Glass Crafts:How To Upcycle Bottles Using Stained Glass Mosaic Cobbles

A Glass on Glass Mosaic Tutorial For Turning Plain Glass Bottles Into Treasured Collectibles

Decorating glass jars and bottles is a fun, easy craft made even more enjoyable when using Stained Glass Cobbles and glass beads for embellishment. Even the simplest glass mosaic project is prized for its translucent breathtaking visual appeal. I have been crafting with stained glass for over 20 years and I still feel spellbound with the beauty and awe it inspires. The projects I want to share with you have been carefully selected not only for their eye-popping beauty but for the ease and simplicity of crafting them.

One of the greatest pleasures of crafting with Stained Glass Cobbles is that they have softly rounded edges for easy handling and they are manufactured from re-cycled glass cullet right here in the USA. If you have a stash of glass bottles, vases and jars think about up-cycling them into these appealing treasures. If not, have fun finding a trove of shapes and all sizes of glass containers available for cool crafting.

Craft Materials for Decorating Glass Bottles with Stained Glass Cobbles
Craft Materials for Decorating Glass Bottles with Stained Glass Cobbles

Basic Glass Crafting Techniques Part I

Getting Started Decorating Glass Jars, Bottles and Vases

You need just a few items to get started;

1. Stained Glass Cobbles

2. A glass container

3. Glass beads(optional)

4. Glass adhesive and a wood skewer or toothpick.

Set up a work area where there is good ventilation. The adhesive is very strong scented so I prefer to have a fan circulating the air while I craft. "Cobble" on a covered work surface, newspaper works fine.

I use an old rag to cradle my glass container keeping it stable while I am gluing.

I also like to put my adhesive standing upright in an old jar or glass so that as I craft the glue is readily available.

Spread your glass cobbles out either on the table top or on a white paper plate so that you can easily view the different sizes and shapes of the pieces.

If you are using a flat faced glass container you can lay out your glass directly onto the surface then glue each piece. However, most vessels are curved, so you should have an idea of your design before you start gluing.

Scroll down to view all the different finished pieces that I have collected to inspire your creative thoughts.

In Part II of the "Basic Glass Crafting Techniques" I will go over how to set up your design. See you soon!

Stained Glass Ocean Breeze Vase - Wonderful as a Diffuser Bottle

Bead Craft using Stained Glass Cobbles on a recycled glass bottle
Bead Craft using Stained Glass Cobbles on a recycled glass bottle

This glass vase measures 7" in height. It took 3 ounces of Crystal Clear Mini-Cobblets and approximately 1 ounce of mixed blue beads to complete. Please note that the bottle height and shape size will determine the amount of Stained Glass Cobbles needed to complete the project, as well as the spacing between the glass pieces.

How to Decorate Glass Jars using Stained Glass Cobbles and Glass Beads
How to Decorate Glass Jars using Stained Glass Cobbles and Glass Beads

Basic Glass Crafting Techniques Part II

Marking Your Design Then "Cobbling"

Most of the finished glass jars shown were "cobbled" free handed. The above "Ocean Breeze Vase" was cobbled in three sections with a band of blue glass beads between each glass mosaic. To get equal sized sections I first measured the section of the vase where I was going to cobble then divided it by 3. I then took 3--1/8" wide rubber bands and placed them on the vase where I wanted to place the glass beads. I then proceeded to glue on my Mini-Cobblets, let them dry, took off the bands and glued on the beads to finish the vase. A very simple craft with a beautiful finished piece.

There are three size selections of Stained Glass Cobbles;

1. MiniCobblets

2. Cobbles

3. Cobbs, the big guys

In the Ocean Vase the little clear Mini-Cobblets were used. To apply to the vase I smeared a small amount of adhesive directly onto the vase then sprinkled the Mini-Cobblets on top of the glue, pushing them in place in a single layer while making sure they were in contact with the glue.

This process is repeated until the glass mosaic is complete.

Cobbles, the mid-sized pieces, can be applied using the same glue application then individually placed to adhere. Another technique is to use the wood skewer to smear glue to each piece then place to adhere, this allows you more control over the spacing between cobbles.

Cobbs, the big guys, should be individually smeared with adhesive and then placed.

Really easy!!!

Mini Mosaic Flower Vase - A great first time crafting project.

Decorating Idea using stained glass, beads, and a recycled glass vase
Decorating Idea using stained glass, beads, and a recycled glass vase

This little 5-sided bottle measures a whopping 3 1/2" tall. It's one of those projects that you make one, then a couple more because they are so easy and quick to make, and maybe a couple more. I love using them lined up on my kitchen windowsill and I have also used them as a table centerpiece set out on a mirror for added color reflection. A friend of mine likes to use one on a nightstand in the guest bedroom as a little way of saying "So glad that you are here". Sweet!

Almost forgot! This little guy took 2 1/2 ounces of Mixed Color Glass pieces to cover 3 of the 5 sides.

Glass Bottle Mosaic Tower - A decorator's fave

Old Glass Bottle Decorated with Stained Glass Cobbles
Old Glass Bottle Decorated with Stained Glass Cobbles

This old bottle was a fun find. 16" tall it reminds me of a tower thus it's name! I used Mixed Gold Cobbs(the big guys) and spaced the pieces far enough away from each other to give it a more dramatic look. I used about 7 to 8 ounces of glass. It is really an eye-catcher, great decorator piece.

Butterfly Mosaic Bottle - A Favorite

Butterfly beaded stained glass recycled bottle
Butterfly beaded stained glass recycled bottle

This sweet 5" tall bottle is so captivating and makes a treasured gift. Filled with bath salts, bubble bath or hand lotion it can be given to even the grumpiest family member and it will put a smile on their face. Only the bottle front was cobbled so it takes very little time and very little glass. I used half of a package of Mixed Blue Cobbles and a little less than that of Mixed Green Cobbles for a total of 2 1/2 ounces. I added a four glass butterflies and a few glass e-beads, with a raffia bow tied around the bottle neck. A craft project you will be "crazy about".

