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Hanging Cotton Ball Bunny Craft

Loraine enjoys making crafts and sharing the projects she’s developed. Her crafts include pictured, step-by-step tutorials and templates.


When we think of doing crafts with the kids, we tend to look for projects that use supplies that are easily purchased and that are inexpensive. This Easter craft for kids fits those requirements and is not only easy to make, but it's also a lot of fun. This hanging paint stick bunny uses a paint stick as the basis of the craft. Then cotton balls and puffs make up the bunny.

I used a glue stick when I made the white bunny and I used liquid white glue on the mint green bunny. Over time the white glue will probably prove to stay together best, but I think that when working with very little kids, it's best to use glue sticks whenever possible.

Supply list:

  • 1 clean paint stick
  • 14 white cotton balls or use colored cotton balls for the body
  • 1 large white or colored pom-pom or puff for bunny's head
  • 1 small pom-pom for bunny's tail
  • 1 pink button for the nose
  • 2 google eyes
  • 2 pink or white chenille strips for bunny's ears
  • 30" piece of wire, for hanging bunny
  • 1 yard each of (5 different colors)
  • 1/8" wide ribbon

Gather Supplies

You will need cotton balls, pom poms, paint stick, button, google eyes, chenille strips, wire, and ribbon.


Lay Cotton Balls and Pom-Poms on Paint Stick

Check to see how many cotton balls you'll need to cover the paint stick. The bunny's front and back legs are each made with one cotton ball that has been stretched out.

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Gently Pull the Puffs to Lengthen Them

Lay the two front and two back legs of the bunny on the long length of the paint stick and glue them down. Lay the large head pom-pom behind the front legs and glue in place. Glue two white cotton balls to make cheeks on the bunny face.


Making Your Bunny

  1. Glue the body cotton balls to the stick with the elongated balls laying across the width of the paint stick.
  2. Fill in with cotton balls between the head and the back feet.
  3. Glue on the pink tail right above the back legs.
  4. Bend the pink chenille strips in half, twist the ends together, shape like rabbit ears and glue to the back of the bunny head.
  5. Glue on the button nose and the google eyes. Let the glue set a little while.
  6. Then attach one end of the wire around the paint stick between the bunny head and the first cotton balls on the body. Wire the other end around the paint stick between the back legs and the body.
  7. Twist the center of the wire into a small loop for hanging. Holding all the ribbons together, tie a bow and attach the bow right below the wire loop. Trim the ribbon if desired.

White Bunny

I didn't have a large white pom-pom, so instead I glued four cotton balls together and then added two more for the cheeks. Sometimes we just have to make do with what we have on hand! Happy crafting.

© 2012 Loraine Brummer

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