Christmas tree uses glass marbles that are flat on one side and lights. Simply put it together, turn on the lights, and voila! You have a cheerful tree on the wall that emits a beautiful glow.

49. Feather Trees

You'll be sure to start conversations with this beautiful feather tree display. I've got to make one of these beauties.

50. Burlap Strip Christmas Trees

I absolutely love burlap Christmas decorations, and these lovely burlap trees are something to treasure. The design is inspired by Ballard Designs.

51. Stuffed Christmas Trees

Sometimes, the shabby chic style is the exact look you want. These little stuffed Christmas trees are the perfect solution to fill out a Christmas arrangement.

52. Paint Chip Christmas Trees

Leave it to a crafter to dream up a Christmas tree made of paint chips. Because they're free at any hardware store, you can create a custom-color tree to fit your personal taste!

53. Mini Tinsel Trees

I don't know how mini these mini tinsel trees are, but they sure are cute.

54. Flower Pot Tree

Did you know terra cotta pots could be turned into tree decorations? Use flower pots to make a fun Christmas tree!

55. Tassel Christmas Trees

Make these fun tassel Christmas trees with just a few supplies. Create them as tabletop trees, or make mini versions to add on top of gifts!

56. Charlie Brown's Tree

This cute Charlie Brown Christmas tree is made using a brown grocery bag and cardboard. Don't you love how it looks?

57. Layered Felt Trees

These layered felt trees are so simple and elegant, making them ideal for any home. Make sure to get the flat-bottomed wooden balls for the tree bases to make everything stable.

58. White Feather Tabletop Christmas Tree

Questions & Answers

  • I want to make a styrofoam shaped Christmas tree with my 5 and 8-year-old grandchildren. Any ideas?

    I found a cotton ball and bells tree that I think the kids would enjoy making with you. I added it to the tabletop tree article.

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    • lbrummer profile imageAUTHOR

      Loraine Brummer 

      21 months ago from Hartington, Nebraska

      Check out #58 in the article.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Some very cool ideas on this lens - will have to show my wife, she loves making stuff like this!


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