How to decorate glass bottles with beads
How to decorate glass bottles with beads

Basic Glass Crafting Techniques Part III

Bead Art Basics

I always put glass beads on last after I have finished my cobbling. This can be the most "cross-eyed" part of the project....those little tiny beads love to go flying in all directions so I have discovered that the easiest way for me to adhere them to the bottle (in the place where I want them to stay put), is by using the pointed end of a wood skewer or toothpick. I first use the skewer to lay down a drop of glue on the the spot where the bead is to go, then I take the still sticky skewer, pick up the bead, and then place it.

Now I have to admit most of the time no matter how careful I try to be I get glued! I find glue on my hands, behind my ears, you name it and I probably have been "glued" there as well! I can't tell you how it happens, it just does! Gremlins I think.

Seashell Diffuser Bottle

Glass Craft with seashells, beads, and stained glass cobbles
Glass Craft with seashells, beads, and stained glass cobbles

Aren't scented diffuser bottles wonderful?

I just love the ones I have but I hate to throw the old glass bottles away when the oil has lost its scent. So I have gone on a personal campaign to up-cycle them.

I embellish them with cobbles and just replace the oil and reeds.

This one is a 4 1/2" tall bottle decorated with a 2 1/2 ounce package of Mixed Blue Stained Glass Cobbles with a few Green Cobbles leftover from another project, a few seashells and glass beads (it is cobbled just on the front side).

And what a charmer it turned out to be!

Stained Glass Cobbles Mixed Color Assortment
Stained Glass Cobbles Mixed Color Assortment

All About Stained Glass Cobbles

Stained Glass Cobbles are small pieces of Cathedral Art Glass manufactured by Optimum Art Glass here in the USA. Each piece has been softly rounded for safe handling making crafting with them a breeze. Cobbles are available in three sizes; Mini-Cobblets, Cobbles, and Cobbs (the big guys) and come in a variety of gorgeous transparent colors. They are made from recycled bottles and plate glass, so when you chose "Cobbles" you are crafting "green". There are numerous craft applications for them, so be sure to check out my other lenses for more craft ideas and project templates.

Below you can see the three sizes of Stained Glass Cobbles as a reference for your crafting needs. They can be purchased online at Amazon.

See all of the beautiful colors of glass available here!

Stained Glass MiniCobblets shown to size with a penny
Stained Glass MiniCobblets shown to size with a penny

Stained Glass MiniCobblets

Cute little tiny pieces of glass great for a quick fill in of space or in a more detailed design. I have a friend that used them in her table top Zen garden, turned out quite captivating.

Stained Glass Cobbles shown to size with a penny
Stained Glass Cobbles shown to size with a penny

Stained Glass Cobbles

This is the most widely used size, great for mosaics of all types. Can also be used in jewelry, stepping stones, and body piercing (just kidding).

Stained Glass Cobbs shown to size with a penny
Stained Glass Cobbs shown to size with a penny

Stained Glass Cobbs

The Big Guys

Cobbs are perfect for filling in large areas of mosaics, they also work beautifully in stepping stones and can be made into gorgeous jewelry pendants. Another fun use is in crafting wind chimes.

Stained Glass Oil Lamp

Make your own glass oil lamp with stained glass cobbles
Make your own glass oil lamp with stained glass cobbles

This is a little round bottle that is 4 1/2" tall.

Three sections were cobbled using a 2 1/2 ounce package of Mixed Color Cobbles.

Light Blue craft wire was wrapped around the bottle neck then two wire wrapped Cobbles were attached to the wire wrap and hung from the three "uncobbled" sections.

The bottle was topped with a polymer clay ball embedded with an oil lamp wick holder and wick.

For a bit more information on how to make the oil lamp bottle top see below.

Stained Glass Cobbles Multi Colored Avatar
Stained Glass Cobbles Multi Colored Avatar

Oil Lamp Crafting Basics

When making your own Oil Lamp be sure to choose a bottle that can' t tip over easily. Use only sturdy flat bottomed bottles and please keep it away from children and big wagging tails on dogs. To make the ball use polymer clay in a color of your choice. Knead the clay to make it soft and pliable then form it into a ball that will cover the opening of the bottle top. Using a toothpick form a hole in the ball big enough to house the oil wick holder. After fitting the wick holder you will probably have to reshape the ball making sure the wick holder is snug in the clay. Following the manufacturers directions bake the polymer clay ball in an oven with the wick holder encased. Once cool, insert the wick into the ball, fill your bottle with the suggested lamp oil (see Amazon list below) and place the wick and ball on top of the bottle.

Brass Tube Wick Holder & Wick - Set of 2
Brass Tube Wick Holder & Wick - Set of 2

Bright Brass Tube Wick Holder & Wick - 1 piece - Fits 0.25 inch to 0.50 inch opening. Rounded collar that has a Diameter about 0.33 inches - Tip extends, about one-eighth inch - Includes Fiberglass Wick

Crystal Clear Candle Oil and Lamp Oil
Crystal Clear Candle Oil and Lamp Oil

Tropical Lights Candle Oil ... 99.5 percent pure liquid paraffin .. smokeless and odorless - Crystal Clear -- 16 oz. Bottle


Flower Garden Oil Lamp

Beads, Glass Bottles, and Stained Glass Cobbles for a Mosaic Design
Beads, Glass Bottles, and Stained Glass Cobbles for a Mosaic Design

This 4" tall triangular oil lamp bottle is another fun way to craft way into the night. With this project you will have a little light to look forward to. Only the front of this bottle was cobbled with 2 1/2 ounces of Mixed Colors Stained Glass Cobbles, four yellow glass flower beads, and a few glass e-beads. Cute isn't it?

For instructions on making it into an oil lamp see "Oil Lamp Crafting Basics" above.

Message In A Bottle - For Sending a Love Letter

Stained Glass Cobbles Message in a Bottle Craft
Stained Glass Cobbles Message in a Bottle Craft

To learn how to craft this bottle see the complete directions at "Making a Stained Glass Valentine Bottle".

Little Clear Vase...Easy Crafting - The Simplest of Them All

Decorating jars with stained glass cobbles
Decorating jars with stained glass cobbles

This little 3" high container was a garage sale find and I really didn't know what to do with it. So a few Crystal Clear Cobbles were adhered and "that's all folks". It is just "cute as a bugs ear" and so easy a big bug could do it if he had thumbs.

Glass Jug

Craft reusing bottles and stained glass cobbles
Craft reusing bottles and stained glass cobbles

Recycling Old Bottles Into Treasures

Bottle design using Stained Glass Cobbles
Bottle design using Stained Glass Cobbles

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Absolutely gorgeous! I really want to try this for myself.

anonymous 3 years ago

Great lens!

Dipalika profile image

Dipalika 3 years ago

Very nice lens. What a creative idea. I am sure going to try some ...

DDLewis 3 years ago

These are beautiful!! Now I want to try this myself so this could be a new project for 2013. Great lens on this subject!!!!

AmyLou3 3 years ago

Great lens. They all look so pretty! :)

crstnblue 3 years ago

This was one of the best crafty lenses that I found on Squidoo.

Great ideas and excellent work - complex, fun, creative.

You brought a large smile to me today! :)

Thanks for sharing & waking up the dormant yet full of imagination spirit! :)


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JeffGilbert 3 years ago

Hi, this is truly a great page. So much information, I had no idea you could buy the glass with rounded edges. That was the first question when I saw the page, what happens when you start cutting the glass, but yes, there is no glass cutting at all. Thanks for sharing this.

Zienna1 3 years ago

I loved it! What a waste I have given away a lot of my bottles and jars. This will be a good present for special occasion. Thank you for sharing.

Sparkler923 profile image

Sparkler923 3 years ago

Your bottles are so pretty. I can't wait to try my hand at this. Thanks for sharing.

kimbayne profile image

kimbayne 3 years ago

Beautiful work. I really like the Seashell Diffuser Bottle... it goes with my bathroom décor. Thank you for sharing.

games_rush 3 years ago

Thanks for this great craft ideas..hmm Im looking forward to do this soon.

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Rowangaia 3 years ago

Such a beautiful, creative lens: I'm inspired now.

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Kariuki EK 3 years ago

Great lens and very detailed too with lovely pictures. I feel motivated to do a glass project by after Christmas. Keep up the good work.

ismeedee profile image

ismeedee 3 years ago

These are so beautiful! I'd love to receive one as a gift! They also look fun to make!

nicenet profile image

nicenet 3 years ago

Nice! Nice! Nice!

I think I can try it out with children between ages 8 and 9


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octopen 3 years ago

Gorgeous pictures! These look lovely!

olmpal 3 years ago

Beautiful creations and very creative hobby idea! My favorite is the Mini Mosaic Flower Vase.

intermarks profile image

intermarks 3 years ago

You are very creative. Great idea!

CraftyDaddy profile image

CraftyDaddy 3 years ago

This is pretty neat. When i was younger, we would spray paint empty milk jugs black, and put 12 hour glow sticks in them to hang in the neighbors trees... (We were not nice kids). This would be a great adult alternative to surprise people with. Just set it outside a ground floor window and let the sun shine in and shoot colors along the walls.

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anne mohanraj 3 years ago

A wonderful lens! Such lovely ideas.

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randomthings lm 3 years ago

Very beautiful.

SusannaKaye 3 years ago

Beautiful designs, I love the oil lamp and butterfly bottle.

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Teapixie LM 3 years ago

Beautiful! I will try this!

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Mary Stephenson 3 years ago from California

Very interesting, never thought about doing that.

myspace9 3 years ago

Very interesting and beautiful lens.

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Sara Dowling 3 years ago

One word describes this page .... Stunning!

I would love to try this!

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Essentially Ind 3 years ago

This lens is too beautiful. Finally it gave me a reason why should not garbage the empty bottles. Rather we can recycle it to create these lovely designs........Love , love , love and more love to this lens idea. :)

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beaworkathomemom 3 years ago

the bottles looks nice after decorating them. thanks for showing how. i'd definitely do this!

FrancissMichael 3 years ago

this is called a wonderful blog!

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Sonia DB 3 years ago

Beautiful lens.

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BestRatedStuff 3 years ago

These are so beautiful and your instructions are so clear. Glass is one of my favorite mediums, love the way you have combined the elements and the way the light shines through. Thanks so much for sharing!

purpleslug 3 years ago

Great lens! Thanks for sharing all the great information. I have never heard of Cobbles before.

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LynetteBell 3 years ago from Christchurch, New Zealand

These are gorgeous!

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Freestuffer LM 3 years ago

Pretty cool lens! Love the creativity and style. Thanks for sharing this ideas.

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Deadicated LM 3 years ago

Very cool tutorial; thanks for sharing, well done.

anonymous 3 years ago

Ah these are fantastic little crafts. Love the bigger glass jug ones.

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jadapotata 3 years ago

So crafty!

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libely 3 years ago

Such a great ideas!! :)

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psiloveyou1 3 years ago

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! These are gorgeous! My daughter and I love to craft, and this is right up her alley. I can't wait to show her! Sending an Angel Blessing Your Way!!

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TopDigitalMarke 3 years ago

Awesome ideas! My mom loves glass, so I'll have to keep this in mind :)

anonymous 3 years ago

very nice

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sweetstickyrainbo 3 years ago

some interesting designs

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Gypzeerose 3 years ago

Lovely lens - very clear directions on an unusual and pretty craft. Pinned and blessed - thanks for creating this fun lens. Congrats on the front page honors!

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Judith Nazarewicz 3 years ago from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

These bottles are so beautiful! I will have to try one of these for sure! Very nice lens!

anne mohanraj profile image

anne mohanraj 3 years ago

Really creative way to use up old bottles!

Heidi Vincent profile image

Heidi Vincent 3 years ago from GRENADA

Extremely beautiful lens and vases RitaK and congratulations on your well deserved Purple Star!

anonymous 4 years ago

I am super excited to try this technique...thanks for sharing...does anyone know how secure the glass and beads are after they are glued on? Can you wash the bottles after they have been decorated?

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mistyblue75605 lm 4 years ago

:)P nice lens

mistyblue75605 lm profile image

mistyblue75605 lm 4 years ago

Wonderful tips and ideas! thanks for sharing...I plan on cleaning up around our town and along the highway and want to recycle as much of the stuff as possible to keep it out of the landfills so I need some major ideas for a whole lot of stuff that I want to recycle. Around here they only take cans or metal but no plastic or glass. :(

KateHonebrink profile image

KateHonebrink 4 years ago

I love, love, love these wonderful stained glass creations! Great job on this article and kudos for making the upcycled monsterboard!

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Thrinsdream 4 years ago

What a beautiful collection. I have never seen this before, it is so pretty especially the valentine bottle. With thanks and appreciation. Cathi x

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snazzify lm 4 years ago

blessed by a squid angel :) <3

Michey LM profile image

Michey LM 4 years ago

Great creativity, you create your "Tiffany" style glasses/bottles, they look beautiful.

flycatcherrr profile image

flycatcherrr 4 years ago

This brings back a lot of great beach-combing memories... and makes me think, hmm, wonder what I did with that vast collection of coloured beach glass from my childhood... Very nice, indeed! *blessed*

imagineallart 4 years ago

Wow! Beautiful! Love this lens and bottles.

Scanabella 4 years ago

I love working with Sea glass this looks like something to try with it Thanks for the inspiration!

lilymom24 profile image

lilymom24 4 years ago

This looks like something I would really enjoy. Thanks for the idea. =)

nickirc lm profile image

nickirc lm 4 years ago

How beautiful. Thanks so much!

Bloomsandbugs LM profile image

Bloomsandbugs LM 4 years ago

these vases look breathtakingly beautiful!

JoanieMRuppel54 profile image

JoanieMRuppel54 4 years ago from Keller, Texas

I love this lens and the ideas you share. I am going to create a glass bottle using my collection of sea glass. thank you!

Scarlettohairy profile image

Scarlettohairy 4 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

Very pretty. This looks like a good way to show off some lovely pastel glass.

leeleon 4 years ago

Nice pictures.

anonymous 4 years ago

Returning with some fresh angel dust for your beautiful creations!

curious0927 profile image

curious0927 4 years ago

I just saw the glue! E-6000..thanks so please ignore previous question!

curious0927 profile image

curious0927 4 years ago

Love your lens. It's ART and looks like so much fun! I have a lot of this stuff on hand and have given gifts using glass beads and stained glass pc's. My problem is finding the glue that sticks. I have tried several different glues and I hate it when it falls off...especially when they are gifts. Please Advise. You really have a knack for creating a beautiful lens!

anonymous 4 years ago

What great bottles! And a great way to use scrap glass! Thanks for the ideas!

fullofshoes profile image

fullofshoes 4 years ago

I love this lens. Some of my favorite things are glass bottles and glass anything. I just might try some of these. Thank you.

Frank Edens profile image

Frank Edens 4 years ago

Amazing lens again from you. It also has PR3 btw in Google :)

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NicholasBW 4 years ago

Great Idea! they look great, well done. I featured you on my upcycling-based lens (:

LiteraryMind profile image

LiteraryMind 4 years ago from Connecticut, USA

Very pretty. I love the one with butterflies and all the shades of blue.

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ResearchAddict 5 years ago

These are so pretty!

KarenTBTEN profile image

KarenTBTEN 5 years ago

That'a a very creative thing to do with those glass jars. Blessed.

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GonnaFly 5 years ago from Australia

Just returning to add a little angel blessing and let you know that this lens has been added to my Upcycling Ideas lens.

seedplanter 5 years ago

What a great lens - love your seashell diffuser bottle!

GonnaFly profile image

GonnaFly 5 years ago from Australia

These are so beautiful.

hlkljgk profile image

hlkljgk 5 years ago from Western Mass

what a simple yet lovely idea! Congratulations on being featured on the 50 Crafts I Want To Try MonsterBoard!

tinypearls lm profile image

tinypearls lm 5 years ago

A great way to recycle and reuse, love it!

anonymous 5 years ago

Great lens and GlassCrafts!

dessertlover 5 years ago

I love this lens!! So many good ideas, and this idea is really inspirational!

DianeStafford profile image

DianeStafford 5 years ago

Love your lens, very pretty way of brightening up bottles. Also, thanks for commenting on my lens :-)

Gayle Dowell profile image

Gayle Dowell 5 years ago from Kansas

Love this idea. I have a lot of glass beads that I need to do something with and this just may be the way to use them. Thanks for sharing!

JoshK47 5 years ago

Very lovely! I am extremely fond of theglass bottle mosaic tower!

Wedding Mom profile image

Wedding Mom 5 years ago

Oh my they all look gorgeous! I love those with seashells on it. This is such a beautiful way to recycle, make beautiful things out of broken pieces. I can't wait to try it. Thanks so much for sharing! Great work!

pimbels lm profile image

pimbels lm 5 years ago

This is a Great idea to use old bottles. Great lens, thank you.

artshock profile image

artshock 5 years ago

There are so many great arts and crafts lenses, this is one of the best.

SandyMertens profile image

SandyMertens 5 years ago from Frozen Tundra

This brings back memories of when we did this in the Girl Scouts. Very decorative bottles.

anonymous 5 years ago

what a fabulous lens!


get the perfect DIY conservatory to improve the look and feel of your home!

KarenCookieJar 5 years ago

I've never seen these before, they look fun to make.

Marelisa 5 years ago

I've featured this lens on my "Celebrate Summer" lens. After all, what are you going to do with all the sea shells you collect at the beach this summer? Decorate glass bottles, of course. :-)

Rockett LM profile image

Rockett LM 5 years ago

What a fabulous craft! BEAUTIFUL and useful too. Much better than crocheted toilet roll covers!! I think I have a Christmas project in the making. Consider yourself bookmarked!

mockingbird999 5 years ago

They look beautiful.

Sylvestermouse profile image

Sylvestermouse 5 years ago from United States

This lens has been featured on the "Best of the Blessed in Crafts" lens :)

grandma deal profile image

grandma deal 5 years ago

The Stained Glass Oil Lamp with the blue wire wrap is my favorite. This is an awesome craft idea that I'm going to share with the grandchildren. We're always looking for new craft ideas and I love this one. Liked, favorited, lensrolled and facebooked. Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work.

Laura Schofield profile image

Laura Schofield 5 years ago from Chicago, IL USA

These are beautiful. I bet my daughter would enjoy doing this for a weekend craft someday.

ChrisDay LM profile image

ChrisDay LM 5 years ago

Truly lovely.

ByeByeDWI 5 years ago

This lens is a great idea and the pictures are great.

norma-holt profile image

norma-holt 5 years ago

This is another beautiful craft lens and so well presented. Is there anything you can't turn into something more beautiful. Featured this on Motivation

CHalloran LM profile image

CHalloran LM 5 years ago

The pictures are to die for! I always wanted to get my hands on mosaics, hopefully I will, one day.

ewguru lm profile image

ewguru lm 5 years ago

Fun Lens and great craft

anonymous 5 years ago

Love it!!! Beautiful work;)

vickeylynn 5 years ago

THis is such a nice hobby and thanks for sharing this with us

Sylvestermouse profile image

Sylvestermouse 5 years ago from United States

What a lovely and unique idea! I love it! Thanks for the instructions!

Ecolicious LM profile image

Ecolicious LM 5 years ago

I love love love love this lens. Blessed

NicoleDean profile image

NicoleDean 5 years ago

These are all so pretty! Great lens with lots of helpful instructions!

MichelleLacroix profile image

MichelleLacroix 5 years ago from United States

While we were celebrating our Christmas dinner this year, I saw a TALL empty blue bottle of wine (Mosel Reisling) about to be thrown out! I grabbed it and knew I was going to visit this lens again so I could cobble it. I'll send you a pic when I'm done! This is such a fun lens.

anonymous 5 years ago

This is really awesome. I am impressed.

LauraMarie LM profile image

LauraMarie LM 5 years ago

Beautiful and very unique, thanks for sharing

purplelady profile image

purplelady 5 years ago

Oh I so want to do something like this. I have squillions of sea shells and sea glass and my daughter is a Mosaic Artist; surely she can rub off on me. This is a beautiful lens; so creative and colorful.I will lensroll to my Crafts of the 60s lens.

ronpass lm profile image

ronpass lm 5 years ago

Some stunning designs for stained glass mosaic bottles. Congrats on the LOTD.

Fcuk Hub profile image

Fcuk Hub 5 years ago

very nice, inspirational ideas,specially I love the garden oil lamp. Well done!

Impact_Mike 5 years ago

How stylish. Seems the perfetc homemade gift.

dryder profile image

dryder 5 years ago

Congrats on LOTD!

anonymous 5 years ago

Cool ideas - I have used other glass items, but just using cobbs and cobbles for the first time. I really like the look of the oil lamp and the ocean breeze vase.

Thanks for sharing your projects and ideas. Happy Holidays!!

QuiltFinger profile image

QuiltFinger 5 years ago from Tennessee

These are so beautiful I love the colors! Thanks for sharing this fun technique! I think it's just perfect for making a little keepsake that reminds me of the beach.

MyCrazyAdventures profile image

MyCrazyAdventures 5 years ago

So inspiring and happy! Love this idea. Thanks for letting us know about it.

passionatehouse profile image

passionatehouse 5 years ago

Very pretyy lens with very creative ideas. A great, inexpensive way to add coordinating accessories when decorating a room!

steve2010 5 years ago


snowcloud profile image

snowcloud 5 years ago

well done two thumbs up

ajgodinho profile image

ajgodinho 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

Excellent lens with beautiful work on stained glass craft. When I was a teenager I used to do stuff like this with bottles and seashells. Congrats on LotD and wishing you the best this Christmas season and the New Year! :)

Adriana Daniela profile image

Adriana Daniela 5 years ago from New Market

WOW! Beautiful! i may have to try my hand at making one of these.

RinchenChodron 5 years ago

These are gorgeous! I'm sending a link to a friend who does mosaics. Thanks

Michey LM profile image

Michey LM 5 years ago

Beautiful lens, you create magic from glass. Angel dust and Blessing in your way...

Happy Holidays for you

DebMartin 5 years ago

Wow! I am so impressed with your art work. And you write beautifully. I'm inspired and want to do this. Thanks for the training.

bcarter 5 years ago

These are gorgeous. Of course, I'd have to start now for next year to give any of these as a gift. Thanks for the ideas and congrats on LOTD.


JanetClifford 5 years ago


spider-girl profile image

spider-girl 5 years ago

You're quite creative, I really like that!

kougar lm profile image

kougar lm 5 years ago

Congratulations on LOTD. Beautiful lens. I love working with Mosaics, however, I never thought about using it with a bottle. How wonderful. Thanks

rnarayanan23 5 years ago

Wow! Great lens. I love your work. I always admire colourful glassworks and always windowshop for them. Now, I can do it myself, thanks to you and your beautiful and wonderful ideas. I am so inspired now.

linajo 5 years ago

Congrat on LOTD, Thanks you gave me the ideas to make over my unused and boring old bottles.

nightbear lm profile image

nightbear lm 5 years ago

Oh this is just beautiful. So much color!! A bit different from winter white huh? Congratulations on LOTD. well deserved.

quicpost 5 years ago

Pretty crafting ideas! I love your article and hope to see more from you-thanks.

jnstewart profile image

jnstewart 5 years ago from Cottonwood, CA

Visually stunning lens. Congrats! :)

SuperYoss 5 years ago

Great idea! Nice post! I will using this technique to some other 'stuff', thank you!

anonymous 5 years ago

What a great idea - I love your lense. I think I will make a new project - thanks to you !!!

Happy Holidays

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anonymous 5 years ago

This is a very good len haven't seen this before..great job..

CrazyforCollecting 5 years ago

These are beautiful! I want to make these, too!

anonymous 5 years ago

An absolutely beautiful LOTD lens, congratulations! You must be tingling with joy, kinda like getting an early Christmas present! {Hugs}

anonymous 5 years ago

Congratulations on your Lens of the Day! Happy Holidays, Kathy

norma-holt profile image

norma-holt 5 years ago

Wonderful lens and great ideas to ponder. Congrats on LOTD. Featured on Squidoo LOTD Lens.

GonnaFly profile image

GonnaFly 5 years ago from Australia

How stunningly beautiful! What a fabulous craft.

Sharlee01 profile image

Sharlee01 5 years ago from Shelby Township Michigan

What a wonderful lens! I so enjoyed my visit... Shar

sue423 5 years ago

Congrats on well-deserved LOTD! Great lens & I'll be back - I hate to throw "interesting" glass containers away - now I know what I can do with them :)

Lisa-Marie-Mary profile image

Lisa-Marie-Mary 5 years ago

What a great idea for old bottles - I love it! Congratulations for getting LOTD - very interesting lens!

MicaK1 profile image

MicaK1 5 years ago

These bottles are gorgeous! thanks for sharing your expertise!

mbgphoto profile image

mbgphoto 5 years ago from O'Fallon, Missouri, USA

These are beautiful...blessed and added to my December Blessings lens.

ArtByLinda profile image

ArtByLinda 5 years ago from Idaho

These are really pretty, great how to lens! Congrats on LOTD, well deserved!

Have a Happy Holiday Season,


tvyps profile image

tvyps 5 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

Cool lens. Can you make your own cobbles? If so, how would you do it? With some sort of tumbler? Thanks.

gods_grace_notes 5 years ago

Beautiful... Congratulations of LOTD!

justholidays profile image

justholidays 5 years ago

This is a clever craft idea! Congrats on your LOTD!

HtCares profile image

HtCares 5 years ago

What a wonderful lens. I love all the bottles...they are beautiful. Congratulations on LOTD.

gloribee 5 years ago

great lens. Great ideas! Very Inspiring! Keep up the great work!

Barb McCoy profile image

Barb McCoy 5 years ago

Love these! I just happen to have some left over glass tiles from another art project that are going to be just perfect for this project. Thanks for the helpful and beautiful lens.

kimmanleyort 5 years ago

Congrats on LOTD! This looks like a fun project and you've made it look easy. I don't know if you are selling your creations but you should! They are beautiful.

junecampbell profile image

junecampbell 5 years ago from North Vancouver, BC, Canada

These are stunning works of art. LOTD is well deserved.

TWOnline2 5 years ago

i may try this someday

DecoratingEvents profile image

DecoratingEvents 5 years ago

These are gorgeous and look pretty easy to do. Thanks for the instructions and idea! Congrats on LotD.

dustytoes profile image

dustytoes 5 years ago

Very pretty. I never knew there was such a thing. Congrats too on LotD..!

MichelleLacroix profile image

MichelleLacroix 5 years ago from United States

I do lots of crafts with the teen group, I think this would be a wonderful idea for them!

Joy Neasley profile image

Joy Neasley 5 years ago from Nashville, TN

these look like fun...

eccles1 profile image

eccles1 5 years ago

what a beautiful idea love it !Congratulations on LotD!!

CrossCreations profile image

CrossCreations 5 years ago from St. Louis, MO

Stunning! LOVE this stained glass mosaic bottle idea and look forward to playing with it, the diffuser bottle is one of my favorites.

hepmepez profile image

hepmepez 5 years ago

Beautiful work, and a delightful lense. After spending the night worrying about pipes freezing over, and the handle breaking off my front load washing mashine this morning, I needed a little moment of calm. Thank you. :)

thepartyanimal2 profile image

thepartyanimal2 5 years ago

These are AWESOME - I may have to give this a try myself

pumpnut lm profile image

pumpnut lm 5 years ago

Beautiful Bottles. Bet they make nice designs on the wall on a sunny day! Nice LOTD!

puzzlerpaige profile image

puzzlerpaige 5 years ago

These are beautiful. Congrats on LOTD!

OhMe profile image

OhMe 5 years ago from Pendleton, SC

Crating Stained Glass Mosaic Bottles looks and sounds like a great hobby. Yours are beautiful. Congrats on LOTD.

glowchick 5 years ago

Beautiful bottles and a great lens, congrats on being LOTD :)

Oliversbabycarecouk 5 years ago

Brilliant designs, and they look amazing. congratularions on lens of the day.

Charmcrazey profile image

Charmcrazey 5 years ago from Central Florida

These are lovely, the oil lamps are my favorite. Congratulations on lens of the day.

MorningBlessings 5 years ago

My daughter will love this...we are going to try some of these more towards spring, I believe.

Cath1125 profile image

Cath1125 5 years ago

Great lense, makes me want to take it up as a hobby. Congrats on LotD

photofreaks profile image

photofreaks 5 years ago

wow...this lens full of beautifully glass bottles.

congrats for LOTD. this lens deserve for that.

budwalker lm profile image

budwalker lm 5 years ago

The designs are great . They are exquisite and awesome

oztoo lm profile image

oztoo lm 5 years ago

What a beautiful, yet quite simple craft. Congratulations on LOTD - well deserved. Oh and I know what you mean about the glue. It sure can appear in all sorts of odd places - no matter how careful you think you've been.

Marelisa 5 years ago

These bottles are gorgeous. Very creative! I especially like the one with the seashells. You can put sand inside and have it be a keepsake of a great vacation at the beach. :-)

Tilly4Family 5 years ago

I am excited to try some of your ideas...someday! they are beautiful!

Dee Gallemore profile image

Dee Gallemore 5 years ago

I am so intrigued by the art of glass crafting. Your work on this is definitelly worthy of the purple star and LOTD . . . congrats!

retta719 profile image

retta719 5 years ago from United States

These are beautiful!

anonymous 5 years ago

The old glasses have come to life and look so lovely -very artistic.

Congrats on LOTD

jlshernandez profile image

jlshernandez 5 years ago

Fun gifts to create and give friends and relatives. Congratulations on LOTD.

ElizabethSheppard profile image

ElizabethSheppard 5 years ago from Bowling Green, Kentucky

This looks like a LOT of fun. Thanks for doing this lens!

geeky247 profile image

geeky247 5 years ago from Colorado

So pretty and unique!! I might have to give this craft a try when I get some free time. :-)

SocialMediaSwagger 5 years ago

I absolutely LOVE the butterfly bottle!! This is my first day on Squidoo and I'm really glad your art was featured. Definitely a favorite!!

sorana lm profile image

sorana lm 5 years ago

WOW I acn see why it has been chosen as LOTD. It's awesome. Great lens and great ideas and tips.

anonymous 5 years ago

Congratulations on LotD and well deserved. Great craft idea!

PNWtravels profile image

PNWtravels 5 years ago from Wandering the Pacific Northwest USA

Congratulations on LOTD! These are so beautiful.

linajo 5 years ago

Thanks, you give me an idea to do something with my unused and boring bottles. Congrats on lotd!

kt_glasses 5 years ago

These are amazing!

Congrats on making LotD!!

Eklectik1 profile image

Eklectik1 5 years ago

Congrats on LOTD!! Beautiful bottles..

cwarden 5 years ago

These are absolutely gorgeous!

JenaleeMortensen profile image

JenaleeMortensen 5 years ago

These bottles are so pretty. I hadn't seen this craft before. Thanks for making a lens about it.

TerriLynnC profile image

TerriLynnC 5 years ago

I LOVE THIS!! I really wanted to start doing stained glass but it is quite an expensive hobby! I absolutely love the looks of colored glass and I now have a way to enjoy working with it without the expense! THANK YOU!! These are so beautiful!

catbehaviors profile image

catbehaviors 5 years ago

I loved this lens when I saw it, so glad that it got chosen for LotD! Congrats!

P.S. I haven't gotten around to making any of the projects! :P

Diana888 profile image

Diana888 5 years ago from Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Well who knew you could do so many things with glass bottles. Thanks for sharing

BeaGabrielle1 profile image

BeaGabrielle1 5 years ago

I love the butterfly bottle, too! Congratulations on being selected as Lens of the Day!

lasertek lm profile image

lasertek lm 5 years ago

Interesting lens! This will benefit those who loves crafts.

Virginia Allain profile image

Virginia Allain 5 years ago from Central Florida

What treasures you create and make it sound so easy. I'm very tempted.

Judy Goldsberry profile image

Judy Goldsberry 5 years ago

Neat!, very interesting, I will give this a try.

delia-delia profile image

delia-delia 5 years ago

Congratulations on LOTD! what beautiful stained glass projects...lovely creations.

SylvianeNuccio1 profile image

SylvianeNuccio1 5 years ago

Very beautiful. I love this kind of things. I have my own painted vases, but I had never thought of decorating them that way. Great idea and great lens!

newbizmau profile image

newbizmau 5 years ago from Mobile, AL

Wow! These are cool and really pretty too. I've always wanted to do something like this but didn't know how. Thanks for creating this FAB lens.

snazzy lm profile image

snazzy lm 5 years ago

These look wonderful, I have never seen this technique before. Congratulations on LOTD!

JakTraks profile image

JakTraks 5 years ago from Chicago area

Congrats on LOTD. This looks like fun and the finished products are beautiful!

Blonde Blythe profile image

Blonde Blythe 5 years ago

Fun & informative lens! Congrats on LotD! :)

nosajreef lm profile image

nosajreef lm 5 years ago

wow very impressive nice lens

MargoPArrowsmith profile image

MargoPArrowsmith 5 years ago

Beautiful things and congratulations on the LOTD.

SunnyDaze LM profile image

SunnyDaze LM 5 years ago

Very nice lens. Pretty, yet simple craft. Congrats on your LOTD!

gypsyman27 lm profile image

gypsyman27 lm 5 years ago

Congrats on LotD, good interesting lens. See you around the galaxy...

ClinicallySigni profile image

ClinicallySigni 5 years ago

What a cool lens...and I LOVE the big and colorful photos. Too cool! Congrats on a job well done and the very well deserved LotD award!

Faye Rutledge profile image

Faye Rutledge 5 years ago from Concord VA

These stained glass bottles are so beautiful! Congratulations on LotD!!

ohcaroline 5 years ago

These are truly beautiful bottles. I'll be they are beautiful in a window with the light shining through. I think I would like to try them sometime. Congratulations on LOTD and a purple star. Wow. Good for you!

julieannbrady 5 years ago

OMG, this is delightfully artsy and so crafty! Love the idea.

RhondaAlbom profile image

RhondaAlbom 5 years ago from New Zealand

Congrats on LOTD! We have lots of beach glass. I think we might give this a try.

SofiaMann 5 years ago

Fantastic job. Congratulations on LOTD.

imolaK profile image

imolaK 5 years ago

Congratulation on the purple star!

Senora M profile image

Senora M 5 years ago

Yea for making LOTD! I told you last time I visited that I loved this lens and the bottles!!!

Airinka profile image

Airinka 5 years ago

congratulations on LOTD. wonderful lens, bottles look so great. it is amazing. i have never thought that is possible to make such things by ourselves... i will do it :)))

partydepot lm profile image

partydepot lm 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

Beautiful Christmas gift craft idea for me and my son to do together! Perfect!

seegreen 5 years ago

Beautiful bottles. I just love this sort of thing on a kitchen window where it can catch the light.

soaringsis 5 years ago

Congrats to you, Just beautiful to look at.

aka-rms profile image

aka-rms 5 years ago from USA

Congrats on lotd!

modz profile image

modz 5 years ago

Congratulations on LOTD!

hayleylou lm profile image

hayleylou lm 5 years ago

Stunning, Congrats on LOTD

GabrielaFargasch 5 years ago

Wow!!!! Gorgeous!!! I had never seen anything like it before!

kare2share profile image

kare2share 5 years ago

Very nicely done. I appreciate your detailed, step-by-step instructions and helpful tips, and the part about glue behind your ears is so funny! Thanks for sharing your lovely designs and congrats on Lens of the Day!

SheGetsCreative profile image

SheGetsCreative 5 years ago from Seattle, WA

Congratulations - beautiful lens and pics!

anonymous 5 years ago

I would like to say congrats on having this lens as lens of the day. keep up the good work

LasgalenArts 5 years ago

My goodness I have small glass vases and sea glass. I bet I could do the same thing with them. Thanks for the lovely idea and wonderful lens.

wyrm11268 profile image

wyrm11268 5 years ago

Beautiful! I love them all and want to try my own.

I love the way that you show us the picture and then everything we need underneath

I can see why you got a purple star!

Thank you

choosehappy profile image

choosehappy 5 years ago from US

I love mosaic items of any kind; my house is full of them. Congrats on LOTD!

Heather426 profile image

Heather426 5 years ago from Wexford, Ireland

Beautiful projects and lens! Congrats on LOTD for a fabulous lens. I'm going to make some of these.

AdriennePetersen 5 years ago

Gorgeous! I've never tried this but I'm going to have to give it a go...I'm sure I have some old glass bottles around here. Congrats on LOTD.

mariaamoroso profile image

mariaamoroso 5 years ago from Sweden

What a lovely lens! I will show it to my friends too. Congrats to LOTD! I am joining your fan club now. =D

KimGiancaterino profile image

KimGiancaterino 5 years ago

Your designs are beautiful. I have a bunch of weird shaped bottles this technique would be perfect for. I was going to use tissue paper, but stained glass looks just as easy, thanks to your tutorials. Congratulations on LOTD!

happynutritionist 5 years ago

These are beautiful! Congratulations on receiving LOTD:-)

Geekgurl profile image

Geekgurl 5 years ago from Chicago

Something easy to make, and would look wonderful. Can be a tailored present for someone, too. Awesome lens! Grats on Lens of the Day!

Lee Hansen profile image

Lee Hansen 5 years ago from Vermont

Delightfully beautiful, crafty and good for the planet - what's not to love about these cobble glass mosaic crafts? So many great ideas and easy projects here, just in time for holiday gifts. Thank you so much and congrats on LOTD!

I-sparkle profile image

I-sparkle 5 years ago

How very beautiful. It reminded me of the crafts my mother used to create. Well done lens!

sheriangell profile image

sheriangell 5 years ago

I just love these - they are so lovely. Congrats on LotD!

Missmerfaery444 profile image

Missmerfaery444 5 years ago

Wow these are stunning! What a fabulous lens, I can't wait to have a go. Congratulations on a well-deserved LOTD and purple star!

WildFacesGallery profile image

WildFacesGallery 5 years ago from Iowa

OMG Look at that you've been LotD to boot. Congratulations! :)

jodijoyous profile image

jodijoyous 5 years ago from New York

I KNEW this was a great lens (blessed yesterday, or I'd do it again).


awakeningwellness profile image

awakeningwellness 5 years ago

Congrats on the purple star and Happy Birthday!

blujeanmomma profile image

blujeanmomma 5 years ago from Rocky Mountains

I never would have thought that something so beautiful is fairly easy. Your instructions make it so simple and I just love the bottles that you have created. They are sensational to say the least.

Congratulations on your purple star -- well deserved - this is such a beautiful lens!

WildFacesGallery profile image

WildFacesGallery 5 years ago from Iowa

Very cool that your got the star on your birthday! Congrats. :)

slackira profile image

slackira 5 years ago

Great lens. I could never think glass can be used in such a way. Well done.

WebIsFun profile image

WebIsFun 5 years ago

these are really cool!

dahlia369 profile image

dahlia369 5 years ago

This is one beautiful lens, not to mention how much I enjoyed your beaded stained glass bottles. They are simply adorable and I found your color selections perfect, congratulations!! :)

Rachel Field profile image

Rachel Field 5 years ago

These are gorgeous!

Wendy L Henderson profile image

Wendy L Henderson 5 years ago from PA

These are beautiful!

Senora M profile image

Senora M 5 years ago

These are so super cool! I love the lens. I just met E6000 this year for some of my Christmas crafting!

catbehaviors profile image

catbehaviors 5 years ago

These bottles are beautiful! I'd love to make glass mosaics, perhaps I will try it some time. Nice lens. :)

Blessed by a SquidAngel. :)

ChemKnitsBlog2 profile image

ChemKnitsBlog2 5 years ago

These are really beautiful. I always enjoy seeing a new craft. Blessed by an angel :)

javr profile image

javr 5 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

Nice looking art. My wife has done these in the past.

mysticmama lm profile image

mysticmama lm 5 years ago

Very Cool craft idea!

~ Blessed by a Squid Angel! >*

anonymous 5 years ago

What a great craft idea! Looks great!

jwindsor375 lm profile image

jwindsor375 lm 5 years ago

Wow! I finally found someone else who does this too! Well sorta I use to live by the beach and would collect sea glass which I'd use to decorate other things such as bottles!

Sensitive Fern profile image

Sensitive Fern 5 years ago

Very pretty! I've been wanting to try mosaics for a while and this looks like fun.

WildFacesGallery profile image

WildFacesGallery 5 years ago from Iowa

Really lovely lens. This is something I might give a try, I love the finished look. I'm adding this as a featured lens to my Handmade Christmas Lensography under handmade gifts. Really nicely done.

